Rapid Forming Corporation
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1. High-Quality, Environment-Friendly, Cost-Efficient Steel Building Materials

2. Steel House, Roof and Floor Framing; Furring, Battens and Channels for Ceiling; Steel Stairs, Cee and Zed Purlins, Flat Bars

3. Cee and Zed Purlins

4. Hat Type Purlins

5. Dry Wall Framing System

6. Ceiling Framing System

7. Steel Roof Framing and Floor Framing; Steel Stairs

8. Steel Columns and Beams, Coated Steel Windows, Lightweight Concrete

9. Commercial Steel Doors and Jambs

10. UL Certified Fire Rated Doors

11. Steel Coils

12. Machinery and Equipment

13. Quality Certified Pre-Fabricated Steel Products

14. Steel Processing and Manufacturing Technology

15. Fire and Security Door

16. Fire and Security Door: Plain, With Moldings; Steel Jamb

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4. Hat Type Purlins
Hat Type Purlins


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