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1. Ayara Non-Asbestos Shingle Roof

2. Ayara Non-Asbestos Shingle Roof Technical Data

3. Ayara Non-Asbestos Shingle Roof Classic Look

4. Ayara Non-Asbestos Shingle Roof Timber Look

5. Ayara Non-Asbestos Shingle Roof Modern Look

6. Ayara Non-Asbestos Shingle Roof Fittings

7. Ayara Non-Asbestos Shingle Roof Accessories

8. Ayara Non-Asbestos Shingle Roof Commercial

9. Elephant Non-Asbestos Roman Tile

10. Elephant Non-Asbestos Roman Tile Gallery

11. Elephant Non-Asbestos Roman Tile Accessories

12. Elephant Non-Asbestos Roman Tile Technical Data, Colors

13. Elephant Non-Asbestos Roman Tile Round Ridge Covering System

14. Elabana Bold Roll Concrete Roof Tiles

15. Prestige Flat Concrete Roof Tiles

16. Elephant Non-Asbestos Smartwood Wood Plank, Eaves Liner, Fascia Board, Skirt Board, Fence Plank

17. Elephant Non-Asbestos Smartwood Applications, Technical Data

18. Elephant Non-Asbestos Smartwood Accessories

19. Windsor Vinyl Gutter System

20. Windsor Vinyl Gutter System Deluxe Series

21. Windsor Vinyl Gutter System Deluxe Series

22. Windsor Vinyl Gutter System Deluxe Series Components

23. Windsor Vinyl Gutter System Eslon Series Components

24. Windsor Vinyl Lattice Screen

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Contact Us

CPAC Monier Philippines, Inc.
8th Floor, ACE Building, #101-103 Thailand former
Rada corner Dela Rosa Street, Legaspi Village
Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Telephone: +63 2 813 1666; +63 2 813 1701


Distributors/Dealers/Sales Representatives:

Contact: Fernando Dong Lagus
Mobile: +63 922 877 2753


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