5. Insulation Materials

High thermal insulation for general use, (electric furnace, diffusing furnace , etc.) insulating lining materials for furnace ceiling and walls.


Mineral Wool Insulation

Mineral Wool blanket is a flexible blanket designed for general insulation applications and is supplied in folded or roll form for ease of installation over large areas. It is manufactured in a variety of thickness, suitable for thermal insulation in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It offers a wide range of multi purpose in pitch roofs, attics, ceilings, suspended ceilings and other constructions where no load-bearings insulation mats are required. It may be used as single-layer insulation for thermal insulation of external structures, such as in pitch roofs and inserted between rafters in attics.




Ceramic Fiber Blanket

It is a lightweight, flexible and high thermal insulation from basic bulk fiber. It contains neither inorganic nor organic binder, it never contaminates furnace atmosphere and emits offensive odors during furnace operation.




Mineral Wool Board Insulation

A multi-functional, medium-density lightweight, compressive resistance and non-combustive material. Its exceptional high thermal properties is the reason why it is mainly applied for fire and sound proof in partition wall and curtain, thermal insulation in roof retaining structure, floor heating system, industrial kiln, oven, large sized tank, as well as thermal insulation and fireproof vessels etc.



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