Established only in April 1994, SOILS is among fast growing companies in the field of geotechnical engineering and soil mechanics. With people and equipment which satisfy even the toughest needs of clients, SOILS has risen to the top as far Geotechnical Engineering, Environment Research and Soil Mechanics, and Foundation Systems Analysis is concerned.

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SOILS is proud of its line of equipment for most types of soils and related investigations. SOILS utilizes mostly Koken, Toho and other Japanese brands. And for its laboratory, it utilizes mostly European such as Memmert, Ohaus and Proceq.




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Soils, Inc.

Address: 93 Premium Street, GSIS Village, Brgy. Sangandaan, Quezon City

Phone: +63 (2) 929 9380 | +63 (2) 928 0771


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Soils, Inc.



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