Poweree Commercial Corporation

1. Koten Luminaire for Residential, Commercial, Industrial Lighting

2. Koten Modern Construction Panel Boards

3. Koten Modern Construction Panel Boards

4. Koten Modern Construction Panel Boards

5. Koten Modern Construction Panel Boards

6. Ceiling Tubular Ventilating Fan, Bathroom Fan, Industrial Ventilating Fan, Glass Window Exhaust Fan, Wall Type Exhaust Fans

7. Flexible Aluminum Air Duct, Drum Fan, Industrial Fans, Home Electric Fans, Tailee Gas Stoves

8. Minami Household Appliances: TV, Desk Fan, DVD Players, Audio Speakers, Amplifiers, Rice Cooker, Gas Stove

9. Koten Extension Cords; Koten Mega Series Wiring Devices: Switches, Outlets, Sockets, Doorbells, Dimmer

10. Compact Fluorescent Lamps, Lighting Fixtures, Receptacles, Water Heater, Magnetic Motor Starters, Power Push Button, Circuit Breakers, Safety Breakers

11. Rail Type Circuit Breaker & Enclosure, NEMA ABS Enclosure only for Rail Type CB, NEMA 1 Metal Enclosure only w/ ABS Cover for Rail Type CB, Koten Enclosure, NEMA-1 Metal Enclosure only, NEMA-3R Metal Enclosure only, Panel Board Economy Type w/o CB, Panel Board Luxury Type w/o CB

12. Construction Supplies: Paint Brush, Mini-Roller & Roller, Spray Paint, Paint Tray, Masking Tape, Sand Paper, Grinding Wheel, Super Glue, PVC Cement, Silicone Sealant, Teflon Tape, Steel Brush

13. Plumbing Fittings, Sanitary Fittings

14. Flexible Hose, Cement Pail, Electrical Conduit Fittings, Plastic Faucets, PVC Piping Valve, Junction, Square, Utility Box, Strainer, Spark-Detecting Screwdriver

15. Flexco Lavatory Flexible Hose, Metal Water Piping Ball Valve, Plumbing Gate Valve, Swing Check Valve, Gooseneck Lavatory Faucet, Shower Valve, Stainless LPG Hose, Gasul / Shellane Regulators, Tokina Regulator for M-Gas, PVC Electrical Tape, Packing Tape, Aluminum Duct Tape, Cloth Duct Tape, Crocodile Double-Sided Foam Tape, Stationery Tape, Welding Rod

16. Jackson Hand Tools: Combination Plier, Long Nose Plier, Diagonal Cutting Plier, Wood Handle Hammer, Fiber Glass Hammer, Tinman Snip, Sharpening Stone, Bent Saw, Handsaw, Vise Grip, Grass Shears, Garden Trowel, Garden Tool Set, Level Rule, Hand Axe, Adjustable Wrench, Pipe Wrench, Hand Riveter, Chisel, Driver Socket Wrench, Screwdriver Sets

17. Box Wrench, Combination Wrench, Open Wrench, Cement Trowel, Plastering Trowel, Plumb Bob, Screw Drivers, Socket Wrench, Cross Wrench, Steel File, Hand Drill, Slim Taper, Padlock, Tri-Square, Prunning Shears, Gooseneck Lavatory Faucet, Precision Screwdriver Set

18. WD-40 Contact Cleaner & Lubricant, 4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Oil, Mr. Black Tire Dressing, Gasket Maker RTV, Devcon Plastic Steel Epoxy, Scratch & Swirl Remover, Carnuba Wax Liquid, Zip Wax Car Wash Liquid, Wonder Wood Glue, Fedtite Wood Filler, Fedseal Elastomeric Sealant, Aquabloc Elastomeric Paint & Roof Coating, Surebond / Bondy Contact Cement

19. Kitchen Lavatory / Sink Faucet, Shower Head Stainless, Sink Strainer, Floor Drain w/ Basket Stainless, Bathroom Towel Bar, Door Bolt, Concealed Hinges Anti-Slam, Gas Lift, Cam / Drawer Lock, Twin Castor Wheel

20. Garden Faucet Brass, Gate Valve Brass, Hardware Cloth, Claw Hammer, Screen Door Closer, Concealed Hinges, Shelf Bracket, Steel Brush, Aluminum Level Rule, Flatsteel Hacksaw, Chain Lock, Soldering Iron, Door Spring, Safety Goggles, Caulking Gun, Aiwa Digital Lock

21. Koten Rail Type Circuit Breakers

22. Koten Mini Breakers

23. Koten Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers

24. Koten Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

25. Koten Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (Two-In-One) Circuit Breakers

26. Koten Plug-in Common Trip Circuit Breakers

27. Koten Bolt-on Common Trip Circuit Breaker

28. Koten Bolt-on CB Fully Magnetic Type

29. Koten Bolt-on CB Industrial Type

30. Koten Bolt-on CB Industrial Type

31. Koten Bolt-on CB Industrial Type

32. Koten Bolt-on CB Industrial Type

33. Koten Bolt-on CB Industrial Type

34. Koten Bolt-on CB Industrial Type

35. Koten Bolt-on CB Industrial Type

36. Koten Bolt-on CB Industrial Type

37. Koten Bolt-on CB Industrial Type

38. Koten Bolt-on CB Industrial Type

39. Koten Bolt-on CB Industrial Type

40. Koten Safety Breaker KSB

41. Koten Safety Breaker Mini KSB M

42. Koten Magnetic Starter

43. Koten Steel Case Power Push Buttons

44. Koten Meter Panel

45. Koten Authenticity & Safety

46. Contact Us

16. Hand Tools Hand Tools

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