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Astoria resembles Jura marble and gives rooms and bathrooms an elegant natural look. The effect is tastefully emphasised by the matt or rough-polished surfaces that bring out the different design nuances of each individual tile.


Avalon possesses a fine look of natural stone that creates a discreetly animated surface effect while conveying a decidedly timeless and natural charm. The warm and earthy colours of AVALON radiate peace and security. All of the colours are harmoniously matched, and the wall and floor tiles complement each other perfectly.


Back Home Come home and wallow in pure comfort – a wish that harmonious wall and floor coverings like BACK HOME can fulfil.

The natural-looking but restrained design offers an attractive basis for almost any interior design. The soft colours and structures of the wall and floor concept create a feeling of elegance: nature in all its simplicity blending harmoniously with its surroundings.

The matt and gloss surfaces of the wall tiles produce interesting highlights. The colours crème and white are designed to match the two colour lines of the floor tiles.

The large-format vilbostone porcelain stoneware floor tiles create a cosmopolitan feeling of space, while the 5 x 5 cm mosaics add a functional element to the range. The non-slip floor is ideal in particular for walk-in showers.


Bernina is a high quality, vilbostone porcelain stoneware tile range. The tile concept is a creative and versatile solution for walls and floors and suitable for use in the most diverse application areas.

Reminiscent of quartzite, with a subtle shimmer, the matt, structured tiles are covered in fine, irregular veins, which produce the characteristic effect: a natural-stone look with contemporary flair and application advantages that are unique to vilbostone porcelain stoneware tiles. BERNINA tiles have the vilbostoneplus finish, which means the tile surface is sealed during the manufacturing process making it less susceptible to dirt and stains.


Bernina Outdoor Both natural and modern: it is a combination that allows BERNINA OUTDOOR to blend beautifully with numerous furnishing styles. The gentle glimmer of its surfaces is inspired by quartzite, giving it a stylish, natural appearance. The 2 cm thick vilbostone porcelain stoneware tiles in the 60 x 60 cm format boast excellent R11 slip resistance, meaning they are suitable for lending a touch of elegance and firm footing to outdoor areas as well. These high-quality tiles are also equipped with vilbostoneplus, a surface finish applied at the factory that makes these slip-resistant tiles easy to care for right from the start.

BERNINA OUTDOOR is available in beige, grey and greige — three shades modelled on natural tones that harmonise well with a variety of environments. Their 2 cm thickness makes these tiles perfect for carports and pavements, for example.


Boisee Natural surfaces reflect their life stories with an unmistakable charm. They have fascinatingly delicate marks of use, giving them an individual and attractive appeal. The discreet used look of the BOISÉE vilbostone porcelain stoneware range is reminiscent of authentic rustic floorboards. The lifelike appearance is combined with hardwearing quality, ease of cleaning, non-slip properties and the frost resistance of porcelain stoneware. Available in cream beige, natural beige, walnut brown and barrique brown, the expressive colours not only embellish houses and rooms but also enrich the lives of their occupants with a stylishly natural character.


Century Unlimited offers endless potential through the arrangement of the colours and patterns. These high-class glazed porcelain stoneware tiles are a modern and innovative reinterpretation of the successful late nineteenth-century Mettlach tiles. With eight basic tiles and three décor lines, CENTURY UNLIMITED represents a unique and varied tiling system.


Creative System 4.0 Colours trigger emotions. They calm us or excite us and – when used correctly – have many positive associations. It is said that they are music for the eyes and, as such, they make a decisive contribution to the harmony of a room. However, as always when working with colours, it is important to coordinate the different hues. This is the advantage of a well thought-out colour system, such as the CREATIVE SYSTEM 4.0 tile range. It makes light work of selecting a harmonious mix of warm and cold shades for individual creations. The systematic structure of the concept allows both colourful mixes and subtle colour gradations. Colour can create a new atmosphere in a room, highlight individual areas or walls, and also add a flash of joy, thereby bringing an end to the grey monotony of everyday life.


Cadiz Nature-influenced interior design is found not only in country houses. This is also how many city-dwellers bring a special flair into their own four walls. Adapted today in a wide variety of ways, these natural materials and finishes create a special feeling of cosiness. The colours shimmer, at times appearing subtle and at other times powerful, or enter into a symbiosis with new materials. It is precisely this mixture that goes to make up an individual home.

Those who allow nature into their homes in this way also bring beauty to their interiors.The CÁDIZ tile range features wall tiles in powdery soft chalk tones to create a bright and comfortable atmosphere.The vilbostone porcelain stoneware tiles are genuine-looking: lively but not intrusive, like snapshots of nature in all its glory.

CÁDIZ gives a new meaning to the country house style, with balanced colours and combinable formats for a distinctive and unmistakable interior design.

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