Digi-Key is one of the fastest growing distributors of electronic components in the world.

Since its founding in 1972, Digi-Key has been committed to offering the broadest selection of in-stock electronic components, as well as providing the best service possible to its customers, aiding engineers through the entire design process, from Prototype to Production®. This has led the company to be highly ranked year after year in industry surveys, in North America as well as Europe and Asia, in categories covering such facets of business as availability of product, speed of service, responsiveness to problems, and more.

Our top rankings in so many categories prove we are customer-driven. Our service and support systems have been specifically designed to respond to the needs of our customers. These systems are continually reviewed and modified to respond to changes as we work to achieve the "ultimate" level of customer service.

Digi-Key is unique in many ways that translate into better service for you, our customers.

1. Authorized Distribution

2. Breadth of Product

3. Support/Resources



Audio Products

Battery Products

Boxes, Enclosures, Racks

Cable Assemblies

Cables, Wires

Cables, Wires - Management


Circuit Protection

Computer Equipment

Connectors, Interconnects

Crystals, Oscillators, Resonators

Development Boards, Kits, Programmers

Discrete Semiconductor Products

Embedded Computers

Fans, Thermal Management


Hardware, Fasteners, Accessories

Inductors, Coils, Chokes

Industrial Automation and Controls

Integrated Circuits (ICs)



Labels, Signs, Barriers, Identification

Line Protection, Distribution, Backups

Magnetics - Transformer, Inductor Components

Maker/DIY, Educational

Memory Cards, Modules

Motors, Solenoids, Driver Boards/Modules

Networking Solutions

Optical Inspection Equipment


Potentiometers, Variable Resistors

Power Supplies - Board Mount

Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board)

Prototyping, Fabrication Products




Sensors, Transducers

Soldering, Desoldering, Rework Products

Static Control, ESD, Clean Room Products


Tapes, Adhesives, Materials

Test and Measurement



Contact Us

Digi-Key Electronics

Toll Free Phone: 001-218-681-7979

Local/International: 1-800-1-111-0968

Fax: 001-218-681-3380

Email Address: philippines.support@digikey.com

Technical Support: applications.engineering@digikey.com

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Digi-Key Electronics


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