1. French Door Refrigerator, Chest Freezer, Washing Machine, Window and Split Type Aircon, Water Heater by Haier

2. Airconditioner, Chest Freezer, Upright Freezer, Beverage Cooler, Towel Warmer, Sterilizer and Dryer by Markes

3. Massage Chair, Water Dispenser, Washing Machine, Electric Kettle, Vacuum Cleaner, Rechargeable Shaver, Induction Cooker, Power Juicer, Air Purifier by Midea

4. Contact Us

Contact Us

Continental Sales, Inc.

Address: #28 Quirino Highway, Balintawak 1106, Quezon City, Philippines

Telephone: (632) 362 5886 to 89

Fax: +63 2 363 7162 / +63 2 362 4575

Email: /

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