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Oakridge PRO 30 SUPER

Oakridge Pro 30 super shingles with SUPER SEALANT TECHNOLOGY have it all: a bold, dimensional look with an attractive, well-blended appearance. These shingles also get high marks for durability because of their 30-Year Limited Warranty with 180 KMPH Wind Resistance Limited Warranty.

Oakridge PRO 30 SUPER available colors


Our Classic® 3-tab Shingles offer you everything you need in a great roof – curb appeal, weather resistance, solid value and last durability.

Available also in CLASSIC AR – Algae-Resistant. These shingles are designed to resist roof discoloration from algae growth.

Both Classic and Classic AR carry with it a 20-Year Limited Warranty and 130 kmph Wind Resistance Limited Warranty.

CLASSIC SUPER available colors

Underguard PRO

Our underlayment products give an extra layer of protection beneath the shingles to help prevent moisture from reaching the roof deck while promoting flat, more uniform shingle application.

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