1. Multi-Use Stackable Plastic Crate

2. Stackable and Nestable Plastic Crate, Bread Tray

3. Stackable and Nestable Bread Tray, Plastic Matting

4. Stackable and Nestable Plastic Fish Crate

5. Cabinet Handles, Door Accessories, Caster Wheels, Brass Water Gate Valve

6. Polyethylene Screens for Poultry Farm, Crop / Fish Pen / Fruit Trees / Construction Site Protection

7. Plastic Matting, Multi-purpose Crates, Egg Tray, Bread Tray, Chick Crates

8. Contact Us

8. Contact Us

Amazon Manufacturing Corporation

Address: Rhine Industrial Zone, 109 Pasolo Road, Valenzuela City 1444 MM, Philippines

Phone: (632) 292-2222; 292-7421; 292-0951 to 54

Mobile: +63922-842-6371; +63917-803-3905; +63999-888-6371

Fax: (632) 293-3333; 445-5644


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