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Features & Amenities

Modern urban planning such as THE ENCLAVE has made use of the CUL-DE-SAC scheme in the Clubhouse, where a part of it is open for residents and non-residents to enjoy. It embodies a "city walk" feel where people can converge. Tight security is enforced to ensure everyone's safety.

Locale Viability

Recognized as one of the top ten investment destinations in the Philippines, property investment and development is booming in Pampanga. Angeles City is a premier city of Pampanga. All roads lead to this dynamic city.

Clark, in particular, is being directed towards becoming an airport-driven metropolis that will spur growth within the region, with the Disodado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA) as flagship project. At present, the airport facilitates cargo operations, aside from its resident carriers, mostly budget airlines that include Cebu Pacific, Air Asia and also Seair (South East Asian Airlines), Pampanga's unofficial airline. It is projected to be the country's main international gateway for all forms of commercial aviation in the near future.  Angeles City has always been associated with Clark. Clark is the special economic zone whereas Angeles City is where people live and play! Also, a 90-kilometer expressway was designed to provide the shortest, direct and efficient link among areas in Central Luzon, specifically the Subic Bay Special Economic Zone and Freeport Zone in Zambales, the Clark Special Economic Zone in Pampanga and the Luisita Industrial Park in Tarlac. The construction of this highway will open up Clark and Angeles City's full potential. This linkage via the expressway will show the way in terms of economic development in Central Luzon and nearby areas. The Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway was completed in 2008.

House Models

Modern American style homes have been admired over and over again for its well-structured and functional designs. Its clean, sleek and uncluttered lines are some of its distinct attributes.

Innovation in architecture has made modern style homes one of the more sought after designs, as seen in Miami, Florida and Hollywood and Malibu in California.

Set in beautiful Angeles City, Pampanga, The Enclave features 9 modern style homes - Van Der Rohe, Koolhaas, Gehry, Breuer, Mayne, Holl, Aalto, Ungers and Meier, each with it's own luscious features to fit your lifestyle.


Lot Size: 165 sq.m.

Floor area: 140 sq.m.

Design Features:




Lot Size: 200 sq.m. / 300 sq.m.

Floor area: 179.20 sq.m.

Design Features:




Lot Size: 165 sq.m. / 200 sq.m. / 300 sq.m.

Floor area: 191.25 sq.m.

Design Features:




Lot Size: 200 sq.m. / 300 sq.m.

Floor area: 136 sq.m.

Design Features:




Lot Size: 300 sq.m.

Floor area: 201.83 sq.m.

Design Features:




Lot Size: 200 sq.m. / 300 sq.m.

Floor area: 173 sq.m.

Design Features:




Lot Size: 165 sq.m. / 200 sq.m. / 300 sq.m.

Floor area: 140 sq.m.

Design Features:




Lot Size: 165 sq.m. / 200 sq.m. / 300 sq.m.

Floor area: 140.38 sq.m.

Design Features:



Van Der Rohe

Lot Size: 300 sq.m.

Floor area: 205 sq.m.

Design Features:


House Specifications

Asphalt Shingle

Floor finishes
Ground Floor (Homogenous Tiles)
Toilet (30cm x 30cm unglazed floor tiles)
2nd Floor(Laminated Planks)

Toilet (30cm x 30cm semi unglazed wall tiles)
Interior (Plain Cement Painted Fin.)
Exterior (2"X6" BRICK)

Toilet (3.2 mm thk. Ficem Board on Metal Furring)
Living, Dining, Bedrooms (3/8 " thk Gypsum board on metal Furring)

Railings (steel railings on wood Handrail)
Floor (Laminated Narra Planks)

Main Doors (Solid Panel Door)
Interior Door (Moulded Doors)

Powder coated Alum. 
Window with ¼" clear glass

Plumbing Fixtures
Water Closet (HCG BRAND)
Lavatory (HCG BRAND)
Bath Tub

Kitchen Countertop

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Condominium Act RA4726?

The Condominium Act of the Philippines, R.A. 4726, expressly allows foreigners to acquire condominium units and shares in condominium corporations up to not more than 40% of the total and outstanding capital stock of a Filipino owned or controlled condominium corporation.

2. What are the disadvantages of a Tax Declared vs. Titled property?

Tax Declarations are proof of possession, but they are not deemed as desirable or 100% secure as a Titled property. That's because there exists the possibility of disputes of property boundaries and ownership with tax declarations, especially if the property is not held by a single owner, but by the "Heirs". Because of this we extensively research our Tax Declared properties to ensure they are free of problems. It would be counter-productive for us to sell properties that later have troubles when the sale is taking place.

In general it is easier to commercially develop Titled properties than Tax Declared, but there is very little difference involved and not having title is no prohibition on development. It is simply that a bit more process must be completed to commercially develop a Tax Declared property. However, in the instance of the property being used to locate a residence there is virtually no difference between the two.

3. What sort of land titles are used in the Philippines?

There are different kinds of evidences of title for lands in the Philippines. Titles under the Torrens System are absolute proof of ownership. Tax Declarations are proof of lawful possession and affords possessory rights under the law.

The Torrens System requires that the government issues an official certificate of title attesting to the fact that the person named is the owner of the property described therein, subject to such liens and encumbrances as thereon noted or the law warrants or reserves. The certificate of title is indefeasible and imprescriptible and all claims to the parcel of land are quieted upon issuance of said certificate.

4. If I buy a Tax Declared property can I get it Titled to make me feel safer?

Yes. With the recent lifting of the moratorium on the disposition and granting of any title, concession, permit or lease on all small islands nationwide by virtue of Administrative Order No. 2003-06 of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, certain islands that are tax declared can now be titled for as long as they are classified as alienable and disposable. However, certain types of land may never be titled.

5. Can I form my own Land Holding Corporation?

Yes, provided that the foreigner shall own a maximum of 40% and give away the other 60% to Filipino incorporators.

6. Is it safe to buy land in the Philippines?

The Central Registration of documents ensures that you can buy with complete confidence. We can provide certified copies of documents evidencing title to and/or rightful possession over properties. If you want a certified copy of the title, we charge a small fee.

7. Can Foreigners own real estate in the Philippines?

Generally, only Filipinos are allowed by Philippine law to acquire by purchase, transfer or assignment any land in the Philippines. However, foreigners may be able to acquire real estate property in the Philippines by any of the following means:

About the Developer

Globe Asiatique Realty Holdings Corporation was primarily conceived to support the vision of the government to provide housing for the low income Filipino family. With this in mind, the company decided to start its first venture into residential housing projects by developing one of its properties located in San Mateo, Rizal. Named Sta. Barbara Villas I, this socialized housing project has been a showcase for the Housing and Land Regulatory Board (HLURB) and for other developers because of its extensive development and having passed all the required geotechnic landslide and erosion tests conducted by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau.

As the demand for housing increases, the company continued to deliver superior developments to satisfy the needs of Filipinos, uplifting not only the quality of housing but also the standard of living.

Today, Globe Asiatique Realty Holdings Corp, remains to be one of the few real estate companies to be market-oriented and service-focused. With the experience and gained competence acquired through the years, we have evolved into serving different markets from the socialized levels to middle-class levels. Our company has advanced its effort in continually designing plans and projects into progressive and successful developments.

Contact Us

Globe Asiatique Realty Holdings Corporation
1408 West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines

Tel. Nos. +632 637 3335 to 36

Attention Our Valued Users

The particulars and visuals shown herein are intended to give a general idea of the project and as such are not to be relied upon as statements of fact. While such particulars and details on present plans which have been prepared with utmost care and given in good faith, buyers are invited to verify their factual correctness and subsequent changes, if any. The contents herein are subject to change without prior notice and do not constitute part of an offer or contract. For more information please see our Terms of Use.

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