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Product Information

Welcome to the world of Stucco Terra finishes, developed for those who prefer the natural beauty & warmth of traditional plasters.

Stucco Terra has revived the ancient decorative arts of Mediterranean plasters and Old World stucco by introducing new formulas to meet the needs and desires of 21st Century artisans and designers.

Our mineral-based plasters have a textural and visual appeal which is impossible to duplicate with faux finishes, paint or ordinary plasters.

A blend of old world and modern techniques allows skilled Stucco Terra applicators to create beautiful plaster finishes in a variety of natural colors and textures.

The basic technology for Stucco Terra finishes was developed in Europe in the 1970's primary for restoring historic structures.

Since the mineral colors of Stucco Terra are integral to the material, chips and gouges need not be repaired and are even considered as characteristics consistent with artisan plaster finishes in Europe.

Stucco Terra is available in three distinct finishes: Terra Sandstone, Terra Limestone and Terra Antico. Each finish can be applied rough trowelled, country or burnished srmooth.

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