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Neltex Viewmakers Vinyl Door & Window Systems

The wonder of vinyl

Wood rots. Iron rusts. Aluminum coat fades. These are the traditional materials for window frames and doors and their problems.

But thanks to modern technology, the solution to all these problems is here - vinyl. Vinyl is that wonder material in NELTEX Viewmakers Door and Window Systems.

For their built-in strength and durability, NELTEX Viewmakers vinyl doors and windows are popular among top builders of homes and buildings. Thus, aircon and power specialists prefer its non-heat-conducting property. And for architects and interior designers, its adaptability to the intricacies of shape and design.

No wonder, NELTEX Viewmakers Vinyl Door and Window Systems is here to stay.

Strong - can withstand winds of typhoon strength

NELTEX Viewmakers Door and Window Systems can stand wind pressure of up to 200 kg/m2. Not even a four kg ball from a height of one meter falling on it can break it.

Sound-proof - quiet in, noise out

Because of their air-tight installation, NELTEX Viewmakers Door and Window Systems keep extraneous sound out.

Elegant - can be bent without cuts to form arches, curves and semi-circles. And in refreshing colors of white and brown

Vinyl can be bent without cuts to follow almost any design for doors and iron, wood and aluminum. And the colors of NELTEX Viewmakers Door and Window Systems are perfect for the tropics.

Open and close easy

Provided with efficient fittings, like locks and hinges, NELTEX Viewmakers Door and Window Systems open and close with no effort at all.

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