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Brio 2000 - Electronic Device for Elecric Pump Control

An innovative design for Brio 2000, our new electronic control switch detecting the flow and the pressure in the systems equipped with electric pumps.

Brio 2000 has been designed to automate the start and the stop of electric pumps whose maximum power is 2 hp. In case of drop in pressure or stop of the flow in the system – opening and closing of the taps respectively – Brio 2000 handles the start and stop functions electronically. Damages of pumps due to dry operation are avoided since Brio 2000 stops the pump when sensing lack of water. Compactness and close-knit quality are the distinguishing characteristics of Brio 2000, allowing a solid and safe mounting. The electric connection is easly practicable thanks to the accessible disposition of the connectors: you only have to follow the wiring diagram printed on the PCB cover to con-nect the switch. Brio 2000 can be supplied with electric cables (motor/line) already fitted in.

Brio 2000 fully replaces the traditional water supply system made of pressure switch and pressure tank. Brio 2000 is the optimal choice when you decide to install a product whose overall dimensions are minimum and whose mainterance service in unnecessary. The maximum care we have even when provisioning the raw materials and during the production cycle make of Brio 2000 a first-rate quality product.

brio 2000
Brio 2000


Brio 2000-MT - Electronic Device for Elecric Pump Control with Timer

A modern design for Brio 2000-MT, the electronic device designed to control the flow and the pressure in the water systems provided with an electric pump, being able to star the pump automatically, further to a stop due to dry running (lack of water).

Substantially, Brio 2000-MT works like Brio 2000 from which it comes from. However, the new system integrates the special function of “automatic reset” which allows the pump, when it has been stopped because of lack of water, to carry out some brief regular starting in order to verify - in total autonomy - an eventual new water availability in the suction line.
In case of during one of these tests the pumps succeeds in priming water, the system re-starts working normally, otherwise Brio2000-MT keeps on trying until the pre-set number of testing has been reached. Once that limit has been overcome, the device stops the pump definitively and its re-start can be effected only manually by pushing the reset button.

To assure the maximum flexibility, Brio2000-MT is available in 6 different versions with different pre-set combinations changing in intervals and number of testing with which the device performs the automatic-reset function.

Brio 2000-MT is also equipped with a built-on pressure gauge that consents the visualization of the starting-pressure of the pressure in the water systems and even eventual water leakages in the installation.

Brio 2000-MT replaces completely the traditional system made of pressure switch and pressure tank.

brio 2000 mt
Brio 2000-MT


Spy 2000 - Electronic Flow Control Switch

spy 2000 electronic flow conrol switch
Spy 2000