HomeTrek* TC   Termiticide
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Product Information


Protect your HOME against TERMITES - Pre-and Post-Construction Use


I. Brand Name HomeTrek* TC


II. Techno - Commercial Details

    Active Ingredient Chlorpyrifos (CHP)
    Formulation 48% EC (Emulsifiable Concentrate)
    Mode of Action Contact, stomach & vapor actions
    Chemical Group OP (Organophosphate)
    FPA Category II, Yellow
    Application rate 4 liter solution / 1 sqm for pre-construction
5 liter solution / linear meter for post- construction
     Dilution Rate  1:50 (for pre- and post-construction)
    Packaging 240 ml coex plastic bottle
1 liter coex plastic bottle
4 liter can (1 gallon)
    Standard Stocking Unit 1 carton x 36 240 ml coex bottle
1 carton x 12 1 liter coex bottle
1 carton x 4 gallon cans


III. Features, Advantages and Benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
Strongkill termiticide . Controls termites by contact, stomach & vapor actions . Provides effective solution to protecting structures from termites
. With strong volatility that kills termites even in gaps in the barriers
Binds strongly with soil  . More persistent in  treated soil . Provides an effective termite barrier for 3-5 years
. Prevents leaching to ground water . Safe to use; does not contaminate ground water
Non-systemic . Is not absorbed by plants . No risk of having residues in plants
Environment-friendly . Quickly disintegrates when exposed to air & light  . With proper application, it is not harmful to non-target organisms - including human 
Solvesso 150 . Improved solvent to make Hometrek less odorous . Suitable for indoor application (pressurized soil injection) 


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