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About Us

Cebu Fil Veneer Corp. was established in 1986, marking it as one of the pioneers in the veneering industry in Philippines as well as a founding company in Philippine Economic Zone Authority. This Italian firm distinguished itself in the top-caliber production of high quality sliced veneer created out of genuine Filipino craftsmanship utilizing state of the art Italian machinery.

The company is unparalleled among its peers in the design and production of contemporary and avant-garde furniture. It has also maintained its excellence in the creation of traditional furniture, a reflection of an eclectic classical design. Being very design-oriented in nature, every innovation and upgrade we do is always a cut above the rest. Our cutting edge Italian expertise and technology supports a strong production of high-volume demands and orders from our customers worlwide.

We use European approved finishing materials, which complies with the most strict non-toxic chemicals, water based glue formaldyide for panels, chipboards and MDF; thereby advocating environmentally safe resources. Cebu Fil Veneer is already in the position to bid and guarantee every client with a production capability and performance bond thanks to our established experience and quality.

As a result of the constant pursuit of quality and excellence, recognition of our sterling efforts was assured when awarded in the recent Philippine International Furniture Show Mugna Awards as Best Product Design. Various nominations including Mugna Awards - Best Booth Display and Best Product Design-Contemporary were bestowed. A special citation was also given during the nomination in the industry's most coveted award, The Golden Shell Award. The company is part of Movement8, a group of exceptionally creative individuals who represent the Philippine furniture industry in the international shows.

Quality, versality and creativity are our main strengths, giving us confidence as an excellent partner for you. Cebu Fil-Veneer Corp., our reputation and record for quality precede us.