Corsini   Duratough - tamper proof glass for windows & doors
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Product Information


CORSINI Duratough Glass is a special breakthrough in GlassArts Industry, specifically intended as a Safety Glass againts Burglars Break-ins and Tampering. Its Elegant Multi-color "Carbon Fiber Encapsulated Float Glass" makes it Tough & Durable and Impenetrable, thereby giving safety Protection for Doors & Windows. It is also best for Interior Dividers, Skylights, Murals, Shower Enclosure, Staircase Wall Panel and the likes.

CORSINI Duratough Glass comes in different Colors and Models to suit your Home or Office Interiors.

It perfectly blends whether your Doors or Windows are made of Wood, PVC or Aluminum Framing.

Clients can even customized their own DuraTough Graphic Design, even Personalized Photographs!

Technical Specifications

Composition: Float glass encapsulated with carbon fiber polyethylene substrate
Thickness: 6mm / 9mm / 13mm / 16mm
Standard Size: 8" x 11.5"
Maximum Fabricated Size: 48" x 48"

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