VJ GRAPHIC ARTS, INC. is a commercial printing press located in Metro Manila, Philippines. We offer both offset printing and digital printing services.

VJ Graphic Arts, Inc. has been in the graphic arts industry since 1983. The company started as a single proprietor business offering typesetting services. It was incorporated six years later by the founder, Mrs. Doris Datu and some members of her family. Till this day, Doris is still involved in the day to day operations of the company.


If you need it printed today or you need less than 100 pieces, digital printing is the option for you. VJ Graphic Arts has multiple full color Canon digital presses that can handle orders from 1 to 1,000 pieces.


If you need to create multiple copies of a project, offset printing is the cheapest printing technique. VJ Graphic Arts has multiple full color Heidelberg offset presses that can handle orders from 100 to millions of pieces.


MacroAsia Corporation Annual Reports

We've been doing the Annual Reports of MacroAsia Corporation, which is part of the Lucio Tan Group, for several years now. We provide the concept, editorial work, photography, lay-out and printing of the annual reports. The previous Annual Reports have won the Management Association of the Philippines' (MAP) "Best Annual Report" category.


URC C2 Summer Packaging

Universal Robina Corporation is one of our longest clients. One of their top selling products is C2 Beverage. Together with the brand manager, we developed a packaging solution for their summer campaign.


How can we help you?

I'm starting a business

Starting your own company? We offer Office Collaterals such as Official Receipts, Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes, Folders, Business Forms, Notepads...


I need the market to know me

After coming up with your product/service, people need to know that you exist. We offer Marketing Materials such as Posters, Flyers, Brochures, Sales Kits, Catalogs, Wobblers, Price Strips, Shelf Talkers, Shelf Fins, Danglers...


My product needs to stand-out

First impressions last, so your product needs to be distinct and noticeable right away. We offer Packaging Solutions such as Foldable Boxes, Display Cases, Paper Bags, Cake Trays, Bundling Stickers...


People need to remember me

Your product/service should be in your market's top-of-mind. They need to remember you even after you've made the first sale. We offer Corporate Giveaways such as Desk & Wall Calendars, Planners, Notebooks, Greeting Cards...


I want to tell my story

Whether you're an individual, an organization, a corporation or a government agency, we all have a story to tell. We offer Publishing Solutions such as Annual Reports, Coffee Table Books, Newsletters, Magazines, Souvenir Programs, Yearbooks...



Design, Photography and Editorial Services

We have in-house artists, photographers and writers. We can help you create whatever material you will need for your campaign. We've had years of experience in creating annual reports, coffee table books, flyers, catalogs, etc.

Digital & Offset Printing Services

Production is done in-house. Our CTP and presses come from Heidelberg Germany. Bindery and post press work is also done in-house - ensuring an integrated workflow.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship outside of Metro Manila and abroad?

Yes, we’ll ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries. Our quotations usually includes delivery costs to a Metro Manila address. We also ship outside of Metro Manila but the additional costs will be shouldered by the client. Depending on the volume, we use a local forwarder, LBC or FedEx for deliveries outside of Metro Manila. The client will be informed of the additional delivery costs before we proceed. Please inform us of any special delivery requests beforehand.

What's the production process?

Pre-Flighting - We check the files that you send and make sure that they comply with the specifications listed on the quotation. Depending on how well the artwork has been done, a proof is made within 2-3 days. Bound proofs take an additional 1-2 days.

Proofing - Included in the quoted costs is either 1 or 2 sets of digital proofs. Depending on the delivery date and the amount of corrections to be made, we either email the corrected PDF copy or we will send a revised set of proofs.

Approval - The client must sign the digital proofs and/or must reply to the PDF proof email before we could proceed.

Production - The production clock starts after the approval of proofs. Please note that although we have an estimated production time, this may change depending on the current workload of the presses.

What do we check in your artwork? What's pre-flighting?

First, we check if the specifications matches the files that the client sends. Second, we make sure that all files have been sent to us - images, fonts, etc. Third, we also check if the images are in CMYK and not in RGB. Fourth, we check the image quality of the images - images must be 300DPI. And lastly, we also check if you have bleeds in your layout.

The best way to collate and transfer files is to use the "package" option in Indesign. The package option collates all the files that you used into one folder.

What's the standard production time?

Production time depends on the project. A single sheet (flyers, posters, etc.) project usually takes 3-5 days after approval of proofs. We add another production day for every additional production process (ie. lamination (+1), die-cutting (+1), etc.). A softbound project usually takes 5-7 days depending on the quantity and number of pages. A hardbound project takes 7-10 days - again depending on the quantity and number of pages.

If you have a rush or a target delivery date, please contact us to see if your delivery date can be met.


Contact Us

VJ Graphic Arts, Inc.

Address: Unit 9LM, 111 Panay Avenue, Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City

Phone: (632) 372 0886 | 372 6167 | 372 0881 | 372 0883

E-mail: vjgraphicsqc@gmail.com

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