Unisafe Industrial Company Inc. is engaged in the supply and delivery of various Personal Protective Equipment, Industrial Safety Products, Specialty Chemicals and Lubricants that would meet the requirements and standards of our partner industries.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your delivery lead time for orders?

Normally it takes 2-5 days upon confirmation of orders. Your assigned Sales Representative should inform you of the delivery schedule.

However several factors affects the delivery schedule some factors are:

Do you have minimum purchase order?

NO. you can order depending on your needs.

However, the order amount will affect the eligibility for free delivery:

Do you provide credit facility for long-time clients?

YES. You need to accomplish the Credit Term Application Form with the requirements and submit to your Sales Representative. It will be evaluated. Evaluation process may take 2-4 weeks upon receipt of the form and requirements.

Are you open for Resellers or Distributors?

YES. You may discuss this option with your Sales Representative. You can also set an appointment for discussion of terms & conditions.


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Unisafe Industrial Co., Inc.

Address: 346 Maysilo Circle, Mandaluyong City, Philippines 1550

Phone: +632 535-9586 | +632 535-9587 | +632 706-1407 | +632 956-8274

Fax: +632 531-5764

E-mail: info@unisafe.ph

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Unisafe Industrial Co., Inc.


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