Finally, Quality House Construction at the Price You Can Afford!

We are a House Builder that is committed in providing First-Class Quality Design and Construction at Affordable Cost. We are a Construction Company that believes in providing an honest, professional and top-notch services. We are a Building Contractor that guarantees top-of-the-class quality construction results at a very competitive and affordable cost.

We hire the best workers! We use the best materials! We utilize the best tools! We deliver the best results!

For every project, whether house design, house construction, house renovation, interior design and interior finishing as well as commercial building construction and maintenance, we are the contractor that has always applied its uncompromising quality. Working with esteemed clients, architects, engineers and interior designers, a home builders in the Philippines that consistently exceeded expectations and delivered distinctive projects on time and on budget. With unparalleled management and organizational skills and an artisan enthusiasm for craftsmanship, We are the construction company that takes on the most complicated projects without losing sight of the smallest details.

A construction contractor in the Philippines that works with highly skilled designers and builders to handle your requirements with efficiency and excellence. Everyday, we proud ourselves on providing our customers with superior service and outstanding value. We offer expertise with quality satisfaction on all aspects of construction and renovation works.

Your One-Stop House Construction Company!

House Construction, Home Design, Documentation and Estimate – Based on your proposed budget, we will develop a design concept that will suit your requirements. After the approval of the conceptual design, design detailing will follow which will include electrical, plumbing, structural and detailed architectural design. Bill of materials and detailed cost estimates will be prepared after the completion of detailed designs.

Building Permit Application – We will apply building permit and will prepare all required engineering documents including sign and seal of respective professionals. We guarantee our strict adherence to the national building code and safety guidelines in the Philippines.

Bank/Pagibig Loan Application – We will prepare all required technical documents for house construction bank loan or PAGIBIG loan. We will also assist you in processing your bank loan applications, all you have to do is to provide the requirements and to sign the papers.

Construction Management and Supervision – We will supply all labor, materials, equipments, tools, transportation, supervisions and other items necessary for satisfactory completion of the work, including taxes required by the government. A Project Engineer will be assigned to supervise the construction site on a full time basis. We will constantly coordinate with the you with regards to the progress of works and any concerns that may arise during the construction period.

Water and Electricity Connection – We will process your application for permanent connection of water and electricity in the Philippines.

Warranty – We will repair at our own cost any defects, leakages or other faults which shall appear due to poor materials and workmanship within twelve (12) months from the date of completion.

Free Estimate!

The Best Home Builders

If you are dreaming about your ideal home but cannot find time to build it, then call us! Well help make your dream home a reality.

Top-Notch Construction Company is a house designer and house builder that you can trust and rely on. We are the home builder that puts safety and quality first before anything else. As a building contractor, we put the interest of our clients ahead of us, ensuring that all requirements are delivered within satisfactory level. We are an honest contractor that value our integrity so much, it gives us the strength to keep pursuing our goals.

Top-Notch Construction Company is a house construction specialist. We started our business in residential construction by renovating and finishing houses. Giving us insights into the smallest details of every home and how they affect the value and aesthetic of the building in the long run. We have studied every materials and method of applications so that we can arm our self with the most extensive value engineering strategy for our house construction projects.

Top-Class House & Building Designs

Top-Notch Construction is not just a builder but an architectural firm. We have been involved in the design of various high-end residential and commercial buildings since the start of our existence. Our defining strength is our ability to harness creative intelligence, both ours and our clients, to develop solutions informed by a prism of perspectives, experiences, technologies and cultures.

Our architects and our design team creates robust, practical, exciting and sensitive built solutions which expertly respond to client needs. Our idea is focused upon providing the best answers to building design challenges, from feasibility through implementation to delivery. We provide clients, users, local authorities and the public with better and more human environments that create greater economic, social and environmental value.

Top-Notch Building Contractors

Top-Notch Construction Company also specializes in commercial construction and medium rise buildings construction. We work with the best structural designers to guarantee the safety and integrity of the building structure. Our team of engineers and supervisors are equipped with ton of experience and state-of-the-art equipments to ensure timely delivery of the project at a superior quality level.

Why hire us?

Competitive Cost

Despite our solid experience and high quality service, we still proud ourselves as the cheapest contractor around. We guarantee that, compared to all other established contractors in our area, we are the one offering the most competitive price. This is due to the following:

Code Compliant Structural Design

We never compromise the strength and stability of our structure. We design our structure in strict compliance with the national building and structural code of the Philippines. There are no reduced dimensions, no shortcuts, no undersized and substandard materials.

Solid Experience

We were in business for more than nine years and we have a lot of completed and ongoing projects to show you around. We learned most of the pitfalls of construction and develop methods on how to mitigate them.

Established Teams

We don't work alone. We are comprised of a number of individuals and professionals subdivided into different departments working together under a set of systems and guidelines to ensure the success of the project. We are able to react faster and more effectively to any variations and issues encountered on our projects. This also allows us to communicate with our client constantly even if our project is moving at top speed. We are composed of no less than 40 individuals and professionals working collectively for the ensure success of each and every projects. Below is our organizational chart and the strength of each department.

Dedicated Hardware Store and Logistics System

We have our own construction supply store and delivery vehicles. This ensures our access to high quality materials at lower cost as well as its timely delivery to the project site.

Quality Works

Top-Notch means First-Class Quality. Our solid experience and established teams allow us to deliver projects at an exceptional level of quality. Our long presence in the industry provides us with experienced workers while our established teams provide necessary checks to ensure compliance with standards and specifications.

We used only top-of-the-line construction materials

Free Estimate! No charges whatsoever, just send us a copy of your drawings and well send you our detailed cost estimate within 5 days.


Top-Notch Construction offers a wide array of professional engineering services such as Design, Construction and Consultancy, supervised and operated by highly experienced and well-trained professionals in the construction industry.


Interior Design, Architectural Design, Structural Design, Electrical & Plumbing Design, Designs from conceptualization to detailing with the use of the world’s famous Computer Aided Design Software such as Sketch-up, AutoCAD, Revit Building, Revit Architecture, ETABS AND STAAD PRO to assure elegance, stability and reliability of various types of the policies and principles of Top-Notch Construction.


Provides materials, equipments, manpower, and technical expertise in following field of works:


Acts as Construction Manager or Owner’s Representative for the Construction of Building Structures. Provides Detailed Cost Estimates, Project Scheduling, Performance Evaluation, Cost Control and Quality Assurance.

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Contact Us

Top-Notch Construction

Cavite Address: Unit 302 Lolo Berong Bldg, Nueno Avenue, Imus, Cavite, Philippines (Near Imus Palengke, In front of McDonald Nueno)

Manila Address: Unit 212 P&S Building, 717 Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City, Metro Manila (In front of Robinsons Magnolia)

Cavite Contact Numbers: (046) 515 6279 / 435 1445 : Sun 0933 136 3772 : Globe 0975 985 6396 : Smart 0919 877 7107

Manila Contact Numbers: (02) 358 9480 : Sun 0923 921 4557 : Globe 0927 532 0643


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