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We are engaged in the manufacturing of electrical equipment and trading of electrical materials.

Together with our dedicated and experienced engineers, we provide safe and dependable electrical control
equipment and reliable services to maintain our satisfied clientele.

We employ state of the art Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine in our manufacturing to build
precise custom built electrical products.

This combination of skilled team and state-of-the-art technology enables us to produce high-quality
switchgears & panelboards with the following innovative features:


Our Products


Schneider Blokset Switchgear

A global design

Focusing on safety, reliability and adaptation to high-end needs.

With all low voltage applications necessary in large industrial sites, large commercial buildings and infrastructure.


Cooper System MV Switchgear


Eaton Xenergy Switchgear

The system's modular design allows for a wide range of intelligent combinations. That means you save time, money
and space. And because you can also rely on Eaton's excellent reputation for safety, you can implement individual
projects in functional buildings or office and industrial buildings simply, quickly and flexibly.


Powerbox Slim Panelboard


Powerbox Thermo Plastic Lighting Panelboard


Powerbox T-Line Panelboard


Powerbox Easy Panelboard


Powerbox Busduct System

Busduct System were UL Classified, Fully Type Tested design as per IEC61439-1 and IEC61439-6.


Powerbox Busduct System Flanged End

FLANGED END - the incoming unit of a Busduct. The power is fed at the flanged end to energize the Busduct System.


Powerbox Busduct System Horizontal Elbow

HORIZONTAL ELBOW- it is also an angle unit to change Busduct direction as per site requirement. It is composed
of cooling ribs to provide better heat dissipation. It has aluminum which is integral bus to serve as earthing conductor.


Powerbox Busduct System Vertical Elbow

VERTICAL ELBOW - enables the Busduct System to change directions during installation. Its aluminum housing
consisting of two 3.00mm thick aluminum sheets, the top and bottom parts of the housing is designed to serve as
earthing conductors to ensure continuous grounding all over the surface of the enclosure.


Powerbox Busduct System Straight Feeder

STRAIGHT FEEDER - runs along the length of connection and the body of the Busduct System. The design ensure
that the integrity of the ground path is uniformly maintained throughout the entire Busduct System consistency
pressure on the power connection is held by one or more Belleville (cupped washer) when properly tightened.


Powerbox Busduct System Power Joint


Powerbox Busduct System Straight Feeder with Plug-in Outlet


Powerbox Cable Tray


Powerbox Enclosed Circuit Breaker

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