We are the exclusive distributor of Loadmaster Scale USA

Our company has been the sole distributor of Loadmaster Scale for over 25 years supplying most of the multinational companies in the Philippines engaged in port services, food industries, steel industries, cement factories, chemicals, electronics, etc. And to mention a few are, International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI), Universal Robina Corp., JG Summit Petrochemicals Corp., ABC (Allgemeine-Bau-Chemie) Philippines Inc., Samsung Electro-mechanic Phils. Corp., Oilink International Corp., Gardenia Bakeries, Phils. Inc., Steel Asia Manufacturing Corporation and Solid Cement Corporation.

We carry supply of load cells, controls, weight indicators, printers, and others from Loadmaster USA and we have complete machineries and equipment for local fabrication.

With regards to our after sales services, we have invested and trained scale technicians at Loadmaster plant in Findlay, Ohio USA, who underwent rigid training and specialization on scale weighbridges. Our continuous training on management and services from our principal contributes on all our present and future projects. We have certified welders that design and fabricate local components based on all drawings originated from Loadmaster Scale, Ohio USA. To complete our expertise and capabilities, we have our own construction group managed and supervised by highly skilled civil engineers and technical men.

Furthermore, our principal, H.S.E.C.(Holtgreven Scale Electronics Corporation) the owner of Loadmaster Scale Mfg. has been in this business for almost sixty three (63) years and a member of SMA (Scale Manufacturers Association) of the entire United States of America from 1965 up to present. They have passed and acquired the ISO9001 and NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) certifications for National Conference on Weights and Measurements, USA.

Some of our clients

  1. International Container Terminal Services Inc.
  2. Manila North Harbor Port (MNH)
  3. JG Summit Petrochemical Corp.
  4. Universal Robina Corp.
  5. General Milling Corp.
  6. Steel Asia Mfg. Corp.
  7. San Miguel Foods
  8. Gardenia Bakeries Phils. Inc.
  9. Zest-O Corporation
  10. Food Sphere, Inc. (CDO)
  11. Ramcar Tech / Motolite
  12. Honda Cars, Phils.
  13. Samsung Electro Mechanic Phils. Corp.
  14. Readycon Trading And Construction
  15. Solid Cement Corporation
  16. Taiyo Nippon Sanso Phils. Inc. (Ingasco)
  17. Phil Span Asia Carrier (Sulpicio Lines)
  18. Emperador Distillers Of The Far East
  19. United Pulp And Paper Corporation
  20. Frabelle (Papua New Guinea) Ltd.



Industrial Scales

Terriniel Truck Scales are high quality, commercial truck scales that can be customized to meet your business needs. We manufacture Above Ground, Above Ground w/ Side Safety Rails, Portable, Pit-Type, Mechanical truck scales as well as Low Profile Axle Scales and Wheel Weighers.


Weight Indicators

Full line of GSE digital indicators including the GSE-460, GSE-560 and Rinstrum R323, and more.



Full line of high quality load cells used in most LOADMASTER scales. Load cells models include S-Type, Compression, single ended shear beams, double ended shear beams.


Scale Components

Loadcell Assemblies


Traffic Lights


Microframe 265 Scoreboards


Summation and Section Boards




Full line of extremely reliable and reasonably priced impact printers, ups, etc.


TSI Weighing System

TSI Weighing System Software can help you utilize and manage your scale operation with controllable user access and secure database.


View product details



Installation & Construction

Foundation Construction

Our crew has experience installing literally hundreds of foundation. Full pits, above ground foundation with ramps, truck scales, railroad scales and industrial scale pits inside factories. They've done it all and it shows in the final product.

Scale Installation

Experienced crew will do a professional job installing your new LOADMASTER truckscale. Fully equipped to do the job right. It will also be finished on time.

Structural Steel Repairs

With a few measurement, we can fabricate a brand new replacement weighbridge at our fabrication to shop in Paranaque, or in a lot of cases we can save your time and money by performing on site repairs:

Concrete Deck Repairs

We can apply an epoxy based repair patch to scalded and chipping deck. Do it before losing the structural integrity of the concrete deck. Extend the life, minimize downtime and save money!

Cleaning and Greasing

Even the full load cell systems have moving parts that wear and effect the accuracy of your scale. Extend the life of your system, improve the reliability and increase accuracy. It all adds up to saving your money!


Scale Services

Heavy Duty Test Trucks

Prompt and professional services can be provided from our main office in Paranaque. Multiple heavy duty test trucks which gross out at 6000KGS and carry 3 to 4 TONS of certified test weights. Each truck is equipped with a weight cart which enables us to run section tests using the entire 37000Lb.

Prompt and Reliable Calibrations

Our service technician have been trained using procedures as defined by OIML and with operational manual.

Immediate Emergency Repairs

Regardless of what day or time you call, you will always be connected directly to a person that will help get a technician dispatched to your site.


Contact Us

Terriniel Scales Incorporated

Address: 8356 Dr. A. Santos Ave., Bf, Paranaque City, Philippines, 1700

Phone: 825-1336 | 820-3162 | 478-8151 | 800-1503 | 800-1504

E-mail: terriniel_scales@yahoo.com

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