Out of the necessity to find the ideal roofing, Techno-Trade Resources was established in August of 1988. Its goal is to produce the ultimate roofing that can withstand the harsh elements of time.

After years of intensive research and products testing, searching worldwide to look for the best machinery and finest raw materials, Techno-Trade was confident that they found a solution to achieve their goal. METALPLAS was born - Roofing that can never rust and will not become brittle after a long period of time.

From then, Techno-Trade diversified to produce other products such as PE-TECH high density polyethylene pipes, COR-TECH flexible electrical conduit pipes, SANI-TECH and PVC-TECH sanitary pipes. Its application can be for agricultural, industrial, commercial or residential uses.

Being one of the most modern plastic factories in Asia, located in a vast area in the heart of Davao City, Techno-Trade utilizes state of the art plastic processing equipment from the best plastic machinery manufacturer. Its raw materials are imported only from famous plastic raw materials producers to ensure that our customers obtain the best plastic construction material in the market today.

It has offices in Manila, Cebu and Davao to cater to the needs of its customers all over the Philippines.



Metallic Plastic Roofing

METALPLAS is the only thermoplastic roofing sheet manufactured in the Philippines using top-of-the line German-made machines and imploring German technology, being the foremost authority on the manufacture of plastic products in the world. It is the only Philippine-made plastic roofing sheet which is being exported and accepted abroad.

METALPLAS is very suitable for industrial, commercial, agriculture and residential buildings.

METALPLAS has a very high resistance against corrosive elements and will never rust. It has very high thermal insulating properties making it unnecessary for roof insulation for most applications. It is non-flammable and can be supplied in made-to-order lengths subject to shipping limitations.



High Density Polyethylene Pipes

PE-TECH HDPE Pipes are used for high-pressure potable water, agricultural and industrial applications. These pipes are manufactured using the most modern pipe manufacturing technology utilizing German-made machinery and adapting German technology. These equipment, from the extruders to the winders utilizes the most modern microprocessor controls to ensure that these pipes conform with the highest quality standards.

PE-Tech pipes are manufactured using vacuum-sizing technique as it is the latest, most versatile, most uniform and proven method in the world. This production method is supplemented with the high efficiency output rate of our machines having one of the fastest production lines in the world.

PE-Tech pipes is licensed by the Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) under the modified Quality Product Standards mark (Q Mark) and is DAO-1 compliant certified and is accredited by the Local Water Utilities Administration ( LWUA ).




uPVC In-House / Main Distribution Pipes

BLUE-TECH Pipes is tough uPVC In-House / Main Distribution water pipe. It conforms with the standard set and exceeds the bursting pressure requirement. This pipe is manufactured under strict product quality control and testing. It is designed to withstand excessive pressure variance and material strain during installation and on actual usage thus assuring a safe and uncontaminated transmission of potable water from source to distribution points.


uPVC In-House Potable Water Pipes Specifications

uPVC Main Distribution Pipes Specifications


uPVC Sanitary Pipes

PVC-TECH Pipes is the ideal piping material for low cost drain. Waste disposal system. It can be used for above and underground Sanitary piping system with high flow capacity.




Superior Quality Sanitary Pipes

SANI-TECH Pipes are very high impact, low cost sanitary pipes designed for household and industrial sanitary applications and downspouts. It is available in 2, 3 and 4 inches diameter. It will soon be available in thick wall series. It differs from the common sanitary pipes found in the market because of its high-impact properties. This prevents cracking, chipping and breaking during shipment and handling thereby minimizing costs for damages. This goes for the actual handling during delivery and installation.



Flexible Electrical Conduits

COR-TECH corrugated flexible uPVC electrical conduit pipe is the most ideal pipe for electrical wire protection for homes, commercial buildings to factories.

COR-TECH is made of the best virgin materials sourced from the western world and manufactured using the most advanced German technology complying with the production methods of the international IEC 614 standards.

Presents problem of consumers who purchased ordinarily corrugated pipes using inferior material & technology faces the risk of pipe failures which is not a feature of COR-TECH.

COR-TECH electrical conduits are guaranteed against defects which the unsuspecting buying public will encounter when inferior conduit pipes are bought as these will readily split or break into little pieces by the slightest actions of being dropped, bender or installed.



uPVC Electrical Pipes

CONDU-TECH Pipes is best for electrical application wherein electrical wires & power cables are protected. It is non flammable and are safe for exposed piping and conduit application. It also possess high insulation properties thus making it suitable for the prevention of short-circuit and grounding.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is MetalPlas?

MetalPlas is a thermoplastic roofing sheet which is designed with the strength of metal yet made out 100% virgin plastic raw materials.

Will MetalPlas become brittle?

MetalPlas sheets are designed not to become brittle even when exposed to the harshest elements such as UV rays and acid rain. Advanced weathering tests show that MetalPlas has no evidence of material stress even for a period of more than 20 years.

Are MetalPlas sheets flammable?

MetalPlas is the only thermoplastic roofing sheet made in the Philippines which has a class "A" fire classification rating. Meaning, it is self-extinguishing and is non-flammable.

Is MetalPlas complicated to install?

No, You can install MetalPlas sheets using common fasteners available such as tekscrews, umbrella nail, wire fastener etc.

Are the quality of PE-Tech HDPE pipes guaranteed?

Yes, PE-Tech pipes are certified with the BPS Quality mark. These are the only HDPE pipes manufactured outside of Metro Manila who is a holder of this quality mark.

What are the applications of PE-Tech HDPE pipes?

PE-Tech HDPE are used primarily for high pressure potable water transmission and also for irrigation, waste water disposal, telecommunications and as general water system distribution application.

How do you join PE-Tech HDPE pipes?

PE-Tech HDPE pipes are joined by means of compression-type coupling for small sizes and either by Butt-Fusion or flanges for bigger sizes. Techno-Trade Resources (Davao), Inc. has the technical capacity and correct equipment to undertake the fusion pipe-joining process.

What is the difference between the Orange and the Gray colored Cor-Tech flexible conduit pipe?

The orange colored Cor-Tech flexible pipe is used for in-wall and above-ceiling applications having a compression rating of 320 newtons. The gray colored is designed for concrete embedment having a compression rating of 750 newtons.


Contact Us

Davao City Headquarters

Address: Techno-Trade Corporate Center, 164 R. Castillo St., Agdao, Davao City 8000, Philippines

Phone: (+63 82) 234-1651 | (+63 82) 234-1652 | (+63 82) 234-1653 | (+63 82) 233-1601 | (+63 82) 321-5374

Fax: (+63 82) 233-1602 | (+63 82) 234-1651 Local 123

E-mail: sales@ttri.ph

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Manila Branch

Address: Unit 1502 Jollibee Center Cond., San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center

Phone: (+63 2) 636-0970 | (+63 2) 919-6601

Fax: (+63 2) 638-1460

E-mail: manila@ttri.ph

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Cebu Branch

Address: S. Jayme St., Paknaan, Mandaue City

Phone: (+63 32) 236-2182 | (+63 32) 328-0199

Fax: (+63 32) 236-2180

E-mail: cebu@ttri.ph

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