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Sourcefit is a leading offshore outsourcing company in the Philippines. We help you lower costs and improve efficiency by seamlessly integrating remote staff in the Philippines with your local operations.

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Sourcefit is an American-managed outsourcing company in the Philippines with state-of-the-art production offices located in Manila. We help companies large and small to lower costs and increase productivity by providing process consulting and highly skilled, highly motivated remote staff who can match the performance of onshore staff at a fraction of the cost. But our mission goes beyond staffing and productivity. We are committed to working closely with you to establish a long-term strategy that will turn your offshore initiative into real, enduring value for your business.


At Sourcefit there is never any obligation until you’re comfortable you’ve found the perfect fit for your business needs. You supply the vision and we can handle the rest: recruiting and pre–screening of candidates; providing all necessary office support, equipment and infrastructure; and all HR management. We can also offer a variety of levels of operational and project management depending on your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation and find out how our services can help you grow your business.


Recent technology advances such as VOIP and low–cost videoconferencing have made working with remote staff easier and more cost effective than ever. Jobs that once needed to be handled locally can now be assigned to staff located anywhere in the world.

The Philippines provides an ideal business process outsourcing destination because of its cultural affinity with the West, the strong English language skills of Philippine staff, and its solid political, business and technical infrastructure; not to mention its low costs. These factors have led to the rapid expansion of the Philippine BPO industry and a corresponding rise in the number of BPO companies and other firms providing various forms of offshore staffing. Once the decision to outsource has been made it is vital to undertake due diligence and speak at length with potential offshoring partners in order to find the perfect fit.

Outsourcing offers a host of benefits to companies of all sizes but may not be right for all businesses. Let us help you assess whether outsourcing is right for your company.


You select your staff and manage their work. We handle the rest:

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About Us

Sourcefit is a Business Process Outsourcing company based in Manila, Philippines focused on providing Custom Offshore Staffing Solutions.

Sourcefit was founded in November 2006 for the purpose of undertaking development of mobile-phone related applications. As its capacity grew in 2007, the company was approached by a Fortune 500 telecom industry partner to provide process consulting and content moderation services on an outsourced basis. In 2008, Sourcefit again expanded and began offering services to industries beyond the telecom sector.

We currently offer BPO services to wide range of companies in the IT, Direct Marketing, Banking, Hospitality, Retail, Telecom and Advertising industries and we occupy offices in the the CyberOne Building in the Eastwood Cyberpark in greater Manila.

Sourcefit was founded by Andy Schachtel, an American entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in outsourcing both on the client side and as a provider. Sourcefit is growing steadily but adheres strictly to a policy of close, personal service for each of our clients. Above all, we endeavor to make sure each of our clients feels they can command our undivided attention as we provide them with a customized solution that not only fits their business needs, but also delivers maximum process optimization.

We aim to be the premier choice for offshore staffing solutions for small and medium businesses worldwide.





This is our most common form of offshore resource building. Under this structure, we discuss your business goals and together come up with a specific recruiting profile for the staff you want to hire. We then recruit and pre-screen candidates and present them to you for final interviews. Through all of the above there is no obligation on your part until you have found the perfect candidates for your team. After you have selected your staff, we sign an agreement and then bring the staff aboard. We handle all of their HR, office and infrastructure needs, while you manage their workflow. We also offer varying degrees of project management depending on your needs. Our goal is to enable them to function just as seamlessly as local employees in your own office.

Pricing is calculated using a simple formula that includes the employee’s raw salary plus taxes, benefits, infrastructure and a management fee. Billing is transparent and easy to understand.

Offshore staff leasing is a powerful outsourcing option because it provides a simple template for integrating an offshore team into your existing business without the need to give up much management control. Staff leasing can be used to build teams from one person to several hundred.


Ideal for ongoing projects or permanent staff where there is a need for optimal cost reduction or access to a supplemental pool of talent.


Easy to set up with no risk or up-front costs. Predictable, low-cost structure. Staff management by Sourcefit allows for focus on core business.


Virtually any type of office-based process can be outsourced with staff in the Philippines, from customer service and lead generation; to all forms of design and creative services; to online marketing, data processing, IT support, application development, medical billing, legal support and many more. Please view our specializations on the home page.

Getting Started

Provide a detailed description of the type of staff you would like to hire and your goals for integrating them with your existing processes and we will work with you to create an outsourcing plan that will ensure your success. There are no set-up fees or start-up costs and no long-term commitments so getting started is risk free.




This model employs a pricing structure based an a flat project fee to produce something like a website or animation, normally based on detailed specifications communicated and agreed before the project starts; or pricing based on an hourly fee that can be estimated and fixed up front or billed on a rolling basis for services such as online marketing or data entry; or rolling pricing based on a fixed fee for output such as data entry units or processed images.


This is convenient for projects of a set scope or duration or where revenue is directly linked to the discreet products produced.


Fixed and predictable costs. Costs linked to product output.


Websites, web applications, online marketing, SEM, PPC, content marketing, graphic design, photo retouching and data processing.

Getting Started

Provide a detailed project or process description to Sourcefit along with your goals and we will deliver a detailed project estimate to which we will faithfully adhere.




For clients who need to own their own businesses for asset development or compliance reasons, we can help you to form your own corporate entity and then manage that entity to whatever specifications you may require, from simple set-up to full management. This allows you to mitigate risk and take advantage of our expertise, contacts and infrastructure to jumpstart your operation. You can then transition to autonomous operations or continue to engage Sourcefit to support your operations on an ongoing basis. We do not have any rigid structure for our services but rather we will present options based on your unique goals and requirements. In addition to options on transitional or permanent management, there are also several types of corporate structures available including joint ventures or stand-alone entities.


Optimal for companies that need to own their offshore entity for strategic, fiscal or compliance purposes but at the same time would like to limit risk and initial capital investment.


Log the operation as a corporate asset. More control but managed risk.


Companies with long-term international strategies. Virtually any process can be operated within this framework.

Getting Started

First we will conduct mutual due diligence and then work closely to assess all of your requirements so that we can devise an optimal plan and you can make the best decisions for your business. We will then begin the legal process of incorporation while also assessing process integration requirements, recruitment specifications, IT set up and all other operational concerns.



Sourcefit has created a new program for smaller businesses that don’t require a full-time staffer in any one specialization, but rather need a suite of services on an on-going basis, such as online marketing, graphic design, and data entry. Small Business Packs are customizable service packages that deliver an entire team of specialists for one low monthly fee.

With Small Business Packs, small business owners can now have a dedicated staff of highly trained professionals working to grow their business for a price that fits within any budget.

Each of your team members will be assigned to your account on a continuing basis so they get to know you and your business. Our aim is for you to feel they are a seamless extension of your home office.

Sample Packs

Small Marketing Pack

Small Support Pack

Small Business Packs can be configured to meet any requirement and any budget. Please contact us to find out how easy it is to get started.



Below is a list of some of our specializations. If you dont’t see what you need, we can also recruit for other resources upon request. If you don’t require a full time worker,there are also part-time options available for most categories.






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Sourcefit Philippines Inc.

Address: 21st Floor, CyberOne Bldg., Eastwood Cyberpark, 1110 Bagumbayan, Quezon City


International Inquiries: +1 808 377 4547

Philippines: +63 2 470 2484

UK/Europe: +44 203 318 9847

Australia: +61 863 652 831


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