SMC Manpower Agency Philippines Company, is duly authorized and licensed by POEA under license no. POEA-007-LB-011415-R to recruit, hire and process manpower for its accredited foreign principals.

SMC recognizes the global need for employment and believes its first and foremost responsibility is to provide our clients with world-class, personalized service and to provide Filipinos the opportunity to work overseas. Boast of its faster and more convenient access to various government agencies, ensures our smoother facilitation of business transaction with efficient services to our clients from around the world. We are specialized firm and your best counterpart in the Philippines providing you with professionals, medical staff, highly skilled, unskilled workers, entertainers and even highly educated domestic helpers to different country. Providing counsel and assistance in labor relations overseas and local recruitment.


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SMC have the best sets of applicants from different regional offices within the Philippines. With the help of our partner outsourcing provider Workabroad.PH, we will make sure to provide you right person for the right job, right employment for the right man!


Here at SMC, we implement strict screening, assessment and rigid testing of candidates for employment overseas. These procedures are being done through initial interview gearing towards deeper insight or knowledge of candidates’ competency.


We provide our valued clients representative with all the needed assistance in choosing their final and best candidates strictly and efficiently. SMC my also do the final procedures of screening and selection when needed in client’s behalf and guarantee their competence.


We schedule Trainings and trade test examinations depending on the demands of category of job needed or demanded by the Client / Principal Employer in partnership with Several training/trade test centers accredited by TESDA to ensure that the qualifications and competence of the worker is being met.


All selected applicants are required to undergo medical examination upon after rigid selection to ensure that candidates are fit for the job required by the client/Foreign Principal. Medical examination is being done in cooperation with our affiliate Medical Centers accredited with DOH and other Health Ministries abroad


We strictly monitor and process the required documentation of selected candidates from Passports, employment contracts, tax exemptions, visa stamp, clearances and other related documentation processes.


All selected candidates for deployment are require to undergo intensive orientation required to better prepare the candidates intellectually and emotionally against demands required by their job. Hence, this is to give them basic information about their country of destination, Company/Employer, terms and conditions, and other information that applicant’s needs


Our team handles the booking and flight confirmation and provides airport assistance sending the workers with full documentations during the departure process required by the client on the point of destination.


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SMC Manpower Agency

Address: Unit 1 Eden Townhomes, 2001 Eden st. corner Pedro Gil St., Sta. Ana, Manila, Philippines

Phone: +63 02 588 0622 | +63 02 561 0405

Mobile: +63 995 591 4078 | +63 939 342 7381

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