In 1990, after several years of working as a Supervisor in the Middle East, Orlando P. Simbulan, had his first stint in sales when he joined a company owned by his Brother-in-law. In span of two years, he learned the art of selling industrial supplies and became the company’s top salesman. He concentrated in Laguna area and eventually was able to put up his own house there.

In 1988, Mr. Simbulan, his Brother-in-law and three (3), other associates formed a corporation, which dealt in the distribution of Preventive Maintenance Chemicals. He still catered to the factories in Laguna, this time with additional product line to offer.

Not long after, in 1991, the corporation was dissolved. Mr. Simbulan, encouraged by the success he enjoyed in sales and gained the assurance of the unwavering loyalty of customers which he himself established and nurtured through the years, and made him decide to put up his own business – SANVIL INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY.

For Mr. Simbulan, managing a business was not an easy job on it’s primary year. He acted as salesman, deliveryman, collector and manager at the same time, while his wife acted as his secretary and disbursing officer ably assited him, until it grows and was capable of hiring employees.

On it’s succeeding years, Sanvil Industrial Supply became more progressive and able to compete with their competitors. With all the support of employees, the production department, office staff and the aspiring and dedicated sales agents, the company’s goal to expand and provide customer’s satisfaction was achieve through good quality of the product and rendering quality services.



Metal Fabrication


Rubber Fabrication


Precision Machining


Maintenance Work & Services


Other Industrial Supplies



  1. Machining Jobs
    • Threading
    • Key Waying
    • Refacing
    • Boring / Reboring
  2. Welding Jobs
    • Steel Welding
    • Plastic Welding
    • Aluminum Welding
    • Bronze Welding
    • Copper Welding
  3. Repair Jobs
  4. Recapping, Regrinding of Rubber Roller
  5. Resharpening of Blade
  6. Crimping of Hose
  7. Hydraulic Pressing
  8. Case Hardening
  9. Construction / Repair of Piping
  10. Design and Construction on Conveyor


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Sanvil Industrial Supply

Address: No. 78 B San Antonio Village, Paciano Rizal, Calamba City, Laguna

Phone: (049) 531-4807 | (049) 531-2798 | (049) 531-2946 | (049) 531-0228


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Sanvil Industrial Supply



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