1. About Us

SAFEGEAR INDUSTRIAL SALES LTD. CO. has been duly registered in the Philippines since August 17, 2005. Over the years of doing business, we have slowly built trusted relationships with both local and international suppliers, enabling us to continuously provide a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety products to Filipinos all over the country. Today, we are an authorized reseller of various safety gear from reputable brands that adhere to worldwide safety standards.


Our Products

Safety Footwear

Industrial Gloves

Masks and Respirators

Head Protection

Sight Protection

Hearing Protection

Face Protection

Body Protection

Welding Protection

Fall Protection


Safety Products & Devices

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Safegear Industrial Sales Ltd. Co.

1. About Us / Our Products

2. Safety Footwear

3. Industrial Gloves

4. Masks and Respirators

5. Head Protection

6. Sight Protection

7. Hearing Protection

8. Face Protection

9. Body Protection

10. Welding Protection

11. Fall Protection

12. Lockout/Tagout

13. Safety Products & Devices

14. Contact Us