PacificTech Solutions Inc. was established in 2006 by Danish engineers with a desire to create competitive consulting engineering and architecture services which could serve both local and international customers.

The company was established in the Philippines, a country known for its highly skilled engineers who are used to working internationally and who, in addition to their technical skills, also have the linguistic abilities, which are essential for effective communications and cooperation.

We are now nearly 100 dedicated employees and a part of the Artelia Group with close to 6,000 employees based in around 30 countries spread across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.




Building & Industry

At PTS, we provide a full cycle of services to cater to flexible and comprehensive solutions in various stages of building and industrial projects. Our services include detailed design (2D and 3D), procurement, construction and survey management, testing and commissioning and staff secondment. Our multidisciplinary team delivers world-class solutions to various industries such as food, manufacturing, transport, heavy, oil and gas and metals.



Over the years, PTS gained a wide network of clients and partners, both local and international. We had experienced working with globally renowned companies; actively participating in building their factories for efficient production and distribution.

One of these ”giants” that we worked with is a Norwegian company, the Jotun Group. Jotun is a chemicals company dealing mainly in decorative, marine &0 protective paints and performance & powder coatings with more than 9,500 employees and with 30+ production facilities.

In 2014, Jotun commissioned PTS to provide comprehensive consulting engineering services for the design and build of their new manufacturing facility located in the province of Batangas.

PTS delivered a chain of services from detailed engineering design (DED), model generation, contract and financial management, construction management, to testing and commissioning. The facility has an area of 67,149 sqm. We initiated value engineering works which aimed to lower construction cost while maintaining performance, reliability, quality and safety.

This project was completed and was handed over to Jotun in 2017.

Eau de Coco

Tropical areas in Asia and Latin America have traditionally been the primary sources of copra and oil prepared from coconuts. Typically, coconut water has been only a beverage among local people or an acquired taste for tourists. Today, this sweet and nutty drink has made its way into the taste of the world market.

Big players in the beverage industry have seen the potential and made investments in the wonderful and delicious drink. With the health enthusiasts lashing out at sugary drinks, it’s no surprise that softdrink distributors like Coca-Cola and Pepsi have also acquired their own lines of coconut water drinks – a shrewd venture that has extended the product to a much bigger market.

However, cocunut water has generally been cast aside or, at least, considered a backyard industry for sidewalk vendors due to its inherent perishability and short shelf life.

Eau de Coco (EDC) was established to cater to the growing international demand for coconut water and EDC decided to build its manufacturing facility in the Philippines due to the rich resources present locally. The Philippines now produces over 15 billion coconuts per year which makes the country a perfect venue for building EDC’s processing plant.

PTS was commissioned by EDC to carry out a feasibility study, followed by the preliminary and detailed engineering design of the coconut water processing plant to be located in the Southern Tagalog mainland. We also provided model generation, equipment and material procurement, project management and construction supervision services.


Major food and beverage manufacturing companies have demanding requirements for their mass production facilities, especially the needs for efficient operation whilst maintaining strict hygienic and safety demands.

It is, therefore, truly rewarding to have designed Nestlé’s new ready-to-drink (RTD) manufacturing facility in the province of Batangas. This was made possible through Beca Philippines when they contracted us back in 2016 to carry out the detailed engineering design (DED) of the project.

This facility has a floor area of approximately 21,700 sqm for which PTS has provided not just design services but also permits application assistance.

The project was completed and delivered in 2018.

During the same year, we were also commissioned for the DED of Nestlé’s dry mix powder manufacturing plant located in Batangas.


Sonion is an electronics manufacturing company with more than 5,000 employees working from sites in Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands, USA, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. They develop and manufacture hearing aids, in-ear earphones and hearables/wearables.

In 2011, PTS was commissioned by Sonion to prepare the conceptual, preliminary and detailed architectural/ engineering design for their new manufacturing facility in the province of Batangas. The design as developed has a floor area of approximately 11,500 sqm.

The services provided by PTS for this project also included construction supervision, contract management and document preparation/assistance for approval by the Philippine Authorities.

PTS is proud to have been part of such a project; one that will lead to the betterment of lifestyle for our fellow men with hearing difficulties.

The project was completed and handed-over to Sonion in 2013.


From its inception as the inventor of cellulosic casings to partner in the present complex international processed meat trade, Viskase has remained the industry’s leading provider of casing and packaging of food products for 90 years. Viskase manages a global sales and distribution network that reaches virtually all nations of the globe and employs over 2,000 personnel.

PTS was contracted by Viskase and took on the role of Owner’s Representative for design and build ofthe latter’s new manufacturing facility located northwest of Manila, in the province of Pampanga. The project was completed in 18 months, from conceptualization to commissioning. The 8,000 sqm building was constructed on a land area of approximately 40,000 sqm and was designed to use a portal frame steel structure with Plaswalls.

The technology behind the production process is very advanced and highly confidential, and since the factory is producing perishable consumable products, it requires constant humidity and temperature control in combination with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration to achieve the highest level of food hygiene standards. Both walls and ceilings are insulated to improve the overall energy efficiency. The facility contains a laboratory and office areas that are architecturally appealing.

Other services that PTS provided in this project were project management, environmental & unexploded ordnance (UXO) investigations, contract management, procurement services and documentation.



By trusting PTS as your outsourcing provider, your business can enjoy benefits such as reduced operating costs, increased technical support, and a lot more, without compromising the quality of the designs.



For the past ten years, PTS and Atkins have been continuously working with one another over a series of projects. This relationship began in 2007 when Atkins contracted PTS for a gas rig rendering project in the North Sea for one of the largest oil and gas company in the Nordics – Maersk Oil. PTS played an important role in the development of 3D models and the rendering of said gas rig as the basis for carrying out analysis and visualization of various structural configurations of a new type of production gas rig. Piping layouts, isometrics and instrumentation diagrams were also prepared by PTS including drafting tasks. From there on, Atkins has always considered PTS as one of its partners in bringing structures which benefit the global market.

PTS continued to be part of Atkins team. This time, the role was to generate a common documentation system for Maersk Oil operation in the British sector of the North Sea.

PTS was then involved in another gas rig project of Maersk Oil in the Harald West Field. This project was the conversion of the production gas rig from high to low pressure operation for which Atkins tasked PTS to prepare object databases, structural drawings, generation of material take-offs and design of platform structures. Two resident engineers from PTS were seconded to Atkins Danmark’s field office in Esbjerg for this purpose.

Maersk Oil started two new platforms namely Ada 1 and Ada 2. Atkins and PTS worked together again on this project. PTS provided 3D animated videos for marketing purposes.

Furthermore, PTS was contracted again by Atkins for the Tyra East and West Flare Systems. The assignment included the deployment of one Senior 3D Designer to Aalborg, Denmark to carry out 3D modeling of structures. On the other hand, the 2D detailed drawings were done by the team in Manila.

PTS provided design support services for a project in the Tyra North Oil and Gas Field. Included here was the production of 3D model of structures and a piping system for certification purposes and conceptual engineering design.

With all these works successfully completed, PTS and Atkins developed a relationship that showcases both professionalism and excellence.


“The multifunctional industrial design is an ambitious vision of how a green energy plant can be combined with recreational areas that encourage adventure, play and movement (…) the plant exhibits a superb use of steel – both as visible material and as optimised structural steel.”

Thus wrote the judging committee when Amager Bakke was awarded an Award of Merit by the European Convention for Constructional Steelworks in 2017. This is the second time the engineering aspects of the project have been awarded. In 2015, the construction project also won the Tekla Global BIM Award for the use of digital tools.

The challenges of the spectacular construction are certainly not hard to spot. PacificTech Solutions has been designing industrial plants including large steel structures for numerous years, culminating with the involvement in this prestigious project in Denmark. However, this is the first time we have helped to create a ski slope. The roof slopes in all directions to make it perfect for skiing. The city park is also designed to accommodate up to 1,500 people. Therefore, the roof requires equal parts of flexibility and robustness. The extensive experience in steel design and detailing of PacificTech Solutions Senior Tekla Designer Erwin Espiritu was utilized to achieve delivery of this project.

In addition to the famous ski slopes, space has been provided for a viewing platform, activity trails, a street kitchen and an 85-metre climbing wall on the side of the building.

New North Zealand Hospital

Who says prestige couldn’t be inexpensive? At PTS, quality is not compromised by the price of the services we provide.

MOE A/S, as one of our biggest clients, attested that at PTS, it is doable to produce high quality services at cost effective rates.

MOE A/S is the 5th largest engineering consultancy in Denmark and we have been continuously working with their teams since 2012. One of the projects was the New Hospital North Zealand or as we call it, ”NHN”.

NHN was carefully planned to serve more than 310,000 people in Hillerød, Denmark. PTS was part of this project from preliminary roads and utilities design to final pathways, parking areas and drainage networks.

PTS participated with more than 4,000 man hours on this prestigious project. It included among other tasks, development design, BIM modelling, drafting, utilities, clashes resolution and bill of quantities preparation.

Drawing on many years of experience, the Outsourcing Business Line is extremely proud of this project delivery; representing a great achievement in the civil engineering outsourcing process.

PAAET Educational Complex

It is not a secret that education is a human need and not just an accessory to flaunt. Countries treat education differently. The Government of Kuwait has set solid emphasis on education. Their 1962 Constitution which stipulates that education is guaranteed and promoted by the State itself mirrors the conviction that education is a fundamental right of all citizens. Therefore, their education policy tries to give chance to all children, irrespective of their social status including children with special needs. In acknowledgement of the effort Kuwait made in this field, the UNDP in its 2018 report ranked Kuwait 56th on the Human Development Index.

The improvement of the Kuwaiti educational system might be attributed, to a great extent, to the riches that oil assets have brought to the nation and this complements the pragmatic policy of the government to give international standard education to all endeavoring Kuwaitis.

In line with this aspiration, the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training or PAAET was established in 1982. This institution for vocational and technical training has two objectives: to provide and develop skills of the national labor force to meet the demands of a developing country and the other is to provide training to students to have career beyond the oil industry.

In 2015, SSH was awarded the contract for the design and construction supervision of the technology, business, healthcare and education complex located in the Jahra Governorate by the PAAET. The project covers a built up area of 230,000 sqm consisting of four educational clusters and administration buildings.

In 2017, SSH commissioned PTS to provide consultancy engineering services for this project particularly the preliminary mechanical and electrical modelling.

The campus was tagged to be the landmark along the western route to Kuwait City with high standard facilities and will reduce travel time for the increasing number of students in nearby areas.

PTS is pleasured to be part of this salient educational project which contributes to the social development of Kuwait.


Power & Energy

Southeast Asia and the rest of the world are now gearing towards switching to the use of renewable energy. Based on its experience in conventional thermal power generation, PTS’ engineering approach focuses on environment friendly power generation in water to wire, wind power, and waste to energy concepts. PTS provides project full-life-cycle services from prefeasibility, bankable feasibility studies, detailed engineering design to construction, contract and operations management.


Bangui Bay Wind Farm

The development of Bangui Bay Wind Farm is like hitting two birds with one stone: getting the benefits of both sustainable energy and a booming tourism industry.

This project had unexpectedly brought an influx of tourists coming from different parts of the Philippines, giving a boost to the tourism industry in the region and livelihood to the local people of Ilocos Norte. The development of said project put Ilocos Norte province in the Top 10 Tourist Destinations in the country and the number of tourists coming has been increasing ever since.

Of course, the project has successfully served its purpose to supply a generous amount of electricity in the area. Divided into three phases, the Bangui Bay Wind Farm consists a total of 26 wind turbines capable of producing electricity up to a maximum total generating capacity of 41 MW. The “Windmills” supply more than 40% of Ilocos Norte’s electricity through its connection to the Luzon Grid.

Dubbed as ”clean and green”, it is a turning point that kicked off the initiative of the government for energy projects accross the nation to cut down the dependency on prevailing generating systems using imported fossil fuels. This project helped in minimizing the cost of electricity consumption in favor of the customers within the Ilocos region.

PTS was contracted by Northwind Power Development Corporation (NPDC) for consultancy services as Owner’s Representative during the third phase of the project. We performed a number of tasks including the design of infrastructure which included roads and hardstands – to facilitate the installation of additional six wind turbines. Project management, construction management, and contract & finance management were also done.

It is of great pleasure for PTS to be a part of this milestone in the renewable energy sector in the Philippines.

Combo 3 Hydropower

For decades, many Filipino families living in remote areas have endured dark nights with just a little light from candles. However, even remote communities deserve access and entitlement to an electricity supply. With this in mind, PTS is keen to contribute to development of water sources into sustainable energy.

Our client, Kiangan Mini Hydro Corporation, is engaged in renewable energy projects in developing countries such as the Philippines and aims to generate electrical power from the countries’ hydro resources. In line with this, they contracted PTS in partnership with two other companies namely Enerhighlands and FRENDCO, to carry out four phases (site studies, preliminary engineering design, detailed engineering design, and optimization & recommendation) of a mini hydropower development project named ”Combo 3 Hydropower Development Project in Asin, Hungduan and Ibulao, Ifugao”.

PTS began to work on this project in 2016 and is currently at the third phase. We are pleased to play a role in sustainable development in the Power and Energy Sector and we look forward to lighting up more communities in the future.

Dupinga Mini Hydropower

It is beyond doubt that energy needs are increasing over time; not just in the Philippines but all throughout the world. On the other hand, Earth’s fossil energy resources are depleting fast enough to cause energy shortages in various places. These are compound issues which require skill from experienced specialists and multidisciplinary comprehensive solutions. These are some of the reasons why it is a necessity to look for alternative energy sources.

Dupinga Mini Hydropower Plant will surely contribute in finding a solution to such energy shortage problem. In addition, it is proven that hydropower plants produce a number of side benefits such as flood control, irrigation and water supply. As hydropower is fueled by water, it is a clean fuel source, meaning it cannot pollute the air as can power plants that burn fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas. Hydroelectric power is a domestic source of energy, allowing each region or province to produce their own energy without being reliant on international fuel sources.

PTS’ engineers provided complete and complex solutions for the development of the Dupinga Mini Hydropower Plant. We explored all technical and commercial options in favor of realizing the project and on that background, has been appointed the Owner’s Engineer in its realization.

The project started in 2013 and is still ongoing at the moment. PTS performed numerous services for this project including the revalidation & evaluation of original hydrology study for Dupinga River, evaluation of the conceptual design, value engineering, detailed engineering design (DED), tender preparation & evaluation of construction, construction supervision, schedule & finance management of contractor’s works, supply & installation contracts, and testing & commissioning.

Sta. Rita Gas Turbine

Power can be generated in many ways and in different methods and techniques e.g. hydro, wind, coal, thermal, nuclear, machinery, etc.

Here in PTS, we engage in not just one power generation method, we work over and across various power production techniques.

In 2015, Stellar Energy Technologies contracted PTS to provide structural engineering assessment for San Lorenzo and Santa Rita Gas Turbine Power Plants located in Batangas City. The project was in preparation for the upgrade of the cooling system for six gas turbines installed to increase power generation capacity.

PTS delivered a chain of services including document review, verification of data against actual installations, elaboration of the structural model and testing of reactions on the foundations against drawings.

The San Lorenzo Power Plant played a critical role in establishing the Philippine natural gas industry. It is a beneficiary of the country’s first natural gas production facility, in Palawan (developed by Shell).


Water & Sanitation

Safe access to water is critical. From provision of clean water to compliance for wastewater effluents, PTS provides consulting and engineering services in order to protect, process and restore this critical resource. We provide services to cater to the entire project life cycle from pre-design studies through design up to execution management.


China Waste Water

With water shortages afflicting the world, water scarcity has turned out to be one of the biggest dangers facing society today, making it one of the focal points of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Therefore, countries have started to develop new projects and technologies to alleviate its impacts on the world. Such projects and technologies include rain harvesting, water location transfers, desalination and wastewater treatment. In contrast to the rest, wastewater treatment presents a sustainable short and longterm solution to water scarcity.

In 2016, EnviroSolutions & Consulting, Pte. Ltd. (ESC) contracted PTS to provide consulting engineering services for an existing wastewater collection and treatment system for Coilcraft, Inc. In Meixian, China.

PTS provided solutions to cross contamination issues during flooding at the company’s production facility including overflowed water treatment plant, discharged water index out of specification for Ph level, biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, etc.

We carried out site assessment and investigation services including reporting. The report contained details of the findings on the current system and of the assessment and verification activities plus recommendations for the future of the wastewater collection and treatment system.

This project ensured the continuous operation of said plant to continue treatment of wastewater.

Singapore Bio-Diesel Plant

Disposal of industrial liquid waste has the potential for a catastrophic impact on the environment if appropriate measures are not put in place to protect water bodies upon which the natural food chain depends.

EnviroSolutions & Consulting (ESC) is dedicated to providing solutions to environmental problems including waste disposal and greenhouse gas emissions. ESC has offices located in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hongkong.

In 2017, ESC commissioned PTS to provide consultancy engineering services for a bio-diesel plant in Singapore. This project was intended to evaluate options for an industrial effluent treatment system in order to meet off-site treatment parameter requirements.

Services provided by PTS included the update of the basis of design (BOD) incorporating further laboratory analysis and the preparation of a pre-feasibility study to evaluate options.

This project showcased a responsible industry action, aiming to contribute to sustainable development by recycling treated wastewater within the production process. PTS is pleased to be part of such a project; one that may contribute to saving the environment.

Veolia Water Technologies

Veolia Water Technologies is a company dealing with optimizing resource management. It is part of Veolia Group with nearly 169,000 employees worldwide. The Group designs and provides water, waste and energy management solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries. Veolia helps to develop access to resources, preserve available resources and to replenish them.

PTS and Veolia have a long established history together dating back to 2008. We have worked together on projects over the years ranging from wastewater treatment plant engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) partnerships to various consulting engineering works for water treatment plants.

One of the notable projects with Veolia was provision of preliminary and detailed engineering design services for Masbate ActiSoft Line, a water softening plant that is now delivering 5,000 m3 per day.

The Water & Sanitation Business Line is particularly pleased with the successful completion of this project, celebrating once more the collaboration with our long term customer utilizing the ActiFlo® Unit, a product of Veolia Innovation.


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