PowerAsia Equipment Resources Inc. is a member of the Monark Group of Companies. Primarily established to serve the market's requirements outside of the Caterpillar Business, PowerAsia has been a distributor of FG Wilson generators since 1999.

Monark Group of Companies

PowerAsia offers an expert team of generator specialists, from sales engineers to highly trained service personnel ensuring you receive a product that fulfils all of your power needs and the support you need when and where you need it.

As an Exclusive and Master Distributor of FG Wilson, PowerAsia is dedicated to serve total customer satisfaction and after sales service quality. Being a small company with less than a hundred employees is not a hindrance to achieving the team's yearly target goal. Multi-tasking teammates with hardworking attitudes, dedication and teamwork make it possible for the company to maintain its stand on the struggling market.

Whether you need power for domestic or industrial applications, prime or standby power, we will meet your needs with an FG Wilson generator.

Based in Metro Manila, we offer whole lifecycle support for FG Wilson generators, from specification and installation to genuine parts and service. Serving the entire Philippine territory, we provide quality FG Wilson generators backed by expert advice and support. Marketing arms are strategically located all over the key cities of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.




FG Wilson Perkins powered diesel generators from 13 - 938 kVA, enclosures and control panels, whatever your power needs, we will fulfil them.

Small Range

Our Small Product Range of generator set models is available from 6.8 – 220 kVA. Offering a wide selection of prime and standby models at both 50 and 60 Hz for all applications. Powered by either an EU Stage IIIa Emissions compliant engine for emissions regulated territories or a fuel optimised engine for less stringent global markets.

Medium Range

Our Medium Product Range of generator set models is available from 249 –750 kVA. Offering a wide selection of prime and standby models at both 50 and 60 Hz for all applications. Powered by either an EU Stage IIIa Emissions compliant engine for emissions regulated territories or a fuel optimised engine for less stringent global markets.

Large Range

Our Large Product Range of generator set models is available from 730 - 2500 kVA. These generator sets are proven in the field and trusted to provide reliable power for critical applications including: mini power stations, data centres, large factories, airports, hospitals and large retail stores etc.





PowerAsia weatherproof sound attenuated enclosures are a result of continuing research and development by our engineers. These enclosures reduce sound levels to a maximum of 85 dB within a 1 meter radius. This complies with the Stage 2 levels of Directive 2000/14/EC of The European Parliament concerning noise emissions by equipment.

The enclosures incorporate internally mounted exhaust silencers and are of extremely rugged construction in order to withstand the rough handling common on many construction sites. They are designed on modular principles with many interchangeable components permitting on-site repair.



Genuine Parts Maximize generator performance and efficiency. FG Wilson Genuine Parts have been developed to fit and complement the other component parts of your generator set.

FG Wilson Genuine Parts... The Benefits

Using FG Wilson Genuine Parts reduces the risk of generating set damage that can result from the use of non-genuine parts, such as...

Over 16,000 different replacement parts for Perkins engines under the FG Wilson PRIME brand. 700 line items of fast moving genuine spare parts in our inventory to serve our post sales functions.



We provide whole life cycle support for FG Wilson generators beyond installation and commissioning.

1. Load Bank Testing for Preventive Maintenance

Performing annual load bank testing improves and extends the generator's engine life. The test helps in ensuring the reliable operation of your generator during power failure. It is a test for the integrity of your generator after years of being in service. Load bank testing allows the engine to reach full operating temperature and ‘unclogs’ the accumulation of any un-burnt fuel. The result is a unit that runs cleaner and more efficiently. During the load bank test, PowerAsia examines essential engine factors such as; engine temperature, engine combustion, fuel pressure, etc.

Load bank testing is also performed for newly purchased generators. It is used to verify kVA and kW ratings.

2. Onsite Service Support

Fully equipped Mobile Service engineers

Our team of highly skilled Mobile Service engineers are fully equipped to provide onsite service and support should your generator set encounter problems.

Fast, efficient, expert assistance ensure you experience minimum downtime, and minimum downtime to your operations.

3. Service Contracts and Preventive Maintenance

Let us take care of it

We provide a range of service contracts to support your generator set installation. With regular service visits, we will ensure your prime generator set continues to perform to its optimum level, and your standby generator set is always ready when you need it.

4. Product Training

Sharing our generator expertise

As an FG Wilson Dealer, our staff have access to and receive extensive technical and product training.

5. Rewinding Shop

Rewinding without de-rating capacity

In Power Asia, we have assigned a group of experienced Electrical Engineers and created a rewinding shop dedicated for the repair, rewinding and reconditioning of genset alternators.

Preventive maintenance is done by regularly inspecting and testing the alternator with the use of special tools like Megger Tester for Winding Insulation Resistance and SurgeTester for the Winding Physical Condition. We use a steam washer and chemicals to clean the windings from dust, dirt, and stubborn grease. We repair and rewind alternator windings – Main Stator, Main Rotor, Field Exciter and RotorExciter – back to its original kW rating.

Supported by FG Wilson's Presales, Parts and Service Helpdesks; we offer information and support to our customers when they need it.

Our experienced service engineers are trained to carryout service and maintenance on FG Wilson diesel and gas generators. Equipped with service vehicles, our engineers provide 24/7 onsite service support.

PowerAsia offers a range of service contracts, tailored to your needs.

We offer full warranty on all FG Wilson generators and parts sold.

In addition, we offer product training to generator set users. Our qualified training team conducts training at our premises or onsite.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I overload a generator?

Generator sets should not be overloaded once running, but are designed to take an overload condition for a very short time during start up of the set. If a set is running for long periods of time with an overload condition (that is a rating above the maximum rating of the set) various things may occur.

These include such things as:

What are the standard components on an FG Wilson generator set?

All generators are made up of a number of different parts. The following are the main components which are standard on all FG Wilson machines:

Optional features can also be ordered for inclusion on an FG Wilson generating set to easily customize the product to meet the customer's individual requirements. Please contact a PowerAsia Account Manager to determine if any additional features are needed for your premises.

How long will a generator run on a tank of fuel?

The amount of time that a generator will run on a tank of fuel depends on the size of the tank, the amount of time in which the generator is in use and the load that the generator has to fulfill. All FG Wilson sets are designed to run for eight hours at their full rated load.

How do I know what size of generator set to purchase for my premises?

The size of generator set required will depend on a number of individual factors. To ensure that your generator set is correctly sized you should contact one of our Account Managers. Our engineers are experts at determining your kVA or wattage rating for all the equipment and appliances on your premises that would be required by the generator. This will then enable them to provide you with details of the exact size and type of generator that is most suitable for your needs.

What type of generator set do I need?

Powerasia supplies generator sets to provide prime power, standby power and rental power. We carry units as small as 13 kVA that are ideal for domestic and small retail properties up to sets as large as 938 kVA that can provide power for medium sized buildings and even feed back into national electricity supply grids. FG Wilson generators can be started either manually or automatically and can be provided as open sets, canopied sets and containerized sets. There is also the option to have the generator mounted on a trailer if it needs to be transportable.

The type of generator that you need will vary depending on what it is required to power, where it will be installed and whether it is needed to run continuously or only when there is a power outage. To establish what type of generator is most suitable for you, please contact us and we will be able to size and quote for your requirements.

Can I wire a generator set into my home's electrical system?

Generators can be wired into your home's electrical system with a transfer switch, however, this needs to be installed by qualified electricians. It is unsafe for you to attempt to wire such a system independently.

How does a generator set work with the mains electricity supply?

Constant mains electricity is supplied into premises via electrical cabling. When this mains electricity is disrupted due to power failures, a signal is sent from the transfer switch to the generating set which then starts up and sends generated electricity back into the premises. When the mains supply is restored the transfer switch blocks the power from the generating set and reverts back to the main supply.

How long can a standby generator be continuously operated?

FG Wilson generators are designed to last for long periods of time and function in heavy duty operations. However, it is important that the set is inspected regularly between each use, before restarting to check such things as fuel and oil levels and any signs of abnormalities. Our sets can run continuously when the amount of load is lowered.

Why do I need a generator set?

There are three general reasons why home owners and businesses choose to purchase generator sets:

Why should I buy an FG Wilson generator?

If you buy an FG Wilson generator, we can assure you of a reliable source of power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

FG Wilson generating sets are built to the highest standards and all go through rigorous testing before being released to the market place. FG Wilson offer more than 30 models and build more than 80,000 units per year. Our close ties with FG Wilson, ensures that generators can be designed and manufactured to meet individual customer requirements not covered by our standard ranges.

What do I need to know when installing a generator set?

The following all need to be considered when you are thinking of installing a generator set:

What is a transfer switch?

Powerasia currently supplies two types - manual and automatic. A transfer switch is a panel that is wired into the premises electrical distribution system to allow a generator to be used. It prevents the generator from back feeding into the mains power supply which could cause serious injury to line workers trying to restore utility power supplies.

Will a generator be noisy?

All generators produce some amount of noise from the exhaust, the engine and the airflow. FG Wilson generators are designed to provide maximum noise control and are all noise level tested during production to ensure they meet relevant legislation. Our generators can be supplied with Sound and Super Sound Attenuated canopies that help to absorb excess noise. Standard PowerAsia sound proof canopies have a maximum of 83 to 85 Db rating at 1 meter. A Supersound proof canopy can be as quiet as 70 to 74 Db rating at 1 meter.

Can enclosures be built around generator sets?

Powerasia supplies both open sets and canopied sets - if your generator is being installed outdoors we would recommend that you buy a canopied set. This means that you would not need to build an enclosure around it. Generator sets require an air supply that can circulate to cool such components as the engine. There needs to be a continuous circulation of air when the generator is functioning and this may be unlikely in a home built enclosure. Powerasia canopied sets include proper air cooling systems with louvers that let air circulate around the various components. Poorly designed enclosures can lead to excessive air recirculation or that dust or moisture from rain is drawn into the enclosure causing premature failure(s).

Can a generator set be used during adverse weather conditions?

FG Wilson generator sets are designed to function in hostile environments and during extreme weather conditions. To extend the life of a generator and to prevent such things as shorting and rusting, if possible they should be protected from the elements as much as possible.

When and how do I service and maintain my generator set?

The frequency and type of service required to maintain an FG Wilson generator set will depend on a number of things including the usage of the generator, the environment that it operates in and the percentage load that it carries. Ensuring that a full service is carried out regularly is the responsibility of you as the owner. You will need to carry out frequent visual inspections every two to three months to check that things are functioning - please contact us for any faults or repairs that you note.

A full service including a change of such things as filters and lubricating oil should be carried out every twelve months or 400 running hours (which ever occurs soonest). Most failures to start-up are the result of the set not having been regularly tested. We recommend that you check your generator once a week.

What is the warranty cover on generator sets?

All FG Wilson generator sets for standby use are supplied with a two year Warranty (limited to 500 hours of usage per annum from date of start up). If you have purchased a generator for Prime use, warranty coverage is for 1 full year, unlimited hours.

Where can I get parts for my generator set?

If you buy or own an FG Wilson generator set you will be able to purchase any spare parts you require by contacting our parts division. We carry a wide range of parts for our generator sets and should be able to provide you with any items you need.

What is the RPM value?

RPM stands for Revolutions Per Minute and refers to the number of times that an engine rotates each minute. A generator with a RPM of 3000 therefore runs at twice the speed of a generator with a RPM of 1500. When a generator has a four pole alternator and a frequency of 50 Hz, 1500 RPM is the usual speed and when there is a frequency of 60 Hz, 1800 RPM is the usual speed.

What happens if I underload a generator?

All engines are designed to operate under varying load, ranging from the maximum down to the minimum. Problems occur when light loading (min load) is sustained for long periods of time resulting in the engine not getting up to its normal temperature. Oil in the cylinder that is normally burnt is heated and a lacquer is formed on the cylinder liner. This lacquer will eventually start to leak from your genset. If the light loading continues, visible blue smoke will appear and the engine will require service work to deglaze the liner or replace it.

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