We provide dedicated remote staff and offshore staffing services. We specialise in providing staff of the highest quality who will continue to exceed your expectations ongoing. We spare no expense to ensure your remote staff are comfortable and able to perform their work effectively and efficiently. Our spacious open plan offices are supported by advanced network infrastructure, fast internet, follow best IT practices, and your staff are provided with the best technology and equipment. Our support team organises monthly events and bonding experiences to ensure staff wellness and happiness and to assist with our high staff retention rate.


Support team

The Outsourced Support Team consists of Operations and Client Services, Payroll and Finance, IT Management, Recruitment, Human Resource Management, Legal and Office Administration.


The Support Team are there to ensure your staff are working efficiently and delivering to your performance expectations and our ISO certified quality standards.

Staff retention

Outsourced is committed to providing you with exceptional staff of the highest quality and to ensuring they stay for the long term. As well as providing staff with a fantastic working environment, equitable salaries and health cards (among other incentives) we also organise regular team events to ensure they are happy and feel rewarded for their hard work.


Employee happiness, retention and productivity increases when we prioritise mental health and well being by mixing work and play.

Pay it forward

The Outsourced “Pay it Forward” program aims to “Share, Equip and Inspire” the community through various charity outreach activities. The company and employees donate time and resources to those less fortunate. The Outsourced Outreach program has included widening the library of Bagumbayan Elementary School and giving Christmas hampers to the children. The program has also provided equipment and activities at Tahanang Walang Hagdan, a rehabilitation and workshop centre with the aim of uplifting the lives of orthopedically handicapped people.


ISO certified

Outsourced has demonstrated that it meets the international regulatory quality requirements and applies the Quality Management systems effectively to be of real benefit to our clients. By ensuring compliance with these standards, Outsourced has regular process audits and management review meetings along with other requirements regarding customer satisfaction surveys, staff trainings, supplier evaluations and staff assessments.


The key benefit to our clients is we have an established management system that follows international standards so we can exceed customer expectations through high quality processes.

Some of our clients


How it works

With outsourced you can scale your organisation quickly, easily and cost effectively with dedicated remote staff.

  1. You provide us with a job description
  2. We recruit talented professionals
  3. Your dedicated staff report to you daily
  4. We manage the office operations

Full time dedicated staff

With Outsourced you can scale your organisation quickly, easily and cost effectively with dedicated remote staff. Your full time offshore staff report directly to you every business day from our offices in Manila.

They work during your business hours and are effectively an extension of your local team (just located remotely). You have direct access to your staff (phone/skype/email) and you define the standards by which they work and the systems and processes they should follow.

To get started our “offshore staff leasing” process is simple. You simply provide us with a job description and we either provide available staff from our existing talented team or we start the recruitment process based on your requirements.

“You have direct access to your staff”

We panel access, test the verify the quality of staff before placement with any client. We handle all the employment paperwork and provide all the best equipment and facilities. We provide ongoing HR and ensure staff retention and quality assurance.

All Outsourced staff work daily from our fully serviced offices in Manila surrounded by like-minded industry best professionals, so they all have an internal network of talent to speak with to ensure efficiency and quality on delivery.

Outsourced has become a hub of the most talented professionals in the country. You now have the exciting opportunity to hire them full time to work directly for your business.

Benefits of Outsourced Philippines

Outsourced Philippines delivers exceptional offshore staffing solutions such as outsourced it services and provides you with staff of the highest standards.

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Why the Philippines

Our goal is to create the leading Business Process Outsourcing BPO solutions company in the country by finding and placing exceptional staff that will stay with you for years to come and who will constantly exceed your expectations.

Philippines outsourcing – award winning

The Philippines was named three times as the `Offshoring Destination of the Year` by UK body National Outsourcing Association.

English speaking

English is a national language (3rd largest English-speaking nation in the world with 93% literacy rate). English is the primary language for business and education in the country.

Service oriented

The Filipino Service-oriented culture produces extremely polite employees with world-class customer service.

Western culture

The Philippines has a culture that is very compatible with Western society due largely to over 500 years of Spanish and American colonization. Over 80% of the population is Christian.

Hard worker

Filipino professionals are, by nature hard workers. They take great pride in their work and focus on quality assurance.

Time zone

The time difference between Australia and the Philippines is only 2-3 hours (dependant on daylight saving).

Proven success

Demand for Philippines outsourcing services is growing at over 30% per year (faster than India).

Cost saving

Salaries in the country are a fraction of those in the Western world, with the daily minimum wage set around $8 per day.


An advanced western university system. The Philippines graduates over 37,000 IT graduates annually from internationally recognised Universities.


Our staffing disciplines

Our Philippines offshore staffing services cover eight key sectors including; Information Technology (I.T), Contact Center, Professional Services, Creative, Administration, Marketing, Education and Finance.

Information technology (I.T)

Contact center

Professional services




Financial services



Contact Us


Address: Level 19 CyberOne Building, Eastwood City Cyberpark, Bagumbayan, Quezon City 1110, Metro Manila


(International) +61 (2) 8484 0400

(Australia) 1300 784 768

(USA) 415 347 8581

(UK) 208 077 0964

E-mail: contact@outsourced.ph

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