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They say it’s better to work eighty hours for yourself than forty hours for someone else. Entrepreneurs take pride in finding a solution to a specific problem and addressing them through their businesses. It’s a tiring but very rewarding job. It’s true having your own business is everybody’s dream.

However, big dreams come with even bigger responsibilities. Soon enough, a business owner will realize that there is so much more work to do than simply solving a problem.

The day to day work of running a small-medium business or even an enterprise is most definitely not for the weak. It involves inventory, accounting, purchasing, SKUs, dealing with different people, assessing their strengths and weaknesses, running their payroll, integrating all their tasks and executing them to your customers.

With all these processes, and you standing in front of it all – perplexed and let’s face it, exhausted, it’s no surprise that a lot of business owners end up closing shop, not because they aren’t making money, but sadly, because they can no longer keep up with demand.

Enter ONETool. We are a solutions provider that help automate, integrate and most importantly, implement these solutions for your business.

Using the Swiss-made E2E Technologies’ product, the E2E Bridge, we can help small to large companies scale faster so that their processes are more efficient and accurate.

Not only do we use the latest technology in integration and automated solutions, we also provide personal service to help you grow your business. Naturally, a robot is faster and more efficient than humans. But at ONETool, we combine the best technology with a personalized service that brings the best of both worlds.

Our team is composed of competent professionals whose passion is to change the traditional way of implementing integration and automation of systems and business processes from IT-driven to business-driven.

With the unique and accurate technique of fully model-based development, we create only the most flexible solutions that directly fulfill business requirements and give our clients a significantly quicker return of their investment.

Simply put, our business is committed to the success of your business.

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Our Story

It all started with a dream and a vision fueled by belief. In 2012, a group of friends who believed that they can make a difference for the IT Industry of the Philippines conceptualized their dream company while stuck in Manila traffic. While performing in their current jobs, they juggle the start-up of the company, from the painting of the 16 square meter office, to administration and business development until finally closing that first deal. Today, ONETool is still in the same building, but a newer and better workplace and delivered implementations and solutions benefiting not just the Philippines but at least 8 other countries in Asia.

ONETool is the exclusive solutions partner for the implementation of the Swiss-Made, fully model-driven Enterprise Integration Platform, the E2E Bridge. With this platform, we modernize the traditional way of systems integration and automation projects. Our unique and robust approach enables our clients to reduce the time-to-market of their business ideas for a significantly quicker return-on-investment.

We are composed of a passionate team willing to help your organization implement necessary automation simple and as rapidly as possible. Our core competency is the rapid and model-driven realization of business critical processes with solutions such as:

We create software solutions that help our customer improve their value proposition to their respective customers.

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ONETool Solutions Inc.

Address: 2276 Narra Building, Pasong Tamo Extension, Brgy Magallanes, Makati City 1231 Metro Manila

Phone: (632) 79 49 3058

E-mail: info@onetool.ph

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