Services offered:

Steel fabrication works
Engine rebuilding
Machining jobs
Welding jobs
Repair jobs


Sample Works

Boat propeller shafting and bushing machined


Steam pipe cap fabricated for Energy Development Corp.


Fishing net hauler repaired


Wheel mags convertion for tricycle


Boom truck repaired (telescopic section)


Asphalt pneumatic tire repaired


Crankshaft grinding


Buckets restored


Kawasaki Barako 175 cylinder head bearing conversion


Excavator restored


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Mindanao Sibulan Machine Shop

Address: Airport Highway, Bolocboloc, Sibulan, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

Phone: (035) 422 0512

Mobile: +63 927 655 1133


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Mindanao Sibulan Machine Shop

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