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In 1982

Mr. Alfredo M. Santos, founded the Milestone Industrial Sales (MIS) catering for preventive maintenance and
water treatment chemicals. MIS was in the market for about 10 years until the management decided to
transform the company into a corporation and go full time on water treatment line of business.

The decision was made after the company got the exclusive distributorship of all Chemitreat PVT. Ltd. of
Singapore products be represented here in the Philippines in 1992. The entire core engineering staff, including
Mr. Santos, was sent to Singapore for training water treatment, design and technical waste water treatment
products and services was growing at a remarkable proportion due to country's huge industrial growth.

In 1995

Milestone Industrial Sales (MIS) was phased out and replaced by Milestone Water Industries, Inc. (MWII).
Since then, MWII was part of our growing industry and become one of the most respected name in water
treatment companies in the Philippines.

In 2012

Milestone Environment & Industrial Management Corporation was born. Our goals and objectives are to create
a bigger and better organization to achieve the greater height of satisfaction of our dear clients and industry

Incorporators of MEIMC company yields to adapt and expand technological advancement which will contribute
greatly to the industry of water treatment and most especially to promote our advocacy on green living
environment by producing a sanitary and uncontaminated waste water and potable water; and to promote the
use of water recycling method to maximize water's natural purpose.


Our Services

  1. Design and construction of sewage and wastewater treatment plant, potable and process water treatment.
  2. Potable process water treatment plants
  3. Equipment and filters
  4. STP operation and maintenance


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Milestone Environment & Industrial Management Corporation

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