MicroSourcing specializes in setting up, hosting, and managing offshore operations in the Philippines on behalf of our clients from all over the world.

Outsourcing and Offshoring to the Philippines

MicroSourcing makes it easy and affordable for you to have your own dedicated team in the Philippines.

A better approach to outsourcing

Your own dedicated team in the Philippines. We provide the office space, the assets and all support services. You pick the people. We manage them together.

The benefits to your business

Get access to a huge highly skilled English-speaking labor pool. Reduce your costs. Increase your flexibility. Grow your business in a smart way.

Your BPO partner in the Philippines

Terrific international management team. ISO 9001 and 27001 certified. More than 4350 employees working for more than 221 clients. Terrific track record for nearly 10 years.

A land of opportunity

Rediscover the Philippines. The fastest growing economy in Asia. Millions of highly trained and English speaking professionals. World-class infrastructure.

MicroSourcing: Company Overview


How Offshore Staffing Works


Managed Operations in the Philippines



About Us

MicroSourcing has enabled foreign companies to start their own operations in the Philippines since its start of operations in 2006. Since then, we have grown into a highly mature and professional services company:

Our track record of success

Start of operations: 2006

Number of clients: 221

Number of employees: 4350

Offices: 7 offices in 6 locations in Manila and Cebu

Number of production seats: 3060

Office space: 16452 square meters

Certification: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013

MicroSourcing is a company owned by Salmat, the leading provider of customer engagement and marketing solutions in Australia and New Zealand.


Delivery Models

Offshore Staffing in the Philippines

Through our Offshore Staff Leasing services, you can establish your own team in the Philippines consisting of employees you selected and who work for you exclusively.

Our offshore staffing services enable you to establish your own team in the Philippines. You hand-pick the employees who will work for you exclusively and full-time from our offices in the Philippines. Your virtual staff in the Philippines are legally employed and managed by MicroSourcing but they will report to you. You can choose the level of direct control you want over your team. You can manage them directly through email, phone or Skype, or you can use your own dedicated on-site management team. You will also be provided with a MicroSourcing account manager for day-to-day coordination.

Virtual Captives

Establish your own offshore operation in the Philippines, fully operating from within MicroSourcing but still largely in your own control.

There are two main offshoring models: captive and offshore outsourcing. A captive is a wholly owned subsidiary established as an extension of the parent company in a new geography. In this model, the parent company retains maximum control. However, setting up a captive center takes a long time and requires large initial investments and long-term commitments. In the third party outsourcing model, a company contracts an external party to handle an entire business process end to end. The execution responsibility and most of the delivery risk are moved to a third party provider. However, this typically comes at higher costs and loss of operational control.

Joint Ventures

A Joint Venture with MicroSourcing is the perfect solution for companies that need to own their offshore operation but would still prefer to operate with a strong local partner.

For many companies, outsourcing to a third party provider may not be the best solution. There can be a number of reasons for this:

Our Virtual Captive service delivery model helps a great deal in solving problem #1 by enabling our clients to customize their offshore operation and enabling them to clearly set the modus operandi and control day-to-day operations. To solve problem #2, our client will actually need to own a corporate entity in the Philippines so that they can have their own employees and own assets and resources. They can do this by establishing their own wholly owned subsidiary or captive, but doing so requires a great deal of due diligence and large, long-term investments.

A joint venture with MicroSourcing is the perfect way to effectively address the challenges described above. The concept is simple: your company and MicroSourcing will start a joint venture in the Philippines which effectively creates a corporate entity in the Philippines that services your company exclusively and is largely in your ownership. Within the joint venture, your company can leverage all the local resources and expertise that MicroSourcing has built up to start operations swiftly and effectively, without any of the growing pains captives typically face. Joint ventures can be complicated deal structures and your company needs to decide that it wants to operate in the Philippines indefinitely. If your company wants to test the waters, you can still use our Project Outsourcing, Staff Leasing or Virtual Captive services first before you make a long-term commitment to a joint venture.


Our Offshore Staff Leasing and Virtual Captive services enable you to leverage MicroSourcing's existing capabilities and resources to set up an offshore operation in the Philippines. Both delivery models are a highly effective way of starting operations offshore without the due diligence, costs, and long-term commitments required to start your own Philippines-based corporation. Your end goal might still be to one day fully own and control the entire offshore operation. In those cases, MicroSourcing can offer a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) arrangement in which we will run through two main phases: MicroSourcing will build and operate your offshore operation for a certain period of time, after which we can transfer the entire operation to your own Philippines-based corporation.

Creative Outsourcing

MicroCreatives is a group of mixed-discipline designers, developers, animators, and writers who take on a wide variety of creative projects to meet your business goals. We work from creative concept to execution and can also bring to life your own ideas to produce the masterpiece you envision.

Every business is unique, so every solution is, too. It might be simple web design and development, the most intricate printed marketing collateral, an animated banner that catches attention, or words that speak about your brand and best represent you - we will always come up with something that's bursting with your personality.

Key Features


Outsourcing Disciplines

Our Service Delivery Models can be applied to a wide variety of disciplines and workflow processes. Throughout the years, we have decided to focus on disciplines that best suit the Filipino people and the Philippine business environment. We have divided these disciplines into five main segments we list below:

Knowledge Services


Medical Encoding

Filipino Medical Encoders or Clinical Abstractors can meet your healthcare needs.

Human Resources

HR & Recruitment

Many HR processes are IT-enabled and can effectively be conducted from anywhere in the world.

Finance & Accounting


Filipino accountants and bookkeepers are highly trained in international accounting standards.

Creative Services

Graphic Design

Web Design

Web Designers can design the look and feel of your website and create a functional template.

Graphic Design

Graphic Designers can design a wide variety of creative designs, layouts, and corporate identity materials.

Print and Prepress

Print design requires a specific knowledge of how publications are actually printed.

3D and Animation

Flash Animation

Flash is also a powerful tool for creating animations for cartoons, movies, and presentations.

3D Modeling

3D Modeling and design are rapidly growing fields in the Philippines.


Copywriting & Creative Writing

Creative writers can create a wide variety of written content for print or digital publications.

Proofing and Editing

Proofreaders can help check your content and edit it where necessary.

Business Support

Call Center Services

Customer Support

Filipino Customer Service Representatives are renowned worldwide for their terrific quality.


Telemarketers can help you sell your products or services through in- and outbound calls.

Data and Research

Data Entry

Data Processors can find and insert data using your exact research and insertion processes.

Data Processing

Data Processors can insert and manipulate data from any source using the methods that you require.

Administrative Support

Personal Assistance

Virtual Assistants can help by handling some of your administrative tasks from the Philippines.


Filipino transcriptionists can accurately transcribe any type of audio and/or scanned image file.


Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Specialists can increase the ranking of your website in popular search engines.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM Specialists can drive traffic to your website through a number of advertising programs.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketers can help you build and maintain a following on the popular social media sites

Moderation Services

Content Moderation

Moderators can help you check the content stream on your website or mobile application.

Game Moderation

Game Moderators ensure that players follow the rules and regulations of online games and communities.

Community Moderation

Community Moderators check the behavior of site members and user-generated content.

Information Support


Web Development

Web Developers can use a number of scripting languages and databases to create web applications.

Software Development

Software developers can create and amend software programs written in a variety of platforms.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Developers can create applications for a number of popular mobile platforms.

Game Development

Game Developers can create a wide array of games for different platforms.


Technical Support

Tech Support Engineers can monitor and troubleshoot your servers, network, and systems remotely.


Contact Us


Address: 6th Flr, 1880 Avenue Bldg., Eastwood City Cyberpark, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, 1110 Metro Manila, Philippines

You can use the following numbers to reach us:

Corporate Headquarters

Landline: +63 2 4371000

Toll-free from U.S./Canada: +1 866 643 0830

Toll-free from the Netherlands: +1 800 022 2803

Toll-free from the UK: +44 800 756 3742

Regional Offices

Sydney, Australia: 1800 250841

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