On the surface, MEGA Philippines, Inc. is a company that provides technical expertise and operational excellence in mining, energy and civil exploration services. Being one of the preferred names in the industry, MEGA’s name did not come without hard work.

The mantle of MEGA’s history is founded on the ideals of five technical experts with the common belief—earth is everything. They made a partnership under the name MEGA Philippines in 1987 and got the first contract of geophysical survey for the relocation of Palau’s International Airport in Micronesia. This partnership however, was dissolved in 1989 and under the name Mineral Exploration and Geo-Analysis Philippines, the company operated with no more than five employees and the leadership of one of its founders.

The company eventually went back to being MEGA Philippines in 1999.

In 2004, when the Philippine Government emphasized the potentials of mineral exploration, development and processing in the country—MEGA struck gold and the company developed rapidly in the years that came. MEGA gained exclusive contracts for some of the biggest projects in the country such as core drilling and civil exploration works with local and foreign mining companies to explore minerals and alternative underground water sources in different parts of the country.

What started out as only a handful of manpower became a rock solid organization with a team of professional engineers and managers at its forefront, and in order to streamline its operations, MEGA built an equipment yard in Mindanao. Having bagged its own Coal Operating Contract in 2013, MEGA Philippines Inc. envisions success using the expertise and experience it gained in two decades of operations as it embarks into another venture.




Core Drilling for Mineral Exploration

Our Company is equipped to undertake drilling works, either inland or offshore, utilizing drills of different types and capacities to suit every need from core drilling (triple tube samplers) for mining, and non-core drilling (augers, bucket and tri-cone type) for foundation, for civil engineering applications, and for groundwater probing.

Complementing our boring and sampling equipment are pumps of different capacities: high-pressure triplex-piston type for core drilling, and double acting dual piston type for foundation and ground-water applications. We have cutting bits and core samplers, such as triple tube core barrels of wire-line type from AQ up to PQ size diameters.

Furthermore, our subsurface exploration competence is supplemented by our state-of-the-art geophysical equipment capable of surface and borehole resistivity surveys and gamma ray borehole logging. Our borehole loggers are also equipped with borehole cameras for an in-situ visual assessment of lithologic formations intersected during the process of drilling. This methodology further enhances a project’s integrity and compliance with JORC and PMRC requirements.

Slope Stability

Where slope protection is a requirement for infrastructures that require deep excavations, we are equipped to undertake rock anchoring and soil nailing. We also do micro piling, and if required, we have drills, pumps and grout mixers to suit every requirement for this special undertaking.

Likewise, we have shotcrete machines for engineering applications and civil works, such as Slope Protection, either for soil nails or rock anchors or a combination of both.

Micro-pile Drilling

In Laying this underground foundation, bored piling technique is employed which is the excavation of earth through drilling, installation of rebar cages and pouring of cement which is turn serve as pile foundation of the structure.

Geotechnical Engineering Study

Surface and Subsurface Exploration are conducted in order to acquire information about the physical properties of soil and rock within a particular site. This is to aid in the design of proposed structures such as buildings and power plants.

Cement Grouting

Where grouting is required, be it consolidation, curtain or contact grouting for engineering application such as dams, we are fully equipped with powerful pumps capable of handling up to 600 kg./m³ that require high-pressure grout.

We have two fluid simultaneous feeding pumps equipped with a transmission mechanism capable of changing the feed of two fluid proportional feeding, as well as double-stage grout mixers and agitators.

Operating these equipment are highly trained, well-experienced engineers, technicians and crews.

Geophysical Logging

Downhole geophysical logging is the method of making geophysical measurements in drill holes and interpreting these measurements for evaluation of geological properties of the subsurface. MEGA provides contract logging services using slim hole borehole logging equipment for mining, geotechnical and water-well management surveys.

Seismic Survey

Seismic techniques use sound waves to determine the distribution of subsurface materials based on velocity contrast. The seismic velocities provide information that correlates well with rock hardness, density, lithology, faulting, and degree of weathering, which are all integral in engineering and environmental applications.

Geo-Resistivity Survey

Resistivity is a geophysical survey method that involves electrical measurements carried out on the ground surface to determine the depth and thickness of the underlying resistivity layers. This method helps to characterize the possible lithologies and materials on the project site.

Topographic Survey

Topographic survey is used to identify and map the contours of the ground and existing features on the surface of the earth or slightly above or below the earth’s surface. Bathymetric/Marine Survey measures the physical features of a water body and provides a detailed map of the seafloor topography.

MEGA has survey-grade GPS equipment and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) equipment such as the Real Time Kinematics (RTK) as well as Total Station surveying equipment for traditional land and topographic surveys. We also have an Echo-sounding equipment ideal for marine topographic survey applications.

Water Resources

As a direct result of our experience in drilling and exploration works, we have developed the capability to drill large-diameter deep wells. Correlated with our familiarity and experience with the geological formation that is prevalent in most parts of the country, we can provide the needed technical advice on the economic feasibility of deep wells, the optimum size and depth that would suit specific sites.



RX 502



Air Compressor VF13-7



Diamant Boart 450 & 850

Hitachi VH045-5

Isuzu Giga Truck

Isuzu Sobida Truck

Risen PZ-9 Shotcrete

ABEM Terraloc Pro

ABEM Terrameter LS


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