Established in 1965 as an Electrical Contractor, MC Engineering, Inc. has evolved into one of the leading M & E Contractors in the Philppines with diverse Electro-Mechnical installations of Substations, Transmission Lines, Industrial Plants, Airports, Office Fit-outs, Data Centers, Hospitals, Hotels, Educational Institutions. It is supported in its endeavors by its own metal fabrication plant that manufactures Low Voltage Switchgears, Panel Boards, Wireways, Cable Trays, Air ducts, Kitchen Exhaust Ducts, Round Ducts, etc.




HVAC Services include fabrication and installation of Air Ducts, Chilled Water Piping, Refrigernant Piping, Installation of DX & VRF System.


Electrical Services include installation of Electrical Power System and Auxilary Systems such as FDAS, PA/BGM, CCTV, CATV, etc.

Fire Protection

Fire Protection Services include installations of Sprinkler Systems, Pre-Action System, Supply of Fire Extinguishers.


Completed Projects (partial list)


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MC Engineering, Inc.

Address: 98 Sgt. Catolos St., Cubao, Quezon City 1109

Phone: +632 570 2040 | +632 570 2042 | +632 570 2054 | +632 415 3521 | +632 415 5192

Fax: +632 570 2047


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MC Engineering, Inc.



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