Manpower Outsourcing Services Inc. (ManpowerGroup Philippines) was locally organized in May 2000 as a wholly owned subsidiary of ManpowerGroup® (NYSE: MAN) – a world leader in innovative workforce solutions for the past seventy years.

ManpowerGroup is the only company in its industry to be included in the Ethisphere Institute’s list of the Most Ethical Companies for nine consecutive years since 2010. Dow Jones certifies its sustainability and Fortune has consistently awarded it as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies. With a global brand to protect, ManpowerGroup employees are committed to delivering high-quality work that is tempered with the kind of ethics and sensitivity that enhances our clients’ image.

With over 2,700 offices in more than 80 countries and territories, ManpowerGroup Philippines offers its clients the benefit of having one of the largest professional candidate networks in the world.

Closely supporting the business operations of local and multinational companies in the Philippines, ManpowerGroup has developed the essential tasks of staffing, training, outsourcing, and consultancy into systematic fields of discipline.

The largest multinational clients, by reason of their long-standing relationships with ManpowerGroup, have built mutual trust and made the lines of communication between global leaders clear and direct. For seven decades, these global partnerships with ManpowerGroup have created efficiencies, employment best practices and at the same time improved the lives of countless millions.

Like any of its global counterparts, our corporation shares the responsibility of not only complying with local labor laws but more importantly by protecting the basic interests of both its employees and its clients.

ManpowerGroup Philippines exceeds the prescribed capitalization requirements. Depending on any given circumstance, our company has the global resources to invest in the projects that its clients seek to complete.

Aware of the legal limitations to improve our clients’ business, we have invested heavily in information technology-enabled services. In particular, we have built teams of consultants and professionals who have the capability to provide services related to Business Process Outsourcing; Legal Process Outsourcing; IT Infrastructure Outsourcing; Application Development; Hardware and Software Support; Medical Transcription; Animation Services and Back Office Operations.

ManpowerGroup Philippines constantly trains a dedicated team of specialists who control and supervise our employees deployed in over one hundred local and multinational companies. These specialists, who are subjected to periodic training sessions, directly manage day-to-day operations.

Our main areas of expertise consist of Information Technology enabled services, Finance & Accounting, HR, Sales, and Marketing.

In view of the changing landscape in the conduct of workforce solutions, we also have a group of full-time in-house counsels who can put you at ease with any issue regarding labor law and compliance.

Customizing a workforce that can navigate your business into higher levels of success – at ManpowerGroup Philippines, this is what we do better.



What do we provide?

Best practices

We operate to best practice standards which are delivered in all of our global operations through a network of experts in our family of companies.

Professional consultants

ManpowerGroup consultants are experts in the delivery of employment services. Their role is to provide you with insight into the changing world of work, as well as advice on how best to approach the challenges you face.

Work product experts

For all our projects, we appoint work product experts to the ManpowerGroup account management team. Drawing from a wealth of experience, these experts are responsible for measuring performance and productivity.

A better understanding of you

Key to enabling you to win in the world of work is our understanding of you, your company and your business. This forms the foundation of our future relationship and helps us plan the activities and resources we need to deliver the desired results.

Understanding the work

We will work with you to build an in-depth assessment of the work that needs to be done and for us to agree to the people and skills required to complete it.

A result-oriented outcome

We will determine the desired result based on the best and most efficient work processes.

Skill and competency

In addition to the skills and experience profile, we may employ our unique profiling system, Career Harmony, to determine basic competencies, cognitive skills, work styles, and personalities for a thorough process in selecting candidates. Hiring for skills is no longer enough since real performance comes from a much broader match.

Talent Sourcing

Each project is different and therefore, each sourcing campaign is specific to the outsourced project. When we know that certain skill sets are in regular demand, we constantly invest in maintaining a database of talent in that area. This means that in many cases we are able to supply quickly. However, we will always confirm the sourcing methods to be used and the timeline for commencing work within one day of briefing on a project. An employee sourcing campaign can include the following steps:

Database Search

Employing our customized processes and search tools, we complete a thorough database search for each project.


If required, we will run print advertising designed to attract appropriate associates. ManpowerGroup Philippines will also place details of your position on our Web Page as well as leading recruitment web portals.

Networking and Referrals

Our database of industry contacts, candidates and associates is utilized to network details of specific vacancies and gather referrals of suitable candidates. In addition, we are active in a wide range of professional groups, universities, colleges and associations.

Client and internal referrals

Our exclusive clients provide us with the profiles and contact details of any internal referrals they may have for the position. These candidates who perform non-core business functions to the clients, are screened, interviewed and assessed using the same process as all other candidates.


A ManpowerGroup interview is more probing. The interview is structured to cover the key hiring competencies, skills, experience and a wide range of matching criteria such as culture, management style and work environment.

Skill Assessments

Aspiring candidates will be assessed on the skills relevant to the project. Your ManpowerGroup consultant will submit the work-related assessments prior to commencing the projects.

Reference Checking

Verbal reference checking is an essential part of the screening process and enables the consultant to verify facts given by candidates as well as confirm past performance. All employees will be subjected to a reference check prior to their commencement date.


Manpower understands the importance of maintaining an efficient communication system between the client and our supervising consultants. We measure our performance on our ability to have our employees complete any given project within the agreed timeline.

Performance Management

Manpower will constantly monitor the performance of our employees.

Training advantages from experts

From our wealth of experience, we have devised and conducted thousands of training modules that can benefit both our employees and the companies they are assigned to complete a project.

At no additional cost, depending on the need of our resources, we can avail of additional training through PowerYou, ManpowerGroup’s unique online global training and development platform

ManpowerGroup consultants and recruiters undergo constant certification trainings through PowerYou in order for them to stay current on what is most needed in their respective fields of discipline. For more information on the courses available, please visit our web site:

Protecting rights of our employees

We ensure that our employees are entitled to the following basic rights: 1. Security of tenure; 2. Safe and healthy working conditions; 3. Salaries and government mandated benefits such as Service Incentive Leave, overtime pay, holiday pay, 13th month pay and separation pay; 4. Rest days and 5. Social security benefits;

All legally mandated benefits form part of our total contract costs.

Human Resources Administration

We provide our employees with full employment contracts, orientation briefing, timesheets, and employee handbook.

Tax Reporting and required statistics

ManpowerGroup Philippines manages all aspects of tax reporting and government reports for our employees.


The fees we charge are based on the amount for the total contract cost or the total manpower cost for the entire project or service agreement.

In accordance with the latest directives from the Department of Labor and Employment, such fees will include the costs of all government mandated benefits.

Since ManpowerGroup Philippines is a separate and distinct corporate entity, it is free to determine the total contract cost for every project it undertakes.


Manpower considers all information received to be confidential and we would use it only on your instructions to help in the recruitment process.


Job Seekers

Everyday, thousands of people turn to Manpower to find a new job, get a better opportunity. This time, it's your turn to achieve more than you've imagined. As a global leader in the employment services industry, we offer a range of outstanding work choices--customer service, clerical and administration, technical, engineering, finance and operations, human resources, information technology, sales and marketing.

Manpower does not collect any placement fees from candidates.

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Phone: (632) 737 0123

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