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1. About Us

Over 20 years experience in electrical equipment design and fabrication.


Fabricating high-quality electrical products using state-of-the-art technology CNC machineries.

Our engineers with the use of precision machineries were able to produce high-quality switch gears and panel boards with the following innovative features:


Custom Design

We offer customization according to your specification at no extra cost.

Our electrical engineers work in close proximity to incorporate all the systems necessary for any given solution. Our electrical engineers use Autodesk’s well-known and powerful AutoCAD drawing tool to carefully lay-out electrical schematics and ensure both safety for personnel and efficiency for systems.

Our electrical systems are composed of products from market leaders in all areas, including ABB and Himel.



We provide the most cost-effective and manageable solution to guarantee overall performance, safety and reliability.

Elements of a good preventive maintenance program should include the following:


Some of our products

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