LightStrong is an Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) block that is manufactured in Cebu, Philippines. It is an industrially produced lightweight building material made from all-natural fine ingredients. It is a homogenous concrete solid block and weighs approximately one-third of the weight of conventional concrete. LightStrong is a cost-effective wall system as experienced and validated by the users from both public and private sectors.

It contributes greatly to the reduction of the construction duration as installation of LightStrong blocks is faster than conventional concrete wall systems. Furthermore, it reduces cost of foundation and other structural members due to its lightweight property. Buildings constructed with LightStrong Blocks are safe as its wall has a fire rating of more than four (4) hours and is earthquake resilient. Its excellent thermal efficiency also reduces energy cost. Plus, this product is eco-friendly, too!

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Made using all-natural fine ingredients, these eco-friendly and lightweight homogenous concrete blocks are molded and cut into precisely dimensioned units and then cured at high pressure and temperature in an autoclave.

No Steel Bars

Structures that are constructed using LightStrong blocks require less to no steel bars at all due to its low density. You get a durable wall system but with less construction cost

No Plastering

Because LightStrong blocks come in precisely cut units and smooth surface area, you don’t need much rendering for your finishing touches.

1st and only AAC Supplier in the Philippines

LightStrong is the pioneering brand for AAC blocks in the Philippines. Its highly-equipped plant located in Minglanilla, Cebu is also the only AAC manufacturing plant in the country. You don’t need to spend more on shipment costs. We bring these construction solutions closer to you.

Solid wall

Unlike common hollow blocks, LightStrong blocks don’t have molded core holes. You don’t need additional mortar to fill in hollow parts; therefore, less costs. Walls that are constructed using LightStrong AAC also have good sound insulation that is ideal for residential and institutional projects and excellent thermal insulation property that contributes to less humidity.

How to Install LightStrong AAC Blocks

Faced with tight deadlines? With LightStrong AAC Blocks, installation is a breeze. Here’s a step-by-step guide through the process to give you an idea!



Why choose LightStrong?

Developers & Contractors

Tight deadlines, manpower shortage, and budget constraints can take a toll on the movers and shakers of the real estate and construction industries. We are here to help you find solutions. With cost savings, easy and fast installation and handling, and reduced man-hours, LightStrong’s durable and reliable products help you be one step ahead of the pack.


Achieve that winning design for your clients! LightStrong lets you have wide creative design options with its high level of workability and precise and smooth dimensions. There are tons of possibilities with this highly adaptive and highly flexible construction material.


There are lots of critical elements to consider when building a home—even after moving in. With LightStrong, you get durable, economical, and architecturally versatile materials for a structurally safe and fire resistant abode. Long-term maintenance is also not a problem.


Hollow Blocks vs. LightStrong Block


Frequently Asked Questions

We at LightStrong continuously aim to help you with your construction needs. We’re so eager to provide you with all these advantages that it might be a lot to take in. And so, we answered some of the most asked questions about LightStrong blocks to aid you in your decision-making.

What is LightStrong block (LSB)?

Generally known as Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), LSB is a lightweight building material that can be used for interior and exterior construction for both load-bearing and non-load bearing walls.

It is made of all-natural fine ingredients such as sand and/or fly ash, quicklime, cement, gypsum, aerating agent, and water. It is molded and cut into precisely dimensioned units and cured in an autoclave at high pressure and temperature.

What are the advantages is LSB?

LSB is a versatile, excellent type of building block compared to other concrete materials due to following advantages:

Why is LSB ideal in wall construction?

What are the cost saving benefits of using LSB?

Savings starts from the beginning of the construction to completion and extends even when the structure using LSB is inhabited.

What types of structures are LSB used?

LSB can be widely used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, such as hotels, retail, hospitals, residential, factory/warehouse, schools and even perimeter fences/firewall.

How durable is LSB?

Although approximately 80% of the block is air, LSB’s bearing strength can go up to 1,160 PSI (half of that of normal concrete). Because it’s lightweight, it would put less load on the foundation. This then reduces the impact of an earthquake on the structure. Unlike the heterogeneous common hollow blocks which are made of a mixture of cement, sand, gravel, and water, LSBs are single-phase building materials so they are much more compact. Therefore, it resists cracks or breakage.

How is LSB a “green” building material?

From its production up to the actual usage and disposal, LSBs produce around 30% less solid waste compared to your regular alternatives. Since these precisely-cut blocks fit so well together, you don’t need to do that much on-site cutting, therefore minimizing waste. Greenhouse gas emissions during production are also significantly lower. Aside from that, LSBs also utilize industrial wastes such as fly ash as a main raw material.

These advantages of the LSB may qualify for certain LEED points which can be considered for certification.

Do we need special storage for LightStrong products?

No. LSBs do not entail special care in handling. It can even withstand high stacking levels.

Can LSB be used to put up a firewall?

With its excellent fire rating, LSBs is ideal as firewalls.

Can brackets, screws, nails and adaptors be used?

With workability similar to that of wood, all these fasteners can be readily used on LSBs.



LightStrong continues to be a trusted name in the booming Philippine real estate industry. Decision-makers and industry stalwarts have made the switch and have continually invested in this construction innovation. From medical facilities to residences, vertical to horizontal developments—LightStrong blocks have become integral parts in these quality constructions.


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