Incorporated in 1990, KVAR distributes high quality specialized equipment and provides world standard technological services to the power industry. It specializes in SF6 gas based applications, equipment and services.

KVAR sources only quality products from Europe, the United States, Japan, Singapore and Asia. Mr. Percy Aranas founded KVAR and pioneered in this line of business in the 80's. He is among a handful of experts certified by the German government for the recovery of certain fluorinated gases such as SF6 per European Commission Regulation (EC) No. 305/2008.

The company invested in proper gas handling expertise and is the industry leader in SF6 Handling and Recycling Technology.

Releasing one Kilo of SF6 into the atmosphere will have the same effect as emitting 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide, degrading the environment for the next 3,200 years.

KVAR is CIGRE SF6 Recycling Guide and IEC60480 compliant.

This technology prevents the harmful emission of SF6, a fluorocarbon that has the highest level of Global Warming Potential (GWP) among such gases.



SF6 Gas Handling and Measuring Devices

SF6 Handling Devices

SF6 Measuring Devices

SF6 Valves & Couplings

High Pressure Tube Unions


SF6 Gas

The SF6 produced by Solvay Fluor GmbH is manufactured in a plant that ensures consistent quality with a purity of min. 99.993%.


It corresponds to the following guarantee-analysis which in turn conforms to IEC 376, 1st Edition, Section 3 or to IEC 376, Chapter 3 and to VDE 0373, Part 1, Chapter 3 (according to this standard all values apply to the composition of the liquid phase).

In general, the impurities in Solvay sulfur hexafluoride are substantially less than the maximum values specified in the guarantee-analysis.

The table below shows Solvay's typical quality standards specification.

Prior to shipment, every batch of SF6 is tested for physiological safety (cf. Toxicity).


Fully Insulated Busbars and Power Transformer Bushing


Meter Seal




On-site SF6 Recovery & Testing

KVAR will perform analytical tests of the SF6 gas to confirm CIGRE/IEC 60480 compliance and perform SF6 gas recovery during maintenance and should the gas be found to be contaminated.



SF6 Safety Training

KVAR offers technical training in addressing common areas of concern regarding safety, regulations, handling techniques and environmental issues.

Cylinder Disposal

KVAR will perform analytical tests of the SF6 gas to confirm CIGRE/IEC 60480 compliance and perform SF6 gas recovery should the gas be found to be contaminated.


Most SF6 users keep an inventory of partially empty SF6 bottles. KVAR offers services to completely vacate these bottles and consolidate the SF6 gases in approved containers, analyze the gases for compliance with CIGRE or IEC 60480 standards and results documentation.

SF6 Disposal

For gas which is deemed unusable by customers who prefer not to have the gas returned to them, KVAR will dispose of the gas – with documentation that it was disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.


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