KMC Savills, Inc. is an award-winning Philippine real estate services firm headquartered in Bonifacio Global City - a prime business district in Metro Manila. It is an exclusive international associate of Savills, one of the leading real estate firms in the world. With over 150 employees involved directly in transactions for office, investments, retail, industrial & hotel locaters, as well as residential properties, KMC has become a full-service real estate firm and is widely recognized as the Best in Class Real Estate Agency in the Philippines. The firm provides clients with consistent, high-quality service backed with strong market expertise in fields ranging from tenant representation, landlord representation, investments, to property management.



Tenant Representation

As an industry-leading firm, KMC Savills utilizes a client-centric approach in providing expert tenant representation services. It offers highly-customized and cost-effective business solutions that enable increased incentives and concessions that exceed client expectations and add value to their business.

The Power of Quality

KMC Savills' collective years of experience assures clients of excellent advisory and transparency. It is the thrust of the team to study all aspects of the business in delivering comprehensive consultancy that will help identify the needs and considerations of the client for easier transactions and nationwide coverage.

More than a strategic advisor and hands-on front liner, the Tenant Representation team takes care of transaction management and due diligence to ease the pain points of lease acquisitions. It also employs the best internationally-recognized practices in creating strategies that help secure the best deals suited to client preferences, budget, and goals.

What we offer:

The KMC Savills Strategy

Phase 1: Due Diligence, Market Analysis, Scenario Planning

Phase 2: Design Analysis, Space Planning, Seat Costing, IT Costing

Phase 3: Service Agreement, Execution, Finalization of Design, Interim Ramp

Phase 4: Fit out, Punch List, Phase take-up

KMC One: The Flexible and Agile Advantage

In tandem with KMC Solutions, the team also offers built-to-suit office for smoother and worry-free conduct of business. Using the operation expense turnkey model, it takes care of the leasing, design, and construction of quality and world-class spaces prior to client's occupancy.

This is a viable and updated response to a client's rapidly growing business needs. Through this strategic solution, KMC Savills and KMC Solutions are jointly responsible for the documentation, furnishing, and maintenance of the said space. KMC One also includes the overall monitoring of its competitive terms and conditions such as PEZA permits and other project briefs.

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Landlord Representation & Project Marketing

KMC Savills helps bring your estate's vision to life. Our Landlord Services is backed by a focus, proactive approach in communication that helps reach its target market. This guarantees marketing success for your developments.

Expertise that delivers

KMC Savills' Landlord Representation provides services rooted in the landlord's vision and are developed in collaboration with property developers. This hands-on approach enables the team to successfully launch and market real estate developments geared towards the client's needs.

Equipped with years of professional experience and client input, the LLR team zeroes in on this guiding vision and proceeds to handle the project's positioning. It also creates the overall marketing strategies and other promotional tools accordingly. Clients also receive several value-added services as the team takes charge of leasing or sale negotiations and other after-sales services.

What we Offer

Project Marketing: Driven by proven results

KMC Savills aims to assist developers in fully realizing their project's vision and goals. Project Marketing magnifies the potential of the building with the creative but strategic use of tools and materials. The LLR team assists developers in catering to the right audience and landing the correct market better suited to their project.

The property can rely on highly-effective branding and awareness campaigns that perfectly utilizes different forms of marketing, banking on its established network of contacts. With a through-the-line approach, clients' businesses thrive on a variety of media exposure, client presentations, and traditional and digital marketing techniques. KMC Savills is also up to date with the latest marketing trends that allow them to penetrate all market segments through its well-tailored campaigns and executions.

Who we work with:

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The KMC Savills Investment team provides professional and tailor-fitted assistance not just to institutional clients, but also individuals, groups and corporations looking to acquire or dispose of high net worth properties. It services clients with all types of deal sizes and holding periods.

Synergistically integrated with other KMC Savills departments, the Investments team can also deliver a full range of value-added services to its clients. With a client-centric mindset, they play key roles in analyzing, acquiring, developing, and eventually selling properties whether it be raw land, industrial or commercial real estate.

Backed by the firm's expertise, its unparalleled investment knowledge lands clients a selection of strategic real estate acquisitions or investments.

Setting Perfect Opportunities

Utilizing its industrial experience and impressive track record, KMC Savills' on-the-ground investment professionals ensures real estate transactions are guided by extensive due diligence and real-time market data. Clients are always matched with a customized strategy that is apt to their business goals. Given its holistic and committed approach, it can guarantee clients maximum returns on all types of investment or divestment.  

As an exclusive international associate of Savills, the firm also have an extensive reach and maximizes its access to global network of viable buyers from all over the world. It professionally develops mutually beneficial situations for the clients involved in an acquisition or disposal.   

What We Offer

Who We Work With

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Research and Consultancy

KMC Savills continues to lead the real estate market with expert consultancy and quality research & analysis. With its in-depth market study and valuable outlook, clients are able to make informed business decisions befitting of their business goals. With a show of extensive market expertise, KMC Savills help determine effective strategies for various businesses and its further development. They also back up other KMC internal teams by equipping them with up-to-date and relevant industry reports.

Empowering Advisory

As a core thought leader in real estate, KMC Savills helps maximize emerging opportunities to grow clients' assets and investments. Its Research team is armed with a detailed understanding of the market and global access to a vast and relevant industry network in delivering its comprehensive and customized market reports to its clientele.

The highly-professional team prepares strategic studies paired with sophisticated consultancy to help individuals or businesses capitalize further on their investments and gain foreseeable insights into the local market. It also offers a broader perspective in terms of economic outlooks for short-term or long-term real estate investments.

What we offer:

Custom reports: Unparallelled, Accurate

Recognizing the value of capital, KMC Savills can deliver comprehensive research tailored to the requirements or needs of its clients. The reports interpret the existing market and guide clients or investors in making beneficial and informed business decisions.

This also arms new market entrants with information that familiarizes them with new developments and potentially profitable assets. KMC Savills equips your business with vital pieces of information that can help direct the next investment move or diversify the corporate portfolio.

Who we work with

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Offshoring Corporate Services

With its expert knowledge in call center, business process outsourcing, and offshoring industries, KMC Savills delivers effective business solutions and services to enterprises of all operational sizes.

Solutions for all business sizes

KMC Savills recognizes the clients' need for cost-effective solutions that would allow them to conveniently set up, host, and manage offshore operations in the Philippines. This is why the company provides service delivery models that are highly customizable depending on the type of organization and business operation scale. Whether it is a small-time offshore outsourcing project or a build-operate-transfer process, KMC Savills can effectively assist clients and manage these projects for them.

The KMC Savills Advantage

KMC Savills has a team of experts and professionals who understand the dynamics of the call center, Business Process Outsourcing, and offshoring clientele. The company works with foreign companies in offshoring various types of processes to the Philippines. KMC Savills conducts a thorough analysis of the client company's business processes, ensuring delivery of appropriate real estate solutions that fit the client profile and requirements.

Who we work with:

KMC's offshoring and outsourcing team deals with clients who are new to the market, local and international businesses who wish to expand their operations to the Philippines, and small- to medium-sized enterprises who are seeking cost-efficient solutions.

One-stop shop for outsourcing and offshoring services

KMC Savills delivers integrated services through a network of providers: from office build-out to specialized IT services. Its expert labor analytics team helps client businesses locate office spaces near universities, mass transit, and highly populated residential areas, ensuring access to a talented workforce. On the other hand, staffing and payroll services to foreign companies that are new in the Philippines are handled by its sister company, KMC Solutions.

What KMC Savills offers:



Asset Management Services

KMC Savills Asset Management team offers full-service property and facilities management worthy of your investment. This includes the full compliance and maintenance of commercial, retail, residential and industrial properties in the Philippines. As the leading asset management firm, it employs a hands-on and robust approach to improve service consistency, minimize operational costs and ensure asset value appreciation and preservation.

Quality Returns for Quality Investments

KMC Savills' competitive industry experience and exceptional track record demonstrate its capability to go beyond client expectations and market norms. Backed by a solid foundation, it exceeds the standards when it comes to rental and occupancy levels. Clients are assured of full asset protection and risk reduction strategies that are suitable to their business needs.

The Work We Do

The team is guided by comprehensive data collection & due diligence that tends to various legal and contract compliances. To allow for accurate and consistent servicing, prospective clients are given full risk management, shared services identification, overall site governance and framework standardization, and tiered solutions for all business sizes.

What We offer

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Serviced Offices and Coworking Spaces

KMC now offers flexible workspaces consisting of private offices and coworking spaces in Metro Manila, Alabang, Clark, Cebu and Iloilo.

The serviced offices for lease deliver a modern plug-n-play space for rent and are housed in Class A buildings throughout Metro Manila (Makati, BGC, Ortigas, Alabang, and Quezon City).

KMC Solutions has also expanded its operations in the greater Luzon area through Clark and the Visayan region by adding flexible spaces in Cebu and Iloilo. We cater to startups and global enterprises who want to rent private offices or temporary shared flexible workspace in Metro Manila.

Choosing Coworking

Coworking spaces are also being offered in areas throughout Metro Manila and other parts of Visayas. These spaces are flexible in terms of price and use to match varying business needs. Fair rates are given to help you scale your business up or down.

Coworking spaces allow for more casual and open working conditions that can match your own style and pace. Networking opportunities are also available to help tenants build connections and networks that will facilitate better exchange of ideas with like-minded individuals.

Coworking tenants are entitled to work in any of KMC's coworking areas in BGC, Ortigas, and Makati.



Project Management Services

In working with T1 Project Management, a KMC Savills company, clients will be engaging a Tier 1 practice that can manage the vested interests of all stakeholders. The firm is recognized as one of the Philippines' most competitive project management firms and has demonstrated great success in working with local and international consultants and clients to maximize the client's opportunities and returns on investment.

Armed with expertise

The multi-disciplinary team is led by industry experts who have over 15 years in the construction industry and have successfully delivered projects of various scale and size in over 60 different countries.

They work collaboratively with other traders and consultants to deliver complex objectives. Its strength lies in embracing technology and intelligent ways of working to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Redefining Project Success

T1 Project Management practices internationally-recognized standards and promotes best practices in all of its projects.

In addition to this, the professionals also closely monitor the design and cost teams to maximize output for the set budget. It is inherent in its basic services to perform a due diligence in pre-construction stage, do a routine analysis of the design in all stages of the project and constantly challenge the budget to safeguard the client's interest.

At T1 PM, the uniqueness of every client and project is well-considered. The team believes in tailoring the approach to suit different clients' needs. The significant repeat clients are a testimony to the genuine interest in building a long-term relationship that's mutually beneficial to the firm and our clients.

What We Offer

Selected Clients



Hotels & Leisure

In the ever-changing industry of hotels and leisure, in-depth knowledge and up-to-date research on Philippine real estate allows KMC Savills to provide customized real estate strategies and services that suits the needs of clients and investors.

Industry-leading and customized real estate services

As the Philippine tourism sector experiences strong growth, the hotel and leisure industry continues to flourish with new developments on the rise. With KMC Savills' Hotel & Leisure team, clients can be sure to receive quality service that aligns strategically with their overall goals. Backed with strong industry knowledge and a well-placed network of key industry people, KMC Savills offers clear and independent advisory in hotel development, construction, investment, and management. Whether it's for a large 5-star venture, a brand new gaming facility or for a private resort in one of the country's over 7,100 islands, the firm can deliver consultancy tailor-fit to the needs of every client.

What we offer:

The KMC Savills Advantage

KMC Savills specializes in tenant representation and brokerage, valuation and financial analysis including quantity surveying, risk management, and strategic planning. The company can also facilitate site & building evaluation, construction, renovation, & rehabilitation. The company also has competencies in property administration, management restructuring, and in dealing with customized projects and creating solutions for different hotel and leisure spaces.

Who we work with:


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