Integrated Waste Management, Inc. is an environmental service company that operates with the objective of providing quality waste management services and products to fully satisfy customers.

Integrated Waste Management, Inc. (IWMI) was incorporated in November 1988 and the pioneer in responsible waste management. It is accredited with environmental standard ISO 14001 and complies with R.A. 6969 (DENR Decree on Waste Generator Responsibilities) and Joint DENR-DOH Administrative Order No. 2, Series of 2005 (Policies and Guidelines on Effective and Proper Handling of Healthcare Waste).



Portable Toilets


IWMI uses exclusive Portable Toilet models supplied by Satellite Industries, Inc. of North Minneapolis and PolyJohn Enterprises Corp. of Whiting, Indiana. Satellite Industries, Inc. and PolyJohn Enterprises Corp. are the leading US manufacturers of hygienic and easy to transport Portable Toilet units that could be conveniently located at any place of gathering (indoor or outdoor) without sanitary facilities. These Portalet® uses specially formulated disinfectant enzymes and deodorizers that are biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Portalet® is being used extensively in construction sites, evacuation and relief centers, bus depots and jeepney terminals, commercial establishments and special gatherings like prayer rallies, public areas during holiday celebrations, concerts, sports events, tourists sites, etc.

A common problem in every jobsite is the lack of sanitation facilities. Makeshift toilets are usually located permanently in one area limiting workers access to its use when needed. As a result, workers consume considerable time going to and from toilet area causing unnoticeable productive downtime.

Maintaining jobsite sanitation and likewise preventing man-hour loss are major concerns in every project.

Integrated Waste Management, Inc. having been aware of this common problem provides the solution through its portable sanitation system called Portalet. IWMI is the expert in this field and the pioneer in this industry. IWMI is a member Philippine Section and Pollution Control Association of the Philippines, Inc.

Portalet is an equipment plus service system. It is a chemical toilet, which can be located anywhere without providing any permanent fixture. Cleaning is maintained regularly making it convenient to use.

Portalet Rentals

Healthcare Waste Treatment

Since 1991, IWMI has been an ambassador of proper disposal and treatment of health care waste. This action is in response to the government’s need of assistance in terminating indiscriminate hazardous waste disposals which are direct sources of infectious diseases. This is done with the use of Autoclave.

An Autoclave is an instrument that sterilizes healthcare hazardous waste by subjecting the waste to high pressure saturated steam at the temperature of 121°C. The average process time is 15 to 20 minutes depending on the size of load and content.


Benefits of Health Care Waste Management

Industrial Waste Treatment


IWMI progresses its facilities by using a biological system that treats hazardous waste from hospitals and health care facilities.

A Pyrolysis machine is used for industrial waste management. Pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of substance and materials without any trace of molecular oxygen in the destruction chamber. The material converts either in its gas, liquid, or solid form.


Benefits of Pyrolysis


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