IRI Philippines, Inc. is the first company in the Philippines specializing in solid waste recycling and reclamation services. Since 2001, the company has been servicing the waste disposal requirements of the country's semiconductor and electronics industries. In 2004, IRI has realized its vision of becoming a fully-integrated waste recycling company. Now a total environmental company, it offers its clients:

Guaranteed Protection of Proprietary Intellectual Products

It is our commitment to protect the client's proprietary intellectual products and our company guarantees destruction of all production rejects and sub standard products. Materials are purchased strictly and solely for metal recovery only. Proprietary software are erased, tapes are degaussed and documentation destroyed protecting your confidential information.

Reports will be published to satisfy traceability requirements and to ensure accountability.

Metal Recovery Sytem

In 2004, IRI invested in US$2.5 million state-of-the-art metal recovery system, the first in the country. Capable of treating hazardous waste materials, the system does actual recycling of clients' scrap materials. The resulting products are raw materials which are exported minus the hazardous wastes.

The facility boasts of the following:

Our History

Integrated Recycling Industries (IRI) was established in the Philippines as a trading office in 1993. Materials purchased were exported for processing abroad.

In December 2000, IRI was incorporated as a new Philippine corporation. The incorporation saw the dynamic fusion of foreign financial and technological resources and Filipino talent. Henceforth, IRI went full speed ahead in working towards becoming a world-class and leading recycling and reclamation facility. In January 2001, IRI obtained its Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) registration.

IRI realized the difficulties inherent in exporting scrap materials, specifically those which are hazardous in nature, from the Philippines to other countries. Due to this and in compliance with the Basel Convention and other international protocol, IRI decided to put up a central treating facility where it is required the most-close to the major center of the Philippines'semiconductor and electronic industries.

On January 2002, soon after the completion of its Building A which houses the offices and crushing facilities, IRI started commercial operations, servicing the waste disposal requirements of multinational companies, e.g. Intel Philippines Mfg. Co., Philips Semiconductor, Amkor Technologies, Inc.; Integrated Microelectronics, Inc.

It became the first and only company in the Philippines specializing in the recycling and reclamation of non-ferrous and precious metals from electronic production rejects, computer parts and telecommunication equipment. It is also engaged in the trading of nonferrous and precious metals, as well as recycled plastic materials.

On February 2002, IRI became a member of the Semiconductor and Electronics Industries in the Philippines, Inc. (SEIPI). In the meantime, expansion efforts continued and in June 2002, ground breaking was held for the construction of two additional buildings. These were built for the treatment of hazardous materials, metal recovery, and additional warehouse space.

Two significant certifications were acquired that same year. In August 2002, IRI was awarded ISO 14001:1996 certification; and in October 2002, ISO 9001:2000 certification.

As early as its first year, operations were profitable exceeding break-even expectations. From January 2002 to January 2003, IRI's number of customers increased from less than 20 to more than 40.

January 2003 marked the completion of Buildings 2 and 3 and in October 2004. IRI's Metal Recovery System was completed, making IRI a fully-integrated recycling company a total environmental company.


IRI complies with all existing environmental laws and regulations. It carries the permits and licenses required by government to ensure environmental protection:

It conforms to world class standards of excellence and has the following certifications to show for it:

It also involves itself in industry initiatives through memberships in the following:

Our People

IRI consider its people as its strongest resource. It commits to providing its clients with professional and trained personnel who practice safe and responsible processes while ensuring the security of clients' materials.




IRI is strategically located in Carmelray Industrial Park II, a premiere industrial park located in Calamba City, Laguna. The company's total investment on land, building and machinery amount to over P350 million.


The company's three buildings stand on a 12,000 sq.m. lot. Building A is 2,500 sq.m. and houses offices and crushing facilities. Building B, 1,900 sqm, houses additional warehouse space and Building C, 1,600 sqm. houses the treatment and metal recovery plants. It uses state-of-the-art machinery and equipment such as a printed wiring board treatment plant, a metal recovery facility, solder dross/paste treatment machine, crushing machines, press machines, electronic weighing equipment, non-ferrous metal separator, and chip grinders.

To complete its servicing, IRI also has its own transportation facilities and partners with international shipping and forwarding companies to ensure safe pick-up and delivery of goods.

All these are available under tight security provided by the business park and IRI's own CCTV system.



IRI specializes in solid waste recycling and reclamation. It has been servicing primarily the semiconductor and electronics industries, offering the best prices for production rejects, scrap and excess materials. IRI recycles and reclaims these materials which are mostly non-ferrous and precious metals. It also recycles plastic wastes, and is into the import and export of non-ferrous and precious metals.

With its state-of-the-art Metal Recovery System, the first in the country, IRI is now able to offer fully-integrated recycling and reclamation services.

IRI reclaims:

It recycles plastic wastes such as:

It also provides:


Major Clients

  1. 3M Philippines, Inc.
  2. ACP Test Company, Inc.
  3. Advantek, Inc.
  4. Alcatel-Lucent
  5. Amkor Technology Phils., Inc. P1
  6. Amkor Technology Phils., Inc. P3
  7. Analog Devices Gen. Trias, Inc.
  8. Analog Parañaque Phils., Inc.
  9. Astec International – ROHQ
  10. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
  11. Canon Information Technologies Phils., Inc.
  12. CJGLS
  13. Colegio San Agustin
  14. Continental Temic
  15. Cypress Mfg. Ltd. Philippine Branch
  16. Del Monte
  17. Fastech Electronique Phils., Inc.
  18. First Sumiden Circuits, Inc.
  19. FEDCOR
  20. Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines
  21. Fujitsu Ten Solutions
  22. FujiXerox Eco-Manfacturing Co., Ltd.
  23. Globe Telecoms
  24. Hewlett-Packard Phils., Corp.
  25. Ibiden Philippines, Inc.
  26. InfonXX
  27. Integrated Microelectronics, Inc.
  28. Intel Technology Phils., Inc.
  29. Iriso Electronics Phils., Inc.
  30. Isola Hong Kong
  31. JAE Philippines Inc.
  32. Katolec Philippines Corp.
  33. Kisho Sakata
  34. Lear Automotive
  35. Lexmark International (Phils.), Inc.
  36. Linaheim Trading
  37. Manila Central University Hospital
  38. Maxim Philippine Operating Corp
  39. Maxim Philippine Operating Corp-FPIP
  40. Maxtronix
  41. Metech International
  42. Microtune, Inc.
  43. Mitsui and Co. Ltd. Manila Branch
  44. NEC Corporation
  45. NEC Toppan
  46. NEC Technologies/NEC Logistics
  47. NF Philippines, Inc.
  48. NXP Semiconductors Phils., Inc.
  49. Orient Semiconductor Electronics Phils., Inc.
  50. Philips Consumer Lifestyle
  51. Plantronics B.V. Philippines
  52. Pricon Microelectronics, Inc.
  53. Probe Team
  54. Remec Broadband
  55. Resolve Accounting Resources and Infotec Inc.
  56. RF Monolithics, Inc.
  57. Ricoh Philippines, Inc.
  58. Samsung Appliances
  59. Sanko Seiki Co., Ltd.
  60. Sanyo Semiconductor Mfg. Phils., Corp.
  61. San Technology, Inc.
  62. Schenker Logistics
  63. Shindengen Philippines Corp.
  64. SIIX Logistics
  65. Smart Communications
  66. St. Peter Catholic Charismatic Community
  67. Sunpower Phils., Mfg. Ltd.
  68. Sunpower Phils., Mfg. Ltd. (FPIP Plant)
  69. TDK-Fujitsu
  70. Team Pacific Corporation
  71. Temic Semiconductors Test, Inc.
  72. Techlog Center Philippines
  73. Timex
  74. Toshiba Information Equipment (Phils.), Inc.
  75. Tokairika (Phils.), Inc.
  76. Totoku Phils., Inc,
  77. Tricom Dynamics
  78. Trisilco Folec
  79. Tubotech Plumbing
  80. Vishay (Phils.), Inc.
  81. Xion Innovators
  82. Yazaki Torres
  83. Young Shin Tronics


Frequently Asked Questions

What does IRI do?

IRI is first and only company in the Philippines specializing in the recycling and reclamation of non-ferrous and precious metals from electronic production rejects, computer parts and telecommunication equipment. It is also engaged in the trading of nonferrous and precious metals, as well as recycled plastic materials.

What types of materials does IRI process?

IRI processes the scrap materials generated from the semiconductor and electronics industries. Various types of metals and plastic are processed in its recycling facility in Calamba, Laguna. Among the scrap materials that IRI process are:

How do I know the value of the scrap materials?

How do I dispose to IRI the scrap materials I have?

How do I know if the materials with intellectual property rights (IPR) are destroyed?

What are the hazardous materials that IRI treats?

IRI treats the following hazardous wastes:

How do I know if the materials were disposed of and treated in an environmentally safe manner?

IRI has invested P350 Million in its state-of-the-art recycling facility to make sure that all the hazardous and other materials are treated properly. It has its pollution control devices, i.e. air scrubber and waste water treatment facility. It is an accredited transporter, storage, and disposal facility by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).


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