Your Partner in Human Resource Management

As a premier human resource outsourcing services company in the Philippines, ICONIC Core Global, Inc. understands that people are the biggest drivers of business success.

We deliver strategic, innovative human resource solutions ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country. We specialize in background screening, talent acquisition, communications strategy, and human resource management.

Our Collaborative Approach

Our team will work closely with you to determine your unique business needs. We will then tailor our HR solutions to match your requirements, bringing great impact to your overall business objectives. Moreover, we ensure smooth integration of our solutions to your current processes to achieve immediate, positive results. With our collaborative approach, we are your ideal partner in growing your business.


ICONIC Core Global, Inc. is the human resource outsourcing services company in the Philippines you can count on. As a business that provides human resource solutions, we promote employee excellence—and of course, we start with our own team.

We’ve brought on board seasoned and high-caliber consultants with extensive experience in the field of human capital management in the Philippines. Our team knows how to pinpoint HR challenges that Philippine-based SMEs face on a daily basis. But more importantly, we have the skills to turn those challenges into excellent opportunities for business growth.

Work with us, and you can rest assured knowing that the running of your people and system processes in your business is in good, capable hands.



Background Checking

Around 50% of candidates fabricate their credentials on their job application, according to a study published in Time Magazine. Thus, in recent years, employee background checking has become an essential process for many companies in the Philippines.

Iconic Core Global is one of the leading providers of human resource management solutions in the country. We specialize in employee background screening, offering services that confirm any information that a job applicant or candidateprovides to a potential employer in his or her resume, application, and interviews.

Customized Background Screening

Our team thoroughly screens and profiles candidates based on the job position description and requirements. But, we can customize our background screening services to align them with your company’s unique requirements, as well. We may look into additional facts about your candidate, such as their credit history and driving records, and include them in a comprehensive report that we will provide at the end of every assignment. Through our findings, we help you make a better and more informed hiring decision.

As one of the most trusted background checking companies in the Philippines, we offer the following services:

Employment Check

Our team verifies a candidate’s employment history to confirm their work experience and to make sure they have the professional, appropriate work background to fill the position. We may contact the human resources or payroll departments of the candidate’s previous employer. We may also check public domains to validate work-related information.

Education Check

We confirm your applicant’s educational credentials by verifying the diploma or certificate they said they earned. We may contact the institutions and ask for the university’s accreditation and proof of the candidate’s degree.

Professional License / Qualification Check

Similar to education check, we validate professional licenses and certifications by contacting the issuing agencies of the documents the applicant presents.

Criminal Record Check

We understand the importance of having employees that you can trust. Thus, we perform criminal record checks to find out if the candidate has had any criminal convictions, in the past. Serious criminal charges may suggest that someone is dangerous, unreliable, or not suitable for hiring. Even petty criminal records are crucial to uncover, so you can make an educated hiring decision. We source and gather information through public records and other legal means.

Identity and Character Reference Checks

Identity checks are, of course, vital as we don’t want you hiring a candidate who pretends to be someone else. With our identity and character reference verifications, we help you find a person who’s not only right for the job but has a strong moral compass, as well.

Activity History Check

We perform activity history checks to provide you with further information about a candidate. These may include credit reports, bankruptcies, medical records, and other details crucial to the job position. Credit and financial records, for instance, can be good indicators of trustworthiness of a candidate applying for a position where they’ll have access to the company’s financial instruments.

As a background checking company, we are your partner that ensures everyone who joins your organization isn’t only excellent at their jobs, but is trustworthy and has integrity, too.

Business Process Outsourcing

Iconic Core Global is your Business Process Outsourcing partner. We have established ourselves as the Philippines’ trusted Business Process Outsourcing service provider; our knowledge in a range of HR solutions means we’re qualified for much more than answering phone calls. To date, we offer four major BPO services: HR Shared, Financial Shared, Product Marketing, and Business Development.

HR Shared Services

The basic idea behind a shared services center is to provide corporate services across the board from a centralized unit. For HR, a shared service model means dealing with routine HR administration, from recruitment and training to payroll, in one place. This also includes relocation services, benefits administration, and pensions administration, as well as consultancy and high-level professional support.

HR shared services creates more efficient service delivery. It centralizes services, reducing your costs, increasing your customer focus, and promoting a better quality of HR outcomes.

Having an effective shared service organization is necessary to a successful HR set up. By “effective”, we mean responsive, client-focused, consistent, and cost-effective HR services. That’s exactly what we offer at Iconic Core Global.

Financial Shared Services

At Iconic Core Global, our Business Process Outsourcing team in the Philippines transforms your finance from a backward-looking, number crunching department to one that’s future-oriented, and focused on providing real value.

We help your financial department address many legacy financial system challenges, such as poor data quality and time-consuming reconciliation between redundant systems. You take control of your invoicing, ensuring payments are made at the right time and without fuss.

In addition, our financial shared services afford you mission specific data for strategic matters related to budget management, forecasting, and cost benefit analysis.

From purchase to pay, order to cash, record to report, and other key financial processes, Iconic Core Global can certainly help your finance department.

Product Marketing

Developing a product requires blood, sweat, and tears, and you don’t want to waste all your efforts with weak product marketing campaigns.

Campaigns often fail due to boring marketing collateral, an unprofessional website, or poor packaging design.

Iconic Core Global, fortunately, offers product marketing services. We’ll make sure your product is ready to make maximum impact. Our service is tailored according to your products, objectives, and target market at all stages of product development and market maturity. We provide the tools, know-how, and follow through to create, sustain, and supercharge your product marketing efforts. The result? Increased leads, revenue, and profit.

Business Development

Business development is a strategy that creates long-term value for a business from markets, customers, and relationships. It’s all about determining the interactions of those forces, and how they come together to create opportunities for business growth.

Iconic Core Global offers business development services; throughout the year we’ve been making our knowledge available to companies in the Philippines, so they can compete with bigger brands in the market and optimize clients’ value. We handle the operational and strategic sides of your business; the former deals with your day-to-day operations (e.g. management of accounts and tax records, compliance with labor laws, etc.), while the latter addresses your long-term issues to improve the performance of your company.

Strategic Human Resource Management

Iconic Core Global, Inc. is an expert in human resource management in the Philippines. We will help you manage and develop your organization’s most valuable resource—the people.

As your organization grows, so does the challenge to uphold the culture of excellence. Sometimes, employees get so focused on producing more outputs that they unknowingly sacrifice quality for speed. Thus, we are here to help your entire organization stay on track with your core values and business goals.

Strategic Human Capital Management

We provide strategic human resource management services that help you with three things:

  1. creating a workplace environment in which employee excellence is always promoted,
  2. building talents and developing skills to match your present and future business objectives, and
  3. enhancing your employees’ career experience.

Our services include the following:

Talent Management

Perhaps, you already know the basics of talent management: recruiting, hiring, and retaining talented employees. But, if you want to achive optimal levels of performance in your organization, you need to do more than the basics. We provide strategic solutions that can help attract, develop, and retain high-performing and engaged employees.

Strategic Workforce and Succession Planning

The skills of the employees must always match the organizational goals. But, before we start improving your talents, we need to know your objectives as a company.

We offer strategic workforce and succession planning that will help map out your organizational goals. This solution also helps to identify the key roles that can meet those objectives. It is likely that you already have the people and positions you require. We just need to have a plan how we can adjust the current structure and improve your workforce to fill the gaps.

Performance Management

With performance management, we will guide you in aligning the right person with the right role. This way, we can make sure that every employee in your company has a role that suits them, supports their development, and motivates them to move the organization forward. After all, getting the performance management right brings you one step closer to transforming your talented employees into even higher-performing individuals. This, in turn, creates a strongerunit for your organization.

Strategic Compensation Management

Our team takes strategic directions when it comes to compensation management. We make sure that the salary and incentives you give to your employees are aligned with your organizational goals, as well. With this solution, we help you properly acknowledge the contributions and the value of your employees to the organization.

Our HR Management Team

With our team’s extensive knowledge and experience in human resource management for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country, you can surely count on us.

We will work collaboratively with you to find out your exact needs with regard to talent management. More importantly, our team will tailor our solutions to meet those very needs. With our customized HR management solutions, you can trust us to keep your organization on the leading edge despite the ever-changing employment landscape.

Communications Strategy Service

It’s a competitive environment; knowing what you want to achieve through communication is only half the battle—and knowing how to quickly and effectively reach the right audience to fulfill your goals is the other. Iconic Global offers effective communication strategies, helping you expand your reach, as well as helping you communicate effectively to meet your core organizational objectives.

We help organizations develop targeted and effective messages, delivered in the right format at the right time. Our communications strategy practice can help you relay vital information and exchanges with internal and external stakeholders, from customers and vendors to employees.

In addition, our service provides you the following advantages:

Thorough Review of Business

Our approach to communications strategy begins with a thorough understanding of your business goals. We review your business communication plan, identify what you need to achieve and when you need to achieve it, and we listen to you. We evaluate how strategic communications can help you achieve what you want to achieve.

Through close collaboration, we guide your critical conversations and build your presence. We don’t start the work until we’ve sat down with you to understand the communications issues you face, the goals you want to achieve, who your target market is, what your key message is, and more.

Comprehensive Communications Plan

We then create comprehensive communications plans, which specify how key business functions will integrate and share information both internally and externally.

Our internal communication strategy involves the creation of actionable and aligned strategies, as well as the development of training manuals, policies, and procedures. Externally, we use digital marketing and social media to spread your message. We weave in your business narrative and value propositions, using creative design, smart copy, stunning videos, and more.

Diverse Platforms

Our communications strategists have a solid understanding of the medium that works well with each business, and resonates with the target audience. From traditional media to digital media, we select a platform that ensures your message is heard.

In particular, we use the power of social media in our communications strategy, as it has become a primary source of communication and a necessary tool in sharing information. It also permits wider, more targeted geographic reach, rapid real-time information exchange, and greater audience participation.

We design a social media marketing plan and integrate it to your communications strategy, so you can further reach your target market, improve brand loyalty, and convert opportunities.

Monitoring and Assessment for Continuous Development

Unlike other providers of communications strategy services in the Philippines, we monitor progress and assess results. We continuously develop and improve our work from the data collected. This ensures that internal and external communication functions stay significant and responsive to your business needs.

Talent Management Processing

People are inarguably the greatest resources of an organization. That’s why sourcing the top talent from the industry and building a smart workforce should be a priority.

Iconic Core Global can help you do just that with our talent management processing service. We have a databank of top caliber talents, as well as the knowledge and experience to match you with your ideal candidates. We believe that building your workforce and maximizing its potential can make all the difference between standing out in the market and fading away.

Our service…

Beyond Basic Talent Management

HR departments and executives typically use their resources for basic talent management—hiring and retaining staff. But if you wish to drive optimum levels of success, you need to focus on hiring and retaining high-performing employees.

To do that, we made sure our talent management process and general approach includes:

Our service involves attracting, developing, and retaining the right talent for the right position at the right time. Our experienced team will align your talent with your company strategy, as well as identify specific competencies, define consistent leadership criteria, and cultivate your strategy for continuous growth.

In addition, we assist you with goal alignment. This powerful management tool clarifies job roles, as well as showcases the value of your employees. When you engage employees in goal alignment, you create greater role ownership, which often makes employees loyal to your company and more dedicated to a higher level of job performance.

State-of-the-Art Talent Management Technology

Iconic Core Global uses only innovative talent management approaches.

We have a recruitment management system designed to create a portal for job search and talent search. It curates talent from everywhere into one system, where you can organize and easily build talent pools for all your need-to-be-filled roles. This state-of-the-art system can also help your organization create and track job requisition, and efficiently guide candidates as they move through the recruitment process. It keeps talent profile data up-to-date as well.

We take the guesswork out of your process with data and analytics, which provide you with insight into what’s happening on the HR side of your business, and what actions you can take.

Up-to-Date Talent Management Approaches

We believe that businesses that implement up-to-date talent management processes are more prepared to compete in the global economy and utilize opportunities faster than their competitors.

Our team will help you adapt to talent management trends. With us, you become proactive rather than reactive, filling your critical talent needs promptly and effectively.

Human Resource Analytics

The role of the human resources department has shifted from a more straightforward support function to a more strategic and involved capacity – like what you might expect from a business partner. This change, combined with a massive talent crunch for key positions, has led to a growing demand for Human Resource analytics. Organizations increasingly focus on making informed decisions to:

At Iconic Core Global, we offer analytics services. Our process comprises of:

The Advantages of Leveraging HR Analytics

HR analytics is the application of business analytics and data mining techniques to human resources data.

HR data is everywhere—employee demographics, performance data, educational history, and training records. And as social media integrates with business processes to promote corporate culture, the potential data collection points areincreasing.

HR data analytics allows you to use that data for something good. You can interpret and use employee data to transform your investments in talentinto better business results. Results from your data analysisalso allow you to understand how various factors contribute to your employees’ behavior in the workplace. Likewise, they provide insight into the impact of these factors on the employee lifecycle within your company.

With HR analytics, you can address and improve HR-related issues like employee separations, absenteeism, and employee health and wellness.

The challenge of HR data analytics is to identify what data is necessary, and how to use the data model to predict capabilities, so you get the maximum return on your talent investment. This is where Iconic Core Global comes in.

HR Analytics for Employee Retention

At Iconic Core Global, our innovative analytics programs will help you handle specific employee trouble spots, so you can manage issues before they even appear.

Our solutions help you summarize position information, view salary history, and carry out employee checks, to name a few aspects and functions. Our solutions also allow you to analyze and compare salaries and bonuses with industry benchmarks.

You can identify high-value employees at risk of resigning, and discover the underlying reasons for a high employee turnover rate. You’ll understand how the compensation packages you’re offering impact performance; similarly, you’ll have the ability to ensure that compensation is fair and consistent across roles.

This allows you to develop plans to improve employee retention as well, and help you prevent positions from being open for too long.

From Insights to Action

From the data collected, our highly experienced and dedicated BPO team will help your organization form an analysis that relates to your current knowledge, and what you want to know about the future.

We will bridge the gap between insights and action. We will do so by developing objectives, helping you with decision-making, evaluating your alternatives, and meeting your goal to reach a sound resolution.


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