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1. Services / Products / Capabilities


ICON Metal Industries has a skilled workforce of welders with certification in welding procedures to meet our customers' requirements. The experience of working with thin to thick materials has sharpened their skills in MIG and TIG welding Procedures. Complicated parts can be setup at the welder's bench and inspecting using the JiGS prior to completing the part to ensure the fabrication is manufactured to our customers requirements. Simple clamping and bracing is routinely utilized but custom dedicated jigs and fixtures are also used to provide repeatability and efficiences in the manufacturing process.



Finished Products

ICON Metal Industries can provide assembly services for a variety of equipment in multiple industries. Experience in the printing and converting industries provide knowledge in assembly practices associated with precision alignment of bearings, rollers and forming assemblies.



Specialty Service

ICON Metal Industries will provide additional service for its customers to help solve their problems and to provide cost effective solutions. We ask our customers what more can we do to make their manufacturing processes better or how can we help them in servicing their customers. Some of the services that ICON Metal Industries has provided include design for manufacturing and design for assembly.


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