HIJADA is a construction and supply company engaged in finishing construction and general construction services. It’s started on 1995 by an architectural working student with hopes and dreams offering in finishing construction materials and services until it was form a group, established and registered on April 2014. ​ Through the influence, experience and effort in construction industries the company existed under the proprietorship of Joel Hilvano Sablawon, providing a packed of services for a well-known construction and management firm like DMCI, EEI, MEGAWIDE, SMCC, ORTIZ Construction and other category construction companies.

Having an architectural and engineering background, our company offer a construction and services, humbly expressing the hardworking and well-experienced team from the executive down to subordinate executing by their individual duties and responsibilities. Equally employment treatment as one group as family.

The company has completed a hundred of projects in several areas of Metro Manila and other selected provinces. Commonly constructed a residential and commercial projects, as well as special projects and institutional projects, bringing and holding the belief and culture, ethics and good manner, transparency for both employment and clients.

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Hijada Construction & Supply

Address: 258-N Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Phone: +63 (2) 543 3778 | +63 (2) 287 7343

Mobile: +63 (915) 980 1672 | +63 (928) 965 5000

E-mail: hijadatradecon@gmail.com | hijada.hazel@yahoo.com

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