At Hatlar we recognise that the generation of waste equals your money going down the drain. We have a well developed range of services that are specifically tailored to help you identify opportunities to reduce waste and save money. We are environmental problem solvers with global knowledge and local focus.

Hatlar was founded in 1996 and since that time has worked with a wide range of clients from the business, resources and government sectors in Australia and Internationally to find practical solutions to their environmental problems. The Hatlar team are passionate about preserving the environment so as to create a better future for us all.



Waste Management

Hatlar can offer a range of services to solve your Waste Management problems. Our team is highly experienced in the identification, management, repackaging and clean-up of hazardous wastes, chemicals and dangerous substances. Hatlar has also conducted a number of technology feasibility studies and training courses in the management of such harmful materials.

A large proportion of waste products and materials can have the potential to harm human health and the environment whether now or sometime in the future. Hatlar has extensive experience in the management of harmful waste substances and has project managed a number of large hazardous waste clean-up operations both in Australia and overseas

Hatlar and its principals are recognised as International experts in the appropriate and safe management of hazardous waste, chemicals and dangerous substances.

Hatlar's Waste Management services can be broadly grouped into the following categories:

Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous wastes are materials that have the potential to harm human health and the environment now or sometime in the future. Some hazardous wastes, such as Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB’s) and other Persistent Organic pollutants (POP’s), are banned by international protocols and are considered extremely toxic to humans and the environment.

Hatlar have successfully project managed the clean-up of Australian and International sites which contained substantial quantities of hazardous waste materials including PCB’s, Organochlorine pesticides (OCP’s), mining waste and other industrial and farm chemicals.

Hatlar offers a range of services that can be tailored into a waste management program to solve your hazardous waste problems. These services include:

Contaminated Sites

When there are proposed changes to the way in which a site is used, organisations can be faced with the need to clean-up contamination that has been caused by historical activities such as spillage and/or dumping at a site.

Hatlar has a wealth of experience in dealing with contaminated sites and offers a range of services to help manage your contaminated site remediation program in a timely, safe and cost effective manner.

Hatlar can assist by offering services which include:

Hatlar can also provide you with remediation technology or management options for a number of different situations including:

Solid Waste Management

Despite widespread uptake of the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ principle by many companies, organisations and individuals, the generation of some waste is unavoidable. While it is common practice to seek ‘end of pipe’ solutions to waste problems, we at Hatlar believe that it is preferable to adopt a systematic approach and work with clients to ensure that they have done everything possible to reduce waste generation at the source before investigating options for beneficial reuse, recycling (including composting), treatment and disposal.

Hatlar has experience in the management of a range of different solid waste materials in particular:

Mining Waste

The operations of a mine can have a negative impact on the environment, if not adequately assessed, planned and controlled throughout the exploration, operation and rehabilitation phases. The challenge for the mining industry is to identify innovative ways to find, extract and process mineral resources to enable sustainable operations with minimal environmental disturbance.

Hatlar has extensive experience and expertise in this process especially in the environmental assessment, ongoing auditing and rehabilitation of mining sites across Australia.

Hatlar can assist mining companies in solving their environmental problems through:


Water & Wastewater

Hatlar can assist you in saving this life essential commodity – water, by providing services specifically suited to your industry and business.

According to facts and trends on water published by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development:

Water is the lifeline of humanity without it we would not exist. We use water to grow our food, we use water to wash our clothes, and we use water in our industrial processes. Water is a commodity in demand. Drought in many parts of the world has also meant that freshwater is scarce.

Industries need to rethink the way they use water in their businesses in order to ensure that they can still produce their products. Water efficiency practices, water reuse and using fit for purpose water in industrial and agricultural processes rather than drinking water can ensure that we do not place unnecessary stresses on our scarce water sources.

Trade Waste Management

Water utilities and Councils are concerned about the impact that a Trade Waste discharge may cause on the receiving sewerage system and subsequent environment. In particular they are concerned about the 5 Big Risks of trade Waste: These are:

Hatlar offers a range of services in Trade Waste Management which can assist both Water utilities and Industry to ensure that the above risks are well managed. Trade Waste Management can be an expensive exercise for industry and through Hatlar’s recognised experience in this sector it can offer industry innovative options for the appropriate management of its trade waste and reduction of its trade waste charges and compliance costs.

Some of the services which Hatlar include:

For Industry

For Water Authorities


Stop pouring your money down the drain!

Organisations can significantly improve their bottom lines by optimising water use and reducing wastewater generation. Hatlar does not consider the generation of wastewater to be an inevitable outcome of doing business, but rather as an indication of process inefficiency which can threaten the long term prosperity and sustainability of organisations.

The loss of waste usually translates to the loss of raw materials, final products, process chemicals and higher maintenance as well as treatment and disposal requirements. While the cost of water itself is relatively low, these associated losses commonly add up to many times more than what businesses expect.

Hatlar are able to assist you to identify the water consuming activities on-site and provide a series of recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of water use, along with the minimisation of wastes from the various production processes.

Some of the key services we offer in this field are:

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Hatlar has established a dedicated team of engineers that have the experience to provide comprehensive turn key solutions to your treatment plant engineering requirements. Hatlar can offer engineering services which include:


Risk Management

Hatlar has extensive experience in hazard and risk identification, assessment and management. We work on applying the principles detailed in the Australian and New Zealand Standard on Risk Management AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009, which involves a simple process of identifying the risks, analysing the risks, evaluating what is acceptable risk, mitigating unacceptable risks, continuously reviewing risks to ensure the mitigation strategies and circumstances are appropriate to the situation.Risk Management is the process whereby decisions are made to accept a known or assessed risk and/or the implementation of actions to reduce the consequences or probabilities of occurrence.

In order to manage risks that arise in business, we must be able to identify them in advance, assess the probability of the event occurring and determine ways of managing these risks.

Hatlar also recognise that all risk assessments or risk management strategies do not need to be complex. By applying the three simple and easy to understand questions below, a risk management strategy can be developed.

Hatlar can help you manage risks in the following key areas:

Cooling Tower Management

The Building (Legionella) Act 2000 requires all Cooling Tower Systems in Victoria to be registered with the Building Commission. The registration system ensures that all Cooling Tower Systems in Victoria are identified to help track potential sources of Legionnaires' disease.

A Cooling Tower System contains one or more cooling towers and includes any machinery that is used to operate the tower or towers, as well as any associated tanks, pipes, valves, pumps or controls. A cooling tower is defined as a device for lowering:

The Building Act 1993 requires land owners to take all reasonable steps to ensure that a risk management plan is developed for any cooling tower system on their land.

The Hatlar Group can assist you in complying with the Department of Health requirements by offering services to our clients in the following areas:

The Hatlar Group has two auditors approved for auditing cooling tower risk management plans.

Emergency Response

Emergencies are incidents that can threaten the safety of workers, the public, impact on the environment, result in; loss of assets, prosecution by regulators, negative media attention all of which negatively affect a company's standing in the community.

Businesses who are not prepared will be unable to manage the incident appropriately and will often incur very hefty cleanup bills and possible prosecution.

Hatlar has a range of services to assist its clients in being prepared in the event of an incident. These services target response measures but also incorporate preventative strategies to minimise the chance of an emergency actually occurring.


The Hatlar services include:

Occupational Health and Safety

Hatlar can conduct OH&S Assessments of your plant and/or office and give you advice on improving safety in operations. Hatlar can also assist in the preparation of your OH&S plans and policies to ensure your place of business is safe for your employees and is compliant with relevant legislation.


Project Management

One of Hatlar’s key strengths is its ability to deliver all aspects of a project and to assist its clients in all the steps involved in project management of your project. Project Management can be broadly defined as the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to resources in order to achieve specific goals.

Hatlar can assist in all aspects of project management including:

In managing your project Hatlar will always have due consideration to the project goals and the ultimate aim of delivering projects within the critical timeline and budget.

Hatlar has project managed several projects including:


Energy Management

Hatlar is able to assess your energy consumption profile by undertaking an energy audit of your business and will work with you to identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption, assess the feasibility of implementing renewable energy options, and ensure compliance with energy regulations and reporting. Hatlar offers a range of different solutions to your energy problems which are categorised below.

As we move towards a more carbon constrained world, the cost of energy will continue to rise and ensuring security of supply will become a critical business consideration. Many businesses are moving to ‘stay ahead of the game’ by assessing and, where possible, reducing their energy use, as this not only helps insulate them from future changes, but also provides immediate financial savings.


Energy Audits

Hatlar undertakes energy audits in line with Australian Standards and is able to complete Level 1, 2, or 3 audits as required by our clients.

Energy Conservation Measures

In addition to completing energy audits, Hatlar can assist you in implementing energy conservation measures such as heat recovery, energy efficient lighting, solar panels and other renewable and energy saving opportunities. Hatlar can also provide you with advice on energy efficient buildings and processes to assist in obtaining NGER accreditation.

Energy Efficient Products

Through our partnerships with key industry suppliers Hatlar can also supply energy efficient products to help solve your energy problems and reduce your bottom line.


Increasing fossil fuel costs and the prospect of a ‘carbon price’ being applied to activities that generate greenhouse gases is leading many organisations to investigate alternative and renewable energy sources. Hatlar can assist you in conducting feasibility studies to assess renewable energy technologies and their potential for integration into your business. We also have relationships with a number of technology providers that allow us to provide you with access to a number of renewable energy products to improve your energy efficiency and reduce energy related operational costs.

Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is used to provide an analysis of the objectives, requirements and system concepts of a proposed system or technology.

Hatlar has conducted a number of feasibility studies to assess and determine the cost benefits of a variety of renewable energy technology and waste to energy/liquid fuel opportunities. Some of these have included:

Renewable Energy Technology

Hatlar is also able to supply clients with the option to source the renewable energy technology for their renewable energy system design through Hatlar, such renewable energy technology includes:


Green & Sustainable Development

To combat the impacts of climate change, Hatlar have introduced a number of services and partnerships that target the development of green cities and to help in sustainable development that minimises impacts on the local environment and available natural resources.

According to the United Nations projections the world’s population is expected to increase to 9.1 billion in 2050. The rapid increase in the world’s population puts enormous pressure on the environment. Such pressures include:

Our services include:


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