GLOBAL WATER & ENERGY (GWE), a member of Global Water Engineering Group of Companies, is a solution provider to the global marketplace for industrial wastewater treatment, water reuse and production of green energy. To that end, GWE offers state-of-the-art technologies to assist industries and private owners in their efforts to grow while reducing the costs of doing business.

From some of the world’s leading anaerobic wastewater treatment and organic waste-to-energy processes to a variety of top-of-the-line aerobic technologies, GWE has one of the most extensive portfolios of technology for industrial wastewater management, water reuse, and renewable energy generation/utilization.

With hundreds of worldwide installations and over 40 years of application experience, we can tackle the toughest wastewater and organic waste-to-energy problems. We can provide design, technology, and services packages for any of our proprietary technologies, or if desired, complete turnkey services including complete design, construction, and installation of the entire system (in conjunction with engineering and construction partners).

In either case, we offer performance guarantees and aftercare support to ensure peace of mind for our clients.

Our experienced team and optimized project execution procedures allow us successfully to finish every project in a timely fashion. All projects are executed in accordance with GWE’s Quality Assurance System, based on ISO 9001-2014 standards. Our uncompromising dedication to our customers makes GWE your reliable partner, whether you are a small local firm, a multinational corporation, or global Fortune 500 company.


Industries Served

Sustainable solutions for food industry

Nowadays, the treatment of waste streams from many types of food processing facilities can include recovery of both energy and water, in order to minimize the impact of the factory on any nearby community and local environment.

As treatment technologies have progressed and improved, the overall sustainability of food and beverage production plants has also improved, with significant reductions in energy and water use, carbon footprint, and general environmental impact. This has helped fuel further growth of many businesses and helped sustain their position in the marketplace.

Depending on the nature of production and products generated, food processing wastewaters can contain a wide range of concentrations of impurities, from low to high levels of organic pollutants, suspended solids, fats, oil and grease (FOG), proteins, and even ammonia.

With a portfolio of advanced anaerobic, aerobic and physical-chemical processes, GWE can offer you a complete tailor-made solution that will efficiently handle your waste, and when possible, generate renewable energy and useful end products, for further profit and value.

Sustainable water & renewable energy solutions for beer & beverages production industries

Beer & beverage industries are significant consumers of water in their production processes. A substantial portion of their overall energy consumption is a result of water and wastewater treatment. In many parts of the world, the availability of sufficient amounts of water is under severe stress, and costs continue to rise as a result.

As such, more and more companies consider water conservation as a top priority in their production and have started to change the way they view wastewater, from a waste product to a potential resource for renewable energy production and water recycling.

Major advantages of GWE’s solutions:

Renewable energy from wastewater

Anaerobic treatment has developed in recent years as the wastewater technique choice of the companies generating high organic content wastewater. Many soft drink and non-carbonated beverage (tea, coffee- and milk-based drinks and fruit juices) production, bottling and canning plants have increasingly been choosing anaerobic treatment for their wastewater.

Our ANUBIX™ family of anaerobic reactors (GWE offers both UASB and EGSB-type reactors) provide an integrated solution for the wastewater and energy needs of beer & beverage production plants. These advanced biological wastewater treatment systems use anaerobic bacteria in a closed reactor to degrade the organic compounds in the wastewater and convert them into biogas and clean effluent.

The biogas can then be used as a source of energy for the generation of hot water, steam or electricity, thus supplying a portion of the energy needs.

Another advantage of such advanced anaerobic wastewater treatment, is that it significantly reduces a carbon footprint by avoiding CO2 being released into the atmosphere, as would be the case when using fossil fuels instead of biogas, when using a high-power-consumption aerobic form of treatment, or when using a greenhouse gas-emitting form of treatment such as an open lagoon.

Waste-to-Energy Industry

The conversion of organic wastes into energy by biochemical methods has been increasing dramatically over the past 5 to 10 years. Transformation of high-strength wastewaters, slurries, food wastes, and various other organic wastes into biogas, “green” electricity, renewable natural gas (RNG), and heat is one of the most effective and sustainable methods of diverting organic waste from landfills. Far more environmentally- friendly than composting, anaerobic digestion is steadily gaining favor in such applications and thus more prevalent across the globe.

Thanks to the anaerobic conversion of organic matter to methane and carbon dioxide, many industries are now able to cover their thermal and electrical needs or at least reduce their fossil-fuels dependency, by utilizing such technology to better manage their waste products.

GWE is well situated in this marketplace, with two innovative technologies available to tackle both “wet” and “dry” digestion applications. Coupled with GWE’s decades of anaerobic digestion experience and knowledge of perhaps the widest range of feedstocks of any vendor, GWE’s waste-to-energy solutions stand at the forefront of this new wave of renewable energy solutions. If you need proven technologies and an experienced team to ensure the complete success of your organic waste-to-energy project, the GWE RAPTOR® (RAPid Transformation of Organic Residues) systems are the solution for you.

RAPTOR® Applications

There is an almost endless list of organic materials that can be processed within a RAPTOR® system. From pre- and post-consumer food wastes and food processing/production residuals, to manures, to energy crops and excess harvest, to a variety of sludges and slurries, nearly all can be processed into renewable energy for beneficial use. Some of the possible feedstocks may include:

Pulp & Paper Industry

Paper and paper products are something that all of us utilize each day. While a wide variety of useful products can be made from paper, the transformation of wood, straw, bagasse and other materials in the paper is a very complicated process that requires significant amounts of water and energy. For that reason, anaerobic treatment with renewable energy generation has long been a greatly favored method of treatment in the pulp & paper industry.

Recycled paper, bleached paper, cardboard production and other paper mills will all generate waste streams with different compositions.

They require proven and efficient technologies to effectively treat the high strength wastewaters generated, in order to prevent environmental pollution and restrict the production plant operations.

COD concentrations of various waste streams in the pulp and paper industry:



Operation & Maintenance

The full scope of O&M Services

If you need some ‘extra hands’ to run your treatment plant, GWE can offer you skilled process engineers and technicians, to assist with, or take over, your day to day operations and maintenance.

Your installation will be handled with long-term sustainability and high production efficiency in mind. Efficient services, regardless of your facility location, are possible thanks to our worldwide network of qualified local partners and GWE branch offices around the world.

Contact GWE today, let us design a custom-made O&M program that will fulfill your business’s needs, and we guarantee:

GWE staff is available for long-term operations or to assist in emergencies.

Thanks to the GWE’s full scope of services, all of your operational needs will be addressed efficiently.

We also believe that good housekeeping at the wastewater source, the production facility, is one of the critical requirements to keep the treatment facility functioning at a high level. Thus we provide feedback on wastewater treatment operations, to the production facility lead personnel, to help facilitate cooperation between production and treatment, helping to ensure the long-term success of both. Production slow-downs or stops can be caused by treatment plant upsets, so it’s important that all personnel works towards the goal of maintaining stable operation.

You can count on us for effective O&M of:


Auditing and benchmarking for process optimization

The proper performance of industrial wastewater treatment plants, organic waste-to-energy facilities, and sludge management technologies requires the attention of a specialist on a regular basis.

More than one hundred biogas plants we have successfully built and commissioned in the last 20 years have given us unique know-how regarding biogas generation and the proper application of an extensive range of anaerobic reactor types.

This knowledge allows us to diagnose issue early and effectively prevent future malfunctions of a full range of industrial wastewater technologies. That is why, besides helping our clients to generate money from their wastewater, organic solid waste, and slurries with our own techniques, we are also available to assist you in solving technical issues and problems when they arise with many different treatment works.

How can a GWE audit benefit your business?

Spare Parts

Spare parts & standard equipment delivery

It is always a challenge to maintain uninterrupted operation of a wastewater treatment system, especially those with multiple unit operations and many pieces of individual equipment, instrumentation, and control equipment. For the safe and reliable operation of your plant, you should have quick access to all critical spare components, including the chemical consumables your biological system needs to maintain performance.

You can count on GWE to deliver the best quality equipment with long, reliable service lives, but maintenance of a ready supply of critical spare parts is always an important part of responsible management of a treatment system.

With every system, GWE provides guidance regarding vital and non-critical spare parts and components and can source and supply such as needed, GWE can offer:


Retrofits and Process Upgrades

In addition to unavoidable equipment deterioration over time, specific wastewater treatment plant operating issues might arise from the changes implemented in your business/factory, such as changes in production volume, goods produced, or technologies employed, that were not predicted in the original design of the treatment process.

In some cases, a retrofit of specific mechanical parts of the installation might be required, while in others a complete process upgrade might be needed.

GWE has extensive experience retrofitting, expanding, upgrading and converting existing facilities to newer, more efficient systems.

You can count on us with:


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