30 years of providing expertise in Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Materials Testing, Topographic & Relocation Surveying and other Engineering Services, Geotesting International Inc. continues to develop and improve its services to serve the clients better and to meet the growing needs of the industry.

Geotesting International Inc. has catered and trusted by many reputable companies across Metro Manila such as Maynilad, Meralco, Unihealth Valenzuela, Cash and Carry, Puregold.



Concrete Coring

Concrete coring is the process of drilling or cutting through concrete floors, walls and ceilings. The process is used for more complicated tasks like coring concrete pile caps to removing unwanted concrete from a property.


Covermeter Survey

Covermeter surveys form part of most concrete condition surveys of building or structures. Covermeter surveys can also locate main and secondary reinforcement to determine bar sizes, bar spacing, to determine minimum cover and cover variability across an element.


Rebound Hammer Testing

Rebound Hammer test is a Non-destructive testing method of concrete which provide a convenient and rapid indication of the compressive strength of the concrete. The rebound hammer is also called as Schmidt hammer that consist of a spring controlled mass that slides on a plunger within a tubular housing.


Off-Shore / On-Shore Soil Investigation

Soil investigation, also called geotechnical investigation, represents a method of determining physical properties of soil at a construction site. This procedure is done with the aim of establishing whether soil is safe and solid for construction.



Test Pit

A test pit (or trial pit) is an excavation of ground in order to study or sample the composition and structure of the subsurface, usually dug during a site investigation, a soil survey or a geological survey. Trial pits are dug before the construction. They are dug to determine the geology and the water table of that site.



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