First Philippine Skills & Equipment Testing Corporation is dedicated to provide its valued clients the services of a Third Party Inspector for various construction, mining, industrial, manufacturing, transport and offshore equipment.

With the ultimate goal of coming up with the highest standards on Equipment Safety Performance audit, FPSET Corp. is also committed to the field of manpower training and development. The company’s involvement in these two fields of endeavours aims to enhance dynamism and bring out the best from our client’s work force as dictated by the present business trends. Finally, we are committed in keeping up to date with the latest industry practices and technological developments resulting in better business competitiveness of our clients both in the Local and International market.


Some of our clients

Delta Earthmoving, Incorporated

C.M. Pancho Construction

J.E. Manalo & Co., Incorporated

J.V. Angeles Construction Corporation

Datem Construction

D.M. Consunji, Incorporated



  1. Comprehensive testing, inspection, and certification of construction heavy, medium and light equipment:
    • Earthmoving Equipment
    • Compaction Equipment
    • Lifting Equipment
    • Excavating Equipment
    • Foundation Equipment
    • Asphalting Equipment
    • Concreting Equipment
    • Hauling Equipment
    • Air Equipment
    • Power Generating Equipment
    • Shop Equipment
    • Special Support Equipment
    • Off-Shore Equipment
    • Cable Stringing Equipment
    • Lifting appliance & gears
    • Suspended working platforms
    • Heavy lift multi-axle trailers
  2. Proficiency training for safety officers, heavy equipment operators, & riggers
  3. Value and performance appraisal of heavy equipment and plant machineries



Deflection testing of overhead crane bridge using laser meter


Load testing of boom truck crane


Checking tires, brake chambers, hoses etc.


Measuring actual working radius for load testing


Lowering the hook blocks for thorough inspection


Thorough inspection of hook block pulleys


Examining and measuring pulleys using groove gauge


Checking the hook block's cable terminal


Examining hoist cables and drums


Crack testing of lifting hook using magnetic particle inspection


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to have our equipment tested?

The length of testing varies on the type of equipment. Provided that the equipment is ready and available for inspection, the test for a single unit would normally take a few hours, while a number of units may last a few days.

Why avail of FPSET Corp's services?

First Phil is comprised of professional, skilled, and most importantly, qualified individuals dedicated to making workplace a safer place to be. You lessen the chances of breakdowns, delays, and accidents. You increase your productivity and everyone's peace of mind.

How do I get my equipment tested?

All you have to do is fill out a Proposal Request Form, which may be downloaded in the Downloads section and fax/email it back to us. We will be sending you a quotation after!

How much will it cost to have our equipment tested?

The cost varies per equipment. When you have submitted your Proposal Request Form, we will be sending you a quotation shortly after.

Once we have received information to proceed with the test, our personnel from the Operations department will coordinate with your authorized personnel regarding the schedule and availability of the unit.

Why should I have my equipment tested?

There are a couple of reasons on why you need to have your equipment tested:

1. Compliance to DOLE

If you are from the construction industry, DOLE has issued DEPARTMENT ORDER NO. 13: GUIDELINES GOVERNING OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY where they express their “interest of ensuring the protection and welfare of workers employed in the construction industry, the protection and welfare as well as the promotion of harmonious employer-employee relationships in the construction industry, and after consultations with the stakeholders in the construction industry, taking into consideration industry practices and applicable government requirements” to which you need abide.

FPSET Corp is the duly accredited organization by which DOLE states in Section 10. Safety on Construction Heavy Equipment shall test and certify heavy equipment operation in all construction sites.

"Section 10. Safety on Construction Heavy Equipment

In relation to heavy equipment operation in all construction sites, the following are required in the different phases of the project.

10.1 Pre-Construction

The General Constructor must ensure that appropriate certification is obtained from DOLE duly accredited organizations for the following:

a) All heavy equipment operators assigned at the project site must be tested and certified in accordance with a standard trade test prescribed by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in coordination with its accredited organization/s.

b) All heavy equipment must be tested and certified in accordance with the standards prepared by DOLE or its recognized organization/s prior to commissioning of said equipment.

10.2 During Construction

The General Constructor must ensure that the following conditions are met or complied with:

10.2.1 Mobilization or Transport of Heavy Equipment.

a) Load restriction of trailers carrying such heavy equipment.

b) Load restrictions, height and width clearances as imposed by Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) for all roads and bridges to be utilized during transport.

c) Only duly certified operators are allowed to load and unload heavy equipment to trailer.

d) Equipment to be transported must be properly secured to the trailer.

10.2.2 Erection/Set-up of Heavy Equipment

a) Existing hazards must be avoided.

b) Standard checklist of steps and procedures must be observed.

c) List of necessary equipment, tools and materials must be available and properly utilized.

10.2.3. Routine Inspection

In the interest of accident prevention, duly certified mechanics and operators shall conduct daily routine inspection of all heavy equipment deployed at the site in accordance with standards set by TESDA in coordination with the Association of Construction Equipment Lessors (ACEL, Inc.).

a) Routine inspection of all heavy equipment must be performed by DOLE accredited professionals in accordance to standards set by DOLE recognized equipment suppliers.

b) All equipment which do not comply with the minimum safety standards for equipment certification shall be immediately removed from the work site for restoration or repair until they meet said standards or requirements. The General Constructor and the equipment owner shall maintain a separate logbook for data on maintenance, repairs, tests and inspections for each heavy equipment. Such logbook shall be used as a necessary reference during the conduct of equipment inspection.

10.2.4. Certified Operators

a) Only duly certified operators shall be allowed to operate their designated heavy equipment.

b) All operators and riggers must wear personal protective equipment as prescribed in the above pertinent sections.

10.3 Post-Operation and Post-Construction

The procedures for dismantling and demobilization of heavy equipment shall follow the same requirements as listed under 10.2.1 and 10.2.2 above."

2. Preventive Maintenance

We may conduct a thorough inspection and testing on a pre-owned unit you are thinking of buying.

We know that you, too, aim to deliver quality service and performance. FPSET Corp. understands this and is your reliable partner in achieving and preserving this via our extensive testing services. In fact, we may conduct inspection and testing on a 2nd hand equipment you think of buying. When in doubt, let us know and we can help you make an intelligent decision on your purchase!

3. Internal Audit

This satisfies the documentary requirements of most quality management systems.

Certification of construction heavy, medium and light equipment may be needed when conducting an internal audit.

4. Safety

Aside from keeping our workforce, property, plant and equipment safe, safety practice increases the performance and productivity of every work place.

What does FPSET Corp. test?

FPSET Corp. tests, inspects, and certifies a variety of heavy, medium and light equipment particularly -

What other services does FPSET Corp. offer?

Besides Equipment testing, FPSET Corp. also conducts (1) proficiency training for safety officers, heavy equipment operators & riggers, and (2) value and performance appraisal of heavy equipment and plant machineries.

Just recently, the company introduced its new line of service in safety and health: operator's / driver's training and education on Defensive Driving. This seminar training encompasses comprehensive topics such as Adverse Driving Conditions and Daily Checklists that can help your management and employees with the knowledge on defensive driving and traffic safety.

What do we need to prepare when getting our equipment tested?

All you need to prepare is the equipment you would like to have certified, the unit’s operator, and the OR/CR of the unit (or any document showing the unit’s serial no. and specifications).

The test for some types of equipment may need additional tools or documents. In these instances, our inspectors will give you a call before the scheduled test/inspection to coordinate with you.

What is that “Member’s Log In” area I see in the Home Page of FPSET Corp.?

Once you become a client of FPSET Corp, the service does not end with the certification of equipment testing and/or personnel training. You will be a member of FPSET Corp, and will be provided with a personalized database that will allow you to check the status of your equipment. The “Member’s Log In” area is where you may access your database.

Is FPSET accredited?

Yes. In 2000, FPSET Corp. received its initial accreditation by DOLE-Bureau of Working Conditions as consultant for inspection & test of construction heavy equipment.


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